Government: FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Flawed and Inaccurate

“No Firm Link Between the Mailed Anthrax Spores and a Sample Taken from Ivins’ Lab”

CBS News Baltimore reports:

Flawed and inaccurate. That’s what a 77-page report from the government calls the FBI’s research to investigate a series of anthrax attacks.


Years into the investigation, the FBI honed in on Army biodefense expert Bruce Ivins. Colleagues at the University of Maryland traced the anthrax spores used in the letters back to a flask—one Ivins had primary access to.

The FBI used what scientists found at the University of Maryland to seal their cases against him, but in 2008—just days before he was going to be indicted—the Fort Detrick scientist killed himself.

Now, new research states there’s no firm link between the mailed anthrax spores and a sample taken from Ivins’ lab in Maryland.


The [U.S. Government Accountability Office] says the FBI’s research did not provide evidence of the methods and conditions used to differentiate between samples of anthrax bacteria and they say that is a key scientific gap.

The journal Science notes:

The 2011 [U.S. National Academy of Sciences] review concluded that the science behind the investigation could not rule out the possibility that someone other than Ivins committed the crime. Last week’s study, from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), comes to a similar conclusion.

Indeed – as we’ve demonstrated in hundreds of articles – the FBI had no real case against Ivins to begin with.

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