The REAL Reason Guantanamo Is Being Kept Open

“We Can Never Let The World Know What I Have Done To You”

Most of the prisoners at Guantanamo have been found innocent and found innocent and cleared for release.

But as we wrote last year:

Top counter-terrorism experts say that indefinite detention – such as we have at Guantanamo – increases terrorism.   Colin Powell’s chief of staff says that the Bush administration knew that most of the inmates at Guantanamo were innocent, but kept them locked up indefinitely to avoid the embarrassment of admitting that they’d tortured innocent people.

In other words, Guantanamo is being kept open – and innocent detainees imprisoned forever – in order to try to cover up the torture of innocents.  Prosecuting – instead of covering up for – the torturers would allow the innocents to be released … thus taking away one of the main causes of terrorism: indefinite detention.

Evidence for this theory is contained in the following passage from the Senate’s torture report:

One interrogator told another detainee that he would never go to court, because “we can never let the world know what I have done to you.”

a36svb0uNow that the torture cat’s out of the bag, can we finally close Gitmo?

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