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Should I Buy a House in 2015?

No one can answer that question for anyone else, but it seems prudent to ask the question in the context of an Echo Bubble in valuations that appears to be deflating. Readers often ask me if now is a good … Continue reading

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Ukraine – Kiev’s Official Starvation, Torture, Rape, and Murder

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine. Imagine a sign pinned to the podium on the floor of the US Senate that reads Ferguson will be ours! Pictured on it is an armored personnel carrier with the United … Continue reading

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Why America Annexed Texas and Loves Saudi Dictators

Joseph A. Fry notes in Dixie Looks Abroad: The South and U.S. Foreign Relations, 1789-1973 that the US annexed Texas from Mexico to make it a slave state and put a stop to “British abolitionist designs” (56).  As US officials … Continue reading

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Good News On Nuclear … For a Change

2 Pieces of Great News There are 2 pieces of very good news this week concerning nuclear power. Today, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant was shut down. This is good news because Vermont Yankee was a very old reactor … Continue reading

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CIA Chief In Vietman : The Communists Learned from Their Torture Mistakes More Quickly than America Did From Ours

CIA Has Repeated Its Mistakes Again and Again I’m no fan of Communists. But it is interesting that Newsweek reports that the Communist Viet Cong learned from their torture mistakes … while the CIA didn’t: The Vietnamese agency’s review cited … Continue reading

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