Poll: People All Over the World Blame Bad Government Policy for Runaway Inequality

Big Corporations Are Only Part of the Problem …

We’ve extensively documented that runaway inequality is one of the main threats to economic stabilityand peace.

And we’ve shown that we’ve now got king-and-serf levels of inequality … and arguably the worst inequality in world history.

While the mind-blowing corruption of the big corporations is obviously part of the problem, we argue that bad government policy is actually the deeper source of runaway inequality.

Even the Wall Street Journal notes:

Many aspects of the recovery, and the Federal Reserve’s stimulus policies, have benefited the rich over others.

Apparently, the people of the world agree …

A new Pew poll of people in 44 countries finds that they blame bad government policy more than any other factor for inequality:

Who or what is to blame for inequality? People in our survey identify many culprits, but the top offender is government. Across the 44 nations polled, a median of 29% say their government’s economic policies are the most important reason for the wealth gap; 23% blame the amount of workers’ wages, while somewhat fewer blame the educational system, the fact that some work harder than others, international trade or the tax system.

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