Award-Winning Journalist Ben Swann on the Origins of ISIS

Video report: Ben Swann on the origins of ISIS: A product of Direct US Action

ben swann

In the report, Swann discusses how:

  • Politicians and media, with good reason, are not telling you the truth about where ISIS comes from and how it arose.
  • High US figures have said ISIS will be an excuse to keep the US at war for another thirty years (the US already having been waging war for more than 90% of its entire history).
  • ISIS arose out of an Iraq that has been ravaged by the US for decades.
  • However, Swann notes, even with Saddam gone and Iraq destroyed, creating conditions in which militant groups thrive, ISIS still couldn’t have arisen without:
  • The US and its allies giving weapons/training to the Free Syrian Army rebel group, which, as was known, supplied ISIS with its fighters and those very US weapons.
  • ISIS was then able to cross back into Iraq and again grow stronger, due to huge stocks of military equipment the US left sitting unguarded in Iraq, even when the US knew ISIS fighters were capturing that equipment.
  • The US continues to send hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Free Syrian Army, knowing it is one of the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to ISIS.  (The US is also openly aiding groups such as the “Islamic Front” in Syria.)
  • In addition to direct US attacks against Iraq, as the report documents, the US in fact helped install Saddam Hussein and helped him wage a war of aggression against and gas Iranians and Kurds, and has previously aided other Islamic groups such as the Mujaheddin.
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