More Confirmation: US Knowingly Aided Al Qaeda in Libya

In 2011, as Washington’s Blog and others have documented, the US and its allies armed and aided Al Qaeda-linked forces in Libya.

Secret intelligence reports from 2011, written before and during the illegal US-led attack on Libya and recently obtained by the Washington Times, state:

There is a close link between al Qaeda, Jihadi organizations, and the opposition in Libya…

Speaking with Dennis Kucinich in 2011, Seif Gadhafi, Colonel Gadhafi’s son, said that US ally Qatar had made a deal with a group of terrorists that when they used Qatari funds to take control of Libya, they would repay Qatar through commercial and political avenues.  Seif Gadhafi further informed Kucinich that in supporting the militarized opposition, the French and British were also pursuing their own “commercial” and “political interests”.

Washington Times quotes another expert who explains that while there were, of course, “pro-democracy” demonstrators in Libya, the link between the militarized opposition and jihadism was clear “before” the NATO attacks were perpetrated.

The same can be said of the US-backed coup in Ukraine: while there were peaceful “pro-Europe” demonstrators, the Nazi-influenced militants carrying out the violence, and who performed the coup and were rewarded with high government positions, were in the open, being documented for anyone to see, and remain so.

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