The Debaltseve Encirclement Complete- 9000 Ukrainian Soldiers Trapped! Mercy Offered!


Debaltseve is a key transportation city in Donbass and is now the scene of the largest battles of the Ukrainian war.

Forces from Donetsk Peoples Republic (DNR) and Lugansk Peoples Republic(LNR) moved in surrounding Ukrainian infantry, artillery, and tank divisions over the last few days.

A few days ago one Ukrainian tank and armored personnel carrier(BMP) group tried to break through at the village of Elenovka near Donetsk. Ukrainian troops stormed the village killing 9 DNR infantry. The tanks and BMP’s then attacked civilians trying to escape.

Civilians were killed by the heavy machine guns on the Ukrainian tanks and BMPs as they drove through firing on the houses. Eighteen civilians were killed trying to escape.The DNR destroyed the small mechanized group which left 10 Ukrainian soldiers dead. The BBC reported the operation was successful for Ukraine.

In reality the Debaltseve encirclement of the Ukrainian army was completed in the early hours on January 30th. Inside are close to 9000 Ukrainian troops. This is twice the number of people captured in the encirclement or cauldron around Ilovaisk.

This encirclement was designed to be controlled from the outside. The Ukrainian soldiers can no longer get supplies, equipment, or troops in or out. Surrounding them is enough technical equipment including Grad and other launching systems to make fighting their way out suicide. It is literally a shooting gallery should the DNR and LNR decide it needs to end that way. They have not and both republics are taking heavy losses because of it.

Ukraine has been attacking the towns, cities, and villages of the DNR and LNR with phosphorus bombs, missiles, and rockets. Ukraine tried to get both DNR and LNR listed as terrorist organizations. Ukrainian punisher battalions have decimated the populations of entire towns. They are guilty of mass rape and mass murder.

Currently Donetsk and surrounding towns are under the heaviest attack of the war. Kiev is making a desperate attempt to mount civilian casualties to the point where they may control negotiations. Intel is saying that the Ukrainian military has moved in a long range weapons system to the front called “Elbrus.” From the war front this SCUD has the range to hit Kiev.

DNR and LNR Demands For Peace

The head of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko said in an interview with Russia 24 “Today the Debaltseve encirclement is closed.” Appealing to the Ukrainian soldiers in the encirclement Zakharchenko stressed “Guys! Lay down your arms and leave. You are fighting the wrong people. You have a chance to save your life…give up and live. I promise that you will return home.”

Yes, today we have closed boiler Debaltseve … today this road sweep completely, “- said in an interview Zaharchenko TV channel” Russia 24 “. The head of DNR also appealed to all Ukrainian soldiers. “Guys! My suggestion is to lay down arms and leave. You are fighting not with those. at You have a chance to save his life … … give up and you will live .. I promise that you will return home, “- he said in an interview

Andre Purgin- Speaker of the National Council of the People’s Republic of Donetsk,

DNR and LNR intend to provide the Ukrainian army the opportunity to leave the encirclement if they lay down their arms. They will be given a safe passage corridor in accord with international conventions. All that lay down their weapons can leave. The Ukrainian army doesn’t have the means to fight and cannot replenish ammunition or move the wounded.

Ghost Battalion Commander Alexey Moskovoy-I want to address all those who are fighting on both sides. We are, by and large, killing each other, instead of punishing those who deserve punishment

. We are supposedly fighting against the oligarchy, but for some reason we are killing each other. In other words, we are carrying out a premeditated suicide. I already said this in the fall: the gladiators should have left the Colosseum. But instead we are seeing new Colossea being organized. What do we need that for? War for the sake of war is stupid. Does anyone still remember why we rose up? It seems that Ukraine is being governed by those against whom we rose up [photos of wealthy Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs, including Poroshenko, Taruta, Kolomoysky, Avakov, Yaroslavsky, Akhmetov]. Is it not time to come to our senses, on both sides? Otherwise none of us soldiers will be left alive. While those against whom we should be fighting [smiling, glistening face of Poroshenko fills the screen, followed by laughing Kolomoysky, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov], they will live on. And everything will be as before. Therefore I am turning to you once again: start thinking. Your brain ought to start working, not your grenade launcher. Then everything will be as it should. As long as weapons speak, there will be only death. Turn your heads on.   Translated from Russian by J.Hawk for

The War At A Glance

Since early January when Kiev ordered large scale attacks the Ukrainian army has lost over 100 tanks, and over 1100 infantry. After announcing a new mobilization West and central Ukraine witnesses a flood of conscript age running to gain refugee status in neighboring countries. Recently Ukrainian soldiers that have been taken prisoner explained that they are no longer getting any training and are in some cases being grabbed off the street and put on a bus heading to the front line.

In the first few days of Poroshenko’s new offensive the Ukrainian army lost ¼ of the tanks and artillery across the entire front. Poroshenko’s nationalists are losing the war.

Inside the Encirclement

A hacked document released by CyberBerkut dated January 25th, 2015 shows the Ukrainian government giving orders signed by Lt. General Sergei Popko to stop conscripts from retreating from the Devaltseve encirclement.

The order states- “In order to avoid mass defections soldiers from the battlefield near Debaltseve command to form the so-called barrage detachments of volunteers,…” Most of the conscripts are just normal people. They had little choice and in some cases none at all.

The conscripts have groups like Donbass battalion, Azov, and Pravy Sektor standing behind them with heavy weapons saying fight or die. This isn’t the first time this order was given in the war. According to a few of the survivors that were caught by DNR forces, Kiev’s volunteers have already destroyed dozens of Ukrainian conscripts as they tried to retreat.

Ukraine is hitting civilian targets at an accelerated rate. The Ukrainian military is using the M-109-01 Paladin to destroy civilian structures including churches. This weapon is deadly accurate to the space of a 12 ft x 12 ft room from 30 miles away.

This is what the Ukrainian government is hitting DNR with right now. Apartments, community centers, and areas where people congregate are being micro targeted by the Ukrainian military with weapons like this. The following video shows the aftermath and identification of the weapon in Gorlovka by LifeNews.

What Happens if They Fight

Like most civilized nations the Ukrainian government promises its soldiers benefits and death benefits including taking care of the soldier’s family in the event of his demise.

Unlike most civilized nations the Ukrainian government reneges on every promise it makes including a decent burial for soldiers or adequate medical care.

The images below are from two Ukrainian soldier cemeteries. Most of the grave markers say “medical waste” instead of a name. The locations are the West Odessa Cemetery, just outside the port city and Dnipropotrovsk on 40 hectares of land donated by the ulta nationalist oligarch Kolomoisky.


Most of the grave markers are numbered which is not something done with “waste.” Numbers are put on graves of John Does that can’t be identified. On some of the graves crosses and flowers have started appearing. Names of deceased soldiers are carved on the crosses. Those are the soldiers the mothers, wives, and children are waiting for.

This is the thanks a Ukrainian soldier can expect from Poroshenko’s nationalist government for fighting in his war.

What Should Happen

In a happy and careless world everyone gets to go home or like your kids video game get to do it over. Its not the case in real life. Both the DNR and LNR are going out on a limb offering a chance for the Ukrainian military to just walk away again. The last ceasefire gave Kiev’s nationalist army a chance to regroup and bring in a lot more equipment as well as manpower. The last ceasefire brought artillery shells and bombs down on the towns and cities of Donbass.

After Kiev’s attempts to frame DNR and LNR of its own premeditated attacks on civilians in Volnovaha, Donetsk, and Mariupol the temptation must be there to just push on.

Instead the leaders of the fledgling republics are showing the world that inspite of all of this they can offer mercy when they are in a position to crush the army that is killing their people.

The banderist Ukrainian ultra-nationalists in Kiev would do well to learn from them and act in kind.

***UPDATE*****3 COLUMNS OF UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS ARE LEAVING THE ENCIRCLEMENT AT DEBALTSEVE.-Currently the actual number leaving is unknown. They have laid down their weapons and a safe passage corridor has opened up for them to leave.

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