EuroMaidan| One Year Later- Crowd Funding Donbass War Crimes

In the most chilling and telling statement about the Ukraine War any US official has ever made, John McCain implicates the United States Government in the war crimes of Petro Poroshenko and the entire Ukrainian government. He does this by justifying Poroshenko’s use of banned weapons on civilians.

I think that if we had provided them with the weapons they need, they wouldn’t have felt they had to use cluster bombs. So, it’s partially our fault,” McCain, who is also the US Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, told Sputnik.

How does this implicate Barrack Obama and the United States Congress? If the United States is supplying support or weapons to a country they KNOW is willfully committing Crimes against Humanity in Donbass- I challenge you the reader to explain how the US Government is not responsible.

With this admission and the mountain of evidence that has been gathered, in a world where US Federal Law meant something more than a tool the Federal government can wield against citizens, whistle-blowers, or activists- The Anti Genocide Law of 1787 would have to be enforced. Known as the Alien Tort Statute, neither government officials, citizens, or corporations are exempt from crimes against humanity. The bar is set at willful knowledge they were committing the crime.It just needs to be enforced.

With John McCain’s frank confession of Congresses knowledge, we are at case closed before a War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity trial even begins.

International Criminal Court Findings

In the context of the terrorist bombings convention, the purpose of this theory of criminal responsibility is understandable: anyone who contributes to the commission of a terrorist bombing by, say, supplying explosives or funds, and who has knowledge of a terrorist group’s intent to commit a bombing, should be held criminally responsible.

Parallels could arise in the corporate context. For example, where a corporate executive contributes funds or explosives to a Colombian paramilitary group, knowing of its intent to murder labor leaders or bomb a union office, the executive should be held criminally responsible for aiding and abetting the crimes. His knowledge is sufficient; there is no need to prove that he shared the purpose to kill the labor leaders (although that too may be inferred from the circumstances). In some cases governmental bodies may also be sufficiently cohesive and criminal to qualify as “groups,” so that corporate executives who knowingly assist them can be held criminally responsible for aiding and abetting.”

Who is CrowdFunding Crimes Against Humanity in Ukraine

According to Nuremberg Articles 9 and 10-There must be a group bound together and organized for a common purpose. The group must be formed or used in connection with the commission of crimes denounced by the Charter.

This is important because if the groups that are crowdfunding war crimes in Donbass are in fact liable, every donor as well as corporate sponsor are liable also. Each can be tried for participating in the funding of Crimes Against Humanity in Donbass.

The groups and members of those groups whose purpose is specifically supporting this can be dismantled and defunded. Politicians associated with them and working on policy to promote this agenda can stand trial. Its just a matter of checking the receipts.

In this instance the UCCA even offers a tax deductible receipt so donors can get a tax refund on the backs of non-fascist Americans. There is of course no doubt this breaks multiple federal laws if they are tied in as a group promoting crimes against humanity. Almost every group listed on their own website including the UCCA was defined by the CIA as OUNb Bandera groups/Nazis.

Once continuity is proven from Stepan Bandera’s OUN until today it becomes a no brainer. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck- it is a duck.

Proofs of continuity for crimes against Humanity in Donbass

The proofs listed show the group, continuity, and the will to support the mass murder going on in Donbass today. It also shows that Bandera’s OUNb not only wanted to take leadership control of the US and finally world emigre Ukrainian leadership,but that they were given a green light to do so with little thought into the implications. The proofs show the original statements as well as results. They also detail much of why what should be a tiny minority population is dictating to National governments that war with Russia is the only course to pursue. Follow enough of the linked documents and you will have a clear picture as to why the US government listens to them.

Bandera was determined to assert control over the émigré community. In February 1946 he formed the Foreign Section OUN (ZCh/ OUN), an exile branch of the Bandera group, in which he maintained “a firm line on all questions, political education, ideological and political unity, and discipline of the membership.” Bandera intended to create a dictatorship in exile, which he would then transfer to a liberated UkraineBanderists represented themselves as fighting a “heroic Ukrainian resistance against the Nazis and the Communists” which had been “misrepresented and maligned” by “Moscow propaganda.” Bandera, they never tired of saying, had been arrested by the Nazis and held in Sachsenhausen. Now he and his movement fought “not only for the Ukraine, but also for all of Europe.” – Hitlers Shadow Richard Breitman, Norman J.W. Goda

In 1980 the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)was taken over by the OUN(B) and thus ceased to represent the Ukrainian community as a whole. -The Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine

The interesting thing about the encyclopedia is that it was edited by the only Waffen SS Galician officer to hold a Chancellor position at a major university. The Waffen SS Galizien was formed because of Stepan Bandera.

  • The case of one of the more high-profile veterans, University of Alberta chancellor Peter Savarynis illustrative. Carefully using euphemistic terms, the pro-nationalist Ukrainian press in Canada presented Savaryn’s background as a merit. In his Ukrainian-language memoirs, Savaryn expresses pride in his SS past—which was unknown to most of his colleagues at the University of Alberta, and omitted from his biography in the English-language Encyclopedia . Pers Anders Rudling They Defended Ukraine’: The 14. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (Galizische Nr. 1) Revisited,” The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 25:3 (2012): 329-368
  • As one of his final acts in office, Yushchenko officially designated Stepan Bandera as a Hero of Ukraine, in a polarizing and much-criticized move. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress, of which both OUN wings and veteran organizations of the UPA and the Waffen SS Galizien are members, enthusiastically endorsed Yushchenko’s decree and called “upon the Government of Canada to make changes to Canada’s War Veterans Allowance Act by expanding eligibility to include designated resistance groups such as OUN-UPA.
  • The end of state support for the OUN and UPA cult outraged nationalist believers in the diaspora. Representatives of the OUN(b)-controlled Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) refused to meet with President Yanukovych and staged noisy protests during his visit to the United Nations in New York in September 2010. – ibid- link
  • On Rememberance Day, a day which in Canada traditionally emphasizes the role of military men in the fight against fascism, the UCC salutes the OUN, the UPA, and the Ukrainian veterans of Waffen-SS Galizien.-ibid
  • The Ukrainian, for historical reasons, is a political animal and a compulsive organizer with very definite and vocal political views. His arch enemy is, as it has been for centuries, Russia, whether Tsarist or Soviet. The Ukrainian emigration is nationalistic and distinctive because it has traditionally maintained close contact with the homeland. The post-war Ukrainian emigration represented a government in exile whose aim was to liberate the Ukraine from Russian domination and establish an independent Ukrainian state.
  • At the beginning of the 1970’s the Ukrainian political spectrum has many features of the prewar Ukrainian political groupings. The decisive political role is played by three factions of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists): . OUN/B (Bandera), OUN/M (Melnyk) and OUNz (za kordonom – abroad). The first one is the largest but has few followers with an intellectual background …The OUN/Bandera organization is a large, amorphous group with very few intellectual adherents. Link ibid
  • The International of Liberty(non-fascist Ukrainian freedom group) opposed the OUN/B controlled- ABN under Bandera, who was considered a criminal by them. Madison, Wilson, and East Central European Federalism: A dissertation submitted to the Division of Research and Advanced Studies of the University of Cincinnati in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the Ph.D, in the Department of Political Science in the College of Arts and Sciences 2006 by Jonathan H. Levy.
  • The problem with the ABN, according to CIC (US Army Intelligence), was that it was a tool of the Bandera faction of OUN. An April 1946 extract by CIC found OUN/B or “the Bandera gang” to be nationalistic, anti-Soviet and anti-American as well as anti-Semitic and involved with criminal activity and espionage…ibid
  • The ABN’s program sought not just to end Soviet domination in east central Europe but also to shatter the Russian Federation into dozens of mini-states based on extreme national self-determination. ibid
  • According to the ABN founder, Yaroslav Stetsko, that was the exact purpose of the organization: A united front against Soviet imperialism would cause the system to collapse from within because the non-Russian ethnic population behind the Iron Curtain outnumbers the Russian 2 to 1. The ABN became the darling of the cold warriors with numerous spin off organizations formed over the years and its questionable personalities given full access to Radio Liberty and other propaganda venues. Radio Liberty itself was sharply criticized as a mouthpiece for anti-Semitism and glorification of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. ibid
  • According to a press release issued by the Ukrainian National Information Service, circa 1984, from the Reagan Library Katherine Chumachenko file, these affiliated organizations included the World Anti-Communist league, the US Council for World Freedom, the National Captive Nations Committee, and the (UCCA)Ukrainian Congress Committee of America. Ibid
  • …by the 1980’s, the ABN achieved unparalleled access to the Reagan White House. White House staffer and future first lady of Ukraine, Katherine Chumachenko, coordinated ABN matters as part of her duties at the Reagan Office of Public Affairs. Ibid
  • In 1991 President of the UNR government-in-exile Mykola Plaviuk formally handed over his powers to President of independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk. After the creation of the independent Ukrainian state in 1991, the council transferred its mandate to the Ukrainian government in 1992. This was done on the basis that the newly independent Ukraine model the government on the OUN Ukrainian Nationalist ideology the council (Ukrainian National Council) had worked on all those years. The model of presidency they had in the emigre population was an elected leader (elected by council) that was president for life (known as a dictator in most parts of the world.)
  • At its inception the Council (Zch OUN emigre WORLD government representation) in the US and Canada)was comprised of seven members. Three of which in 1957 were directly appointed by OUNb leader Stepan Bandera. A 1957 CIA position paper goes further stating “that on any combined committee OUN/B, Owing to its effective power in the emigration, should have at least equal representation with ZP UHVR(According to the Mandate worked out with the Ukrainian Nationalist groups)…”
  • The 1957 CIA position paper states that the US accepted the OUNb mandate with these OUNb stipulations attached- The importance of Stefan BANDERA has been underestimated by the Americans: a. As a rallying symbol in the Ukraine. b. As leader of a large emigre group… “To the exclusive sphere of activity of ZCh OUN(Bandera controlled through ABN-UCCA) should belong: (a) building up the Organization abroad; (b) increasing ideological educational and political training among the Ukrainian emigration; (c) mass political and organizational work among the Ukrainian emigration; (d) increased work on the ideological and programmatic content of the Ukrainian nationalist revolutionary movement; (e) propaganda about the struggle in the homeland; (f) complete and close cooperation with ZP UHVR in its activities and the greatest possible support of these (ZP UHVR) activities.”
  • Within two years the United States would realize the political power of the OUNb at home when Bandera’s second in command Yaroslav Stetsko’s China Lobby changed the course of American foreign policy forever through a Joe McCarthy Congress that favored ultra-nationalism over the OUNb propagandized threat of a communist takeover in America.
  • Stepan Bandera, grandson of the Stepan Bandera stated in a 2005 interview “… never knew his grandfather, who was killed by a KGB agent in 1959. But he has an affinity with him…. “Our family has always been very tight, very Ukrainian.’ Bandera’s father–also a nationalist activist–died under mysterious circumstances back in 1984, just like his grandfather. “I came to Ukraine looking for a fight,’ he says. Bandera, who is kept behind the scenes grew up in Ukrainian nationalist Canada surrounded by monuments and statues of his grandfather. On the American political scene this college dropout is on every steering committee the UCCA spin-off group “CURSUR” has.
  • The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Religion was re-developed by ultra-Nationalist Ukrainian priests to be a religion that supported Ukrainian radical nationalism as a sacrament to God. Nationalist theologians rewrote their theology for the purpose of developing Ukrainian ultra-nationalism through Statism. In the early days of the OUN priests were among the leaders of OUNb mobs that mass tortured and murdered Ukrainians, Poles, and Jews that did not accept Nationalist ideology. Stepan Bandera is venerated as a Saint and church services are conducted that elevate him as part of a trinity. Developing both Bandera’s morals, love of nationalism, and mindset in younger generations is a primary priority of the church.
  • CURSUR is defined by its role in bringing together Ukrainian nationalists, America’s largest corporations, think tanks, foreign policy experts, and the US government together to decide Ukrainian policy, define Ukrainian interests, and promote the agenda of ultra nationalist Ukrainian emigres in Ukraine. The sponsor list is a who’s who of Americas international corporations. Speakers that frequent its meetings are State Department, Pentagon, NATO, Congressmen, and US Presidents. From the Ukrainian side nationalist leaders and scholars like Dimiti Yarosh’s close friend Valentyn Nalyvaichenko frequent the meetings. Ask yourself how many innocuous groups Zbigneiw Brzezinski frequent?
  • By combining all Eastern European nationalist emigre populations under Bandera’s ABN umbrella they found the power to have profound effects on local, regional, and national elections and politics in the USA.

Does the Ukrainian and the Rest of the ABN Eastern European Emigres know they are Nazi’s?

No, most of them don’t think they of themselves as nazis including the surviving Waffen SS. The OUNb Bandera UCCA teaches them they are patriots. Just ask one, they will always insist they are the flower of democracy.

Wasyl Veryha, chronicler of the Division(Waffen SS Galizien), co-editor of the (Waffen SS Galizien) veteran’s journal Visti Kombantanta,the Ukrainian Historical Society, Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society and the World Congress of Free Ukrainians (Ukrainian World Congress or UWC) was a Waffen SS Galizien officer (Bandera Battalion) that committed atrocities and mass murder. He became one of Canada’s most noted Ukrainian historians and he wrote his MA thesis on how loyal and democratic Galician Ukrainians are in a history that negated the ultra-nationalist politics of Canada’s OUNb population.

Are the emigres actually Ukrainian?

It sounds like a strange question until you start looking at the history. The term Ukrainian was used to describe the Slavic descendents of the people around Kiev and eastward in its earliest usage. West of Kiev, the term “Austrian” is the common nomenclature used. If this sounds a little incredible in the Waffen SS Galizien Wasyl Veryha’s MA thesis he describes the populations of emigres from “Ukraine” this way-In fact,the diverse nomenclature for the Ukrainian ethnic group caused a great deal of confusion not only at the turn of the century but also at a later period. The people of the province of Galicia and Bukovina, generally called themselves “Rusyny” (Ruthenians), Galicians, Bukovinians and Austrians… the Greek Catholic Church, to which at that time the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian immigrants adhered, preferred the term “Ruthenian”…both within the Austrian and the Russian Empires where the term “Ruthenian” and “Little Russian” respectively had begun to give way to the new, but at the same time old term, “Ukrainian”(person on the borderlands), as a national designation…The paper was really a pioneer in transforming the “Austrians”, Ruthenians”, “Galicians” and “Bukovinians” into Ukrainians. It popularized the term “Ukrainian” as a replacement for “Ruthenian”.

This view of “what is a Ukrainian” agrees entirely with the definition given by the Catholic Encyclopedia. If this nazi is credible the “Ukrainians” the world is standing up for as a people, have their origin in Canada. They are the emigre populations from what is now called Ukraine(the geographic area homogenized by Stalin into one state).The term Ukrainians real use is to describe a political ideology that had power for one year in Eastern Europe. It is the political platform of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism.

In 1967 Wasyl Veryha’s MA thesis concluded that the Ukrainian nationalist emigres were the third biggest factor in Canadian politics and especially Canada’s foreign politics. From that time until now their influence has grown dramatically. Canada’s support for the ultra Nationalist government in Ukraine is directly reflective of this.

Veryha remained active in the SS veterans association for the rest of his life. Until his death he was one of the most influential Ukrainian emigres of his generation and a leader in the Ukrainian emigre world governing body.

Interviewed by the CBC Radio in 1987, Veryha insisted,I have never felt to be a Nazi. I never believed in Nazism, and. . .I have never been a fascist. I feel that I am and I always was a Ukrainian patriot. And that’s what I am. And if you would ask me another question,if I would do the same thing all over, I would. . .

By marking the differences between German 3rd Reich Nazism and Ukrainian Nationalism he separated the two ideologies as being entirely different. German fascism was industrial fascism and Ukrainian fascism is agricultural fascism and keys in on the term “patriot.” Both are replete in extreme national chauvinism and out of the two Ukrainian Nationalism is much more violent. The Bandera OUNb groups are quite literally, the Nazis Hitler was afraid of.

This unattributed quote attributed from Michael Wittmann, Gaupshturmfyurer SS, one of Nazi Germany’s most famous tank commanders shows the perspective the 3rd Reich had toward the OUNb. “What are Ukrainians- a feral Russian that for the idea of gaining the Ukrainian state is ready to kill even his Frau (wife, woman). They are the perfect fighters against the Red Army. But after that they are subject to a total cleansing(destruction) because they are the worst type of barbarians.”

Roman Drazhn’ovs’kyi, rector of the Ukrainian Free University in Munich was a Waffen SS Galizien officer and Holocaust denier..Drazhn was another Ukrainian nationalist that shaped the current Ukrainian nationalist view on ideology and history.

Petro Savaryn, who emigrated to Canada in 1949, became vice-president of the national Progressive Conservative (PC) Party, president of the Alberta PC and Edmonton East PC Associations, Chancellor of the University of Alberta (1982-1986), and president of the Ukrainian World Congress (1983-88). Savaryn joined the 14th Grenadier Division of the Waffen SS during the Second World War (also known as Waffen SS Galizien) and represented the veterans of the Waffen-SS Galizien in Edmonton, for instance at memorial ceremonies.

If the emigre national governing councils with presidencies have been continually led by unrepentant WWII Waffen SS Nachtengall and SS Galizien Ukrainian Nationalists; what kind of governing body is it? If emigre Eastern European populations that have an effective dual-nationality are brought up to be ulta-nationalists and enjoy a combined base among all the nationalities today of 20 million voters in the US have also been brought up to be nationalists- does it matter if they think of themselves as nazis?

Does this makes the rest of us(including conservatives) too liberal or worse, like the Bandera branded the president they tried to assassinate FDR, does it make us communists?

Do their actions speak louder than their words, or will they once again be cleared from history by a press that colludes with fascists?

The absolute Nationalist/WWII Nazi leadership continuity shown and the group resolve over 70 years to finish the genocide or crimes against humanity started even after WWI and continuing through WWII then another Federal Law has been violated. Support for Nazi’s is against Federal law.

Not prosecuting the actual still existing groups is akin to allowing Hitler appoint his successor(who would have been part of the crimes already) and letting him/her take control of a nation and subsidizing it.

CrowdFunding Ukrainian War Crimes In Donbas

There are 100 volunteer battalions in the ATO region, 35 of which are attached to particular cities. Because of the financial straits Ukraine has put itself in, they have made a point of securing their own funding throug donations and crowdfunding. The volunteer battalions main role in the Ukraine war has been as cleansing battalions. They go into towns, villages, and cities after the Ukrainian military has moved forward and find “separatists.” The volunteer battalions like Semenchenkos’s Donbass battalion are responsible for many of the crimes against humanity in Donbass.

To show how much money is involved and where it’s coming from take a peek at the “Kiev Rus battalion.” The Kiev Rus crowdfunding successes were just featured in Foreign Policy magazine. The commander Ivan Rodichenko is today in Manhattan speaking to the UCCA (Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America) about additional funding for everything from weapons to toilet paper.

So far he has been successful to the tune of $500,000 in donations.

The UCCA New York has made the Kiev Rus Battalion their personal cause by adopting the battalion. On top of the large sum donations they provide monthly donations ranging from $15000-$30000 through crowdfunding. Using their media contacts with MSNBC they put this genocidal commander in front of American audiences hoping to drum up further donations. The host makes them look like heroes when until recently they went through towns killing unarmed people no different than any of the other volunteer battalions.

When you consider this is from one location, a small battalion, and the crowdfunding sources for the genocide are funding the other 99 battalions, the more famous- the better the funding, the money gets astronomical.

Yesterday morning I was told ½ of the Kiev Rus battalion was wiped out at Debaltseve and the commander Ivan Rodichenko left in charge ran. He is now being charged with cowardice.

When you consider that this particular battalion was relatively unknown it gives you an idea of how much is going to the battalions that are well publicized like Azov Battalion or Pravy Sektor.

Crowdfunding for weapons has been taken to new heights inside Ukraines Propaganda machine. Maidanpr got its start at Maidan as the brainchild of the then Opposition spokesman Sviataslav Yorash. Young Yurash was just 17 years old when he became the spokesman for Maidan, Dimitri Yarosh, and then the Ukrainian Military press secretariat. Both he and Dimitri Tymchuck are the voices in Jen Psaki’s ear. He is the 18 year old source of social media intelligence John Kerry quotes. They single handedly fabricated the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian-Backed Funding Machine

Quite surprising was a report from the BBC that compared the two efforts. According to most of their own press coverage the Russians are funding this at exorbitant rates. Even the MSNBC interview above makes the case for that to propagandize the need for people to send money so Ivan Rodichenko can buy more weapons and kill more Donbass children.

This time the BBC report was honest, while still propagandizing the war. But are the Ukrainian army’s separatist foes getting similar public support? There is little evidence of that in Ukraine. However, donation campaigns have been launched across Russia to help the rebel self-proclaimed “people’s republics” in Ukraine’s east.

Public donations from Russia mainly consist of money, food, medicines and non-lethal supplies. Some of this aid was reportedly received by men and women involved in actual combat. But most of the donation drives in Russia are aimed at helping refugeesfrom Ukraine’s troubled Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

My Proposition to You

Direct English language media coverage from Donbass has been almost non-existent in the west other than my writing, the constant video provided by Graham Phillips that is kept out of most mainstream sources, and the constant flow of propaganda. Humanitarian aid from western sources reflects this lack of coverage. The situation is going to get exponentially worse over the next months.

Until now my wife and I have been plowing most of our income into the humanitarian effort locally. The banks closed in August and telephones, internet connectivity locally have posed large enough issues, not to mention a war going on. It was only a matter of time before our ability to help at the small level regular people can in this situation tapered off, especially when your is based on connectivity.

We want to increase the real coverage of the war by providing real, from the front video, interviews, and images to western sources. We can provide background and context to what is going on that will be unique in the west. If you can imagine writing about Pravy Sektor and the punisher battalions in this war situation, looking up and watching them drive by on the road- you can understand how some of our days have been.

The goal is to publish the video as a stand alone news coverage or part of articles in the publications that do want to maintain journalism as a true 4th Estate. Because of the lack of coverage we intend to flood the western media with real news coverage, with your help spreading it.

This will be a new experiment in journalism because its meant to be constant coverage given to existing publications like the one you are reading this in. We will be able to expand and give real depth to what is going on.

Second and more important is the bakery sitting idle close by. It has the capacity to bake bread for 6 towns in one workday. If it is running 24 hours a day food for up to 8000 people can be made locally. Supplies and ingredients like flour will be brought in from Russia.

How to make this work

If you have been wondering how to help consider sending a donation to the account below and talk to friends, groups, or businesses and ask them too. We need to purchase moderately expensive video equipment, most importantly a camera capable of the task. I am hopeful that enough donations will come in to start the bakery working. After that ½ of the bread baked can be sold to people that can afford it at reasonable prices. The cost of bread has risen 300% and it doesn’t need to be that way. The other half will be shipped to areas where people cannot afford it or have no access to aid. Management would be local people and we would keep oversight of the operation. The hungry unfortunately are the growing demographic in Donbass.

With the news footage the same theory applies. Giving great footage to good publications that are working to provide news and opinion at no cost is the one chance we have to show what is going on here.

The more coverage, the better. The other side to that equation is some of the footage can be sold to news outlets. The money can be plowed back into the operational costs of both operations keeping it less reliant on donations. Because the banks locally are closed donations need to go through my wife’s relatives account.

Thank you.



[Note from Washington’s Blog: We have no involvement whatsoever in processing, receiving, allocating or distributing these funds.]

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