A Letter From Kiev- One Year After Maidan

By George Eliason, an American writer living in Ukraine.

Writing this today I am coming from a funeral that was an indirect result of Maidan. An 84 year old woman, my neighbor, committed suicide a few days ago.

She hasn’t received her pension in 7 months. She was taken care of, but that wasn’t the point. She lived through the horror of Bandera as a young girl and now in her old age the OUNb banderivets took away the last vestige of her dignity, which was her meager pension. In reality it wasn’t more than $100 per month.

Its been almost a year since I was sent this letter written by a young woman in Kiev at the end of the Euro-Maidan. At the time the thought in and out of the press was that a democratic uprising in Ukraine had occurred. The real ramifications of an OUNb nationalist coup in Kiev was barely on the radar for most publications or journalists. Even today when people talk about nazis in Kiev, the conversation rarely gets past the neo-nazis.

The neo-nazis are just too easy to find and discredit as taking part in the sitting government. Come on! Who the hell would vote for them??!! Instead they are normalized and appointed by party leaders.

It’s this convenience journalists look to instead of searching for ideologists, thinkers, or leaders. Its the comfort editors and readers find in being able to point to something alien looking instead of someone that could sit in the next church pew over from them.

Look closely at the photo below and see if you can pick out the most dangerous monster there. Which person is capable of the most horrific savagery? Is it Poroshenko? If you guessed Poroshenko, you’re absolutely wrong. That kindly looking elderly woman holding Poroshenko’s hand is a mass murderer responsible for the torture and death of 500,000 people in WW2. She is the only World War II Nazi leader to ever hold a national office after the war. She is the Slava of Maidan.

poroshenko stetsko genocide

Today’s Monsters wear ties.

Who would hold hands with the last living prolific genocidist and torturer left alive after WWII? Poroshenko was chosen by her to be the first leader of Nationalist Ukraine. Her husband Yaroslav Stetsko demanded that there was two revolutions. The first was to change government and laws to set up the structures necessary to legalize and support the radical revolution to follow.

The second was a radical social revolution to change the fabric of society through propaganda and creation of a common threat and enemy normal people would fight against. The first revolution was the Orange Revolution, the second was Maidan. Very few people were needed to accomplish it this way. The structures to support it were already be in place.

The photo was taken for Victor Yushchenko’s “Our Ukraine” party. Slava Stetsko’s employee Catherine Chumachenko headed Stetsko’s ABN office in the White House during the Reagan years. Chumachenko married another Stetsko employee Victor Yushchenko, who worked there for a while before returning to Ukraine. Chumachenko became first lady of Ukraine. Along with Yulia Tymoshenko they started the Orange Revolution.

The slave tattooed, overly effeminate, sadistic, heterosexual young men that posture and pose as the new brown shirts and ultra leaders have as little to do with the sitting government as any other private in a nationalist army. They are the waste product that gets swept aside when they become inconvenient.

In one year the so-called democratic revolution that was supposed bring European values to Ukraine destroyed free speech (no free press). They destroyed the educational system. Instead of an 11 year primary education, Ukrainians children can look forward to 9 years of school.

Maidan destroyed democracy in Ukraine. After Maidan if you don’t agree with nationalist Ukraine you are a Moskal. Ukrainian nationalism is variegated based on two models of ideology. OUNm has a Congress taking preeminence which makes it illegal to vote against party leaders. OUNb has the president with unlimited power and is what modern Ukraine is moving toward. All political parties that oppose ideological nationalism are illegal.

This letter was considered unpublishable only a short year ago. No one wanted to take a chance that there might possibly be a problem and hint that the days of the long knives was again beginning.

When you read this consider it against a single day entry from the Diary of Anne Frank. Hope and hopelessness, the daily struggle for safety and normalcy pervade. Just before this happened all of Ukraine was a relatively safe place and from east to west considered each other family. Three months into it people did not understand the legacy of Bandera or what the new generation of nationalists wanted.

This letter was written right after the Ukrainian Coup happened. The bandera parades were going through Kiev screaming “Moskal on the knives!” Instead of toning it down, Kiev helped ratchet it up.

A Simple Letter from a Girl

“Unfortunately, I had to close all posts in my VK(VKontakte) about Maidan (they aren’t erased, but now are visible only to me) because after the Maidan “victory” in Kiev the real nightmare began. About that, people prefer not to speak because they are very much afraid. There are militants everywhere.
My co-worker was beat in front of the entrance to her apartment for writing anti-maidan posts in her VK page. How did they find her? No one knows. She is intensive care and at the first mention of that event, you can’t appease her tears.
At school the other day, my neighbor’s boy called his parents on a break by the mobile phone and spoke with them in Russian. His schoolmates took away his phone and broke it. They broke his bag, tore all his textbooks and note-books, and then beat the child. They demanded he speak only Ukrainian or “for the rest of his life be afraid because they will find and will cripple him”. This is the 7th grade class.
From time to time on the streets it is possible to see this picture; As a person is approaching a group of people, the group asks questions: “Were you on Maidan? Do you support Maidan? ” If both answers are “no” the group cruelly beats them and kicks them.

In Kiev now the majority of Russians and Russian-speaking people, initially and after Maida that did not support Maidan are compelled to remember the Soviet period when “even walls have ears” and to keep mum. Because we, unlike different regions have no chance of detaching from Ukraine.

In Kiev now, as many as speak in whispers at personal meetings are doomed. Here its already a totalitarian mode and probably will only get worse.
Everything is getting aggravated with that. For some reason a lot Russians, and Russian-speaking people were at Maidan and in every possible way helped Maidan’s people.

Kiev is completely split. Here associating with Russians is impossible. They are now enemies in addition to Yanukovych. Its awful that this war( the gun battles that ended Maidan) is here. Such cruelty beating on absolutely peaceful people. Their only crime is that they dared to be against vandals and cheap swindlers of people.

Please, don’t mention my nickname in context with this information. If people find and cripple people already for posts in VK, that truth very much frightens us, “especially women and mothers”.

I asked for permission to publish the letter without mention of authorship and received the answer:
“If you publish, state objectively that externally Kiev leads a quiet, quiet life”. But it is only a matter of visibility. Those who are joyful and complacent are for Maidan. Now it is their time.

 All others are guarded and careful even with people they think they know. Russian and Russian-speaking people that haven’t faced an atrocity as opponents of the Maidan simply try to be silent in public places. They try to not attract the aggression of madmen.

And those who already suffered from them or at least as much as I know about real cases, try hard to save their families and to be silent, silent, silent.
Therefore the “picture” of Kiev is quite safe, spring comes, and so on. Actually part (and not a small part!) of the city is in silent horror.

 You cannot leave everything: Your work, your house, the proof you had a life- you can’t throw it all away.

People hang on by the skin of their teeth. After all that has happened, they hope for any miracle. Though it is difficult even to assume now that anything can save the Russians in Kiev.
It is impossible to be silent. But the inhabitants of Kiev, which are Antimaidan, and faced atrocity won’t write about it openly. Its the self-preservation instinct.

 Those who aren’t aware yet are in a kind of dark hope that somehow everything will be fine. I try to be very careful. Only here I decided to write this to you for some reason. Probably, because of trust and you are after all very far away…”

Response  from another person in Kiev during Maidan

“I read “The letter from Kiev”. Everything is true… The author correctly wrote you can’t drop everything and leave in one day. You won’t get a new house and a new job in one day. It is necessary to simply hide. This is an absolutely awful feeling.

It is necessary not only to remember that the walls have ears, but you have to remind yourself to look like you are in a good mood. Rejoice that the spring sun is shining for example. After Maidan it is unhealthy to do otherwise. People are watching and looking for those that did not support Maidan. Laws no longer work here. The people are absolutely defenseless and left to the mercy of fate.
This was a fascist revolution. The most amazing and simply unreal thing is that people supported radicals and welcomed the created state of affairs. Here it is full of lawlessness. Intolerance to any point of view, intolerance on a racial, national, religious, and political convictions not in line with Maidan is a crime.
They started closing publishing houses such as“Ejenedelnik 2000” weekly, which never sympathized with Maidan, not in 2004(Orange revolution), and not now. There is the whole list of journalists, political scientists, sociologists who became persona non grata in Ukraine’s information space.

The most ridiculous organization“stop censorship” first struggled with the dictator Yanukovych. Afterward they wanted every publisher that didn’t agree with Maidan closed. No human rights activists or even “the reporters without borders” ever mentioned this, not one. I am feeling that is a dreadful dream the events.”
Here openly I put it. It is fascism, ordinary fascism.


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