Muslims, Jews, Scientologists, African-Americans, Inmates & Neo-Nazis Carry Out False Flags

Not Just Governments … Private Idiots, As Well

Preface: The documentary on Scientology “Going Clear” is going viral.  Here’s an interesting, related story …

Governments all over the world admit that they carry out false flag terror.

But private citizens do it, as well …

For example:

  • A Georgia man admitted last week that he planted a backpack with two pipe bombs in a public park near Atlanta to to frighten the public and sow fear of Islamic terrorism
  • A Federal court described in a sentencing memorandum a series of false flags planned or carried out by the Church of Scientology (pages 22-23).  Specifically, in retaliation for writing a book critical of Scientology, high-level members of the Church framed the author, Paulette Cooper, for bomb threats in 1972.  In 1976, the Church planned a new 3-stage attack against Cooper: (1) The first required a woman to imitate Cooper’s voice and make telephone threats to Arab Consulates in New York; (2) the second scheme involved mailing a threatening letter to an Arab Consulate in such a fashion that it would appear to have been done by Cooper; (3) finally, a Scientology field staff member was to impersonate Cooper at a laundry and threaten the President and then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
  • A Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the  discussion of issues involving Israel posted anti-Semitic diatribes in order to make people think that a website was anti-semitic
  • Similarly, a Jewish student admitted that she herself drew swatiskas on her dorm room door. And five Jews were arrested for painting swastikas on Israel Consulate. Indeed, there are many, many, many, many examples of this type of false flag
  • An African-American student sent a racist threat to fellow minority classmates … in the hope that her parents would think the school was dangerous, and so let her transfer to the school she preferred.
  • An inmate was caught on video beating himself up … in an attempt to blame police for his injuries and get out of trouble
  • And 18 members of the neo-Nazi French and European Nationalist Party admitted that they carried out a series of 3 terror bombings which killed two people and injuring 20, posing as an extremist anti-Arab Zionist group.  The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism explains:

The perpetrators were not Jewish, but were in fact French racists, who had hoped that the hostel bombings would inflame tensions between Arabs and Jews alike.

So it’s not just governments who play this game … it’s private idiots, as well.

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