If the U.S. Sends Weapons to Ukraine, “the EU Will Break Up … and the American Century Will Have Ended In Shame, Disgrace and Defeat”

Is the U.S. Digging Its Own Grave?

In response to the news that the U.S. House of Representatives has just voted to send weapons to Ukraine, guest writer Eric Zuesse sent me the following email:

My guess is that if Obama sends weapons [to Ukraine], then the EU will break up, and the U.S. will have, as remaining European allies, only Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and maybe two or three other small nations. The Donbass military (as it now is), will, I think, nonetheless win against the third invasion from Ukraine; and Putin and his ally China will also have, as new allies, Japan and South Korea, and much of Europe, and maybe even including Australia and UK; and the American Century will have ended in shame, disgrace and defeat, without any nuclear war (which would be pointless, even for America’s psychopathic aristocrats). So: I am more optimistic than Paul Craig Roberts and some others are.

I think that the U.S. aristocracy are shocking other nations’ aristocracies at how evil they are, and that this will cause those others to distrust the U.S. aristocrats so much, that the American Empire will end in shame, disgrace, defeat, humiliation, and collapse. I think that this collapse will be unprecedented in world history. But for me, this was decisive in making me as optimistic as I now am. (However, I have been optimistic, though less so, ever since the end of June, which was when Obama lost the first Ukrainian war of invasion against Donbass.)

What do you think?

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