UN Announces Over 500, Mostly Civilians, Killed since Saudis began Yemen Aggression; US Announces Will Begin Refueling US-Made Saudi Bombers

Since Saudi dictator Salman began coordinating with the US and some regional dictators, such as US-backed Egyptian military dictator Sisi, to carry out terrorist bombings in Yemen starting two weeks ago, 519 people, mostly civilians, have been killed, and 1,700 injured, according to the UN.  This has included Saudi terror-bombings of a refugee camp, killing 60, and a dairy factory, killing at least 40.  Some 75,000 civilians have been displaced, and Salman is blocking Red Cross humanitarian aid from entering the country.

Alongside this announcement, the US, already openly coordinating the bombings, has announced that it will increase its involvement by refueling the US-made planes (flown by Saudi militants) planting US-made bombs in Yemen.  Antiwar.com notes the Saudi terrorists are therefore arguably US-proxies: “it seems very much that they themselves [the Saudis] are the American proxy in the conflict.”

The attacks have also exhibited another trademark of US or US-backed aggression: they have allowed al Qaeda to take over a major Yemeni city.

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