Department of Justice Refuses to Even READ Torture Report

Is America Still a Nation of Laws?

The Department of Justice claimed that it:

reviewed the [Senate intelligence] committee’s full report [on torture] and did not find any new information that they had not previously considered in reaching their determination [not to prosecute anyone for torture].

But Huffington Post reports today:

DOJ has also declined to indicate whether anyone at the department has actually read the intelligence committee’s full report, which is 6,900 pages long and remains mostly classified. In court filings in January, the government indicated that no one at DOJ had opened the department’s copy of the completed report, raising questions as to how, exactly, it had reached a decision not to prosecute the officials named in the study.

Lest you think this is ancient history, please note that the top dogs have said that America will torture again … unless those who authorized the torture program are prosecuted.

And it’s not just something that affects foreigners.  Torture – and the other unlawful and totally ineffective war on terror tactics have come home to hurt Americans.

And remember that the highest law of the land demands that everyone who authorized torture – no matter how high and mighty – be prosecuted.

And no … it’s not too late to prosecute them.

Is America still a nation of laws?

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