Key Iraq War Architect: “Our Objective Should Be a New Sunni State Out of the Western Part Of Iraq, the Eastern Part of Syria”

A Plan Decades In the Making Is Now Starting to Be Implemented

We’ve previously noted that the powers-that-be have been planning for MANY DECADES to break up Iraq into several countries.

And the same has been true for Syria.

One of the key architects of the Iraq war – John Bolton – previously said that the Iraq war was about oil, not protecting the United States from weapons of mass destruction. And see this.

Last weekend, Bolton said:

The Arabs divided between Sunnis and Shias – I think the Sunni Arabs are never going to agree to be in a state where the Shia outnumber them 3-1. That’s what ISIS has been able to take advantage of.

I think our objective should be a new Sunni state out of the western part of Iraq, the eastern part of Syria run by moderates or at least authoritarians who are not radical Islamists. What’s left of the state of Iraq, as of right now, is simply a satellite of the ayatollahs in Tehran. It’s not anything we should try to aid.

In other words, one of the key architects of the Iraq war has openly called for partition of Iraq and Syria into a number of different countries … as the Neocons have been planning for over 20 years.

Postscript: The hawks are not exactly sad about the rise of ISIS.

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