Revolution: The Movie

Filmmaker Rob Stewart sent me a review copy of his new award-winning film Revolution.

Stewart’s previous film – Sharkwater – made a bit splash.  It won some 40 awards, and resulted in over 100 countries banning shark finning (killing sharks so the Chinese can make shark fin soup).

Stewart is one of the world’s leading underwater cinematographers, and Revolution is worth watching for the stunning underwater – and above-ground – nature footage.   The film includes some of the most beautiful ocean scenes ever.

Revolution also includes some mind-blowing environmental statistics which I hadn’t heard anywhere … including the percentage of forests, ocean life and other resources we’ve already lost.

The final scene was a bit over-the-top and heavy-handed: slow-motion shots of crying kids with an overlay of melodramatic music.

I would say that everyone who is a climate change activist will be moved by the film.  Jean-Michel Cousteau called it “a must see … inspirational and beautiful.”

Climate skeptics won’t like it.

Watch here.

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