As New US History Books Downplay White Supremacy, “Bible Defence of Slavery” a Top Downloaded Book

In Texas, the latest State Board of Education history books “downplay slavery’s role” in the Civil War, and entirely “omit [the] KKK” as well as Jim Crow segregation dictates, which remained in place until 1965, with de jure segregation mainly applied to the Southern United States, while Northern segregation was generally de facto“.

At the same time, numerous black churches are burned or attacked, black and brown people, including children, are regularly gunned down in the streets by state forces, neo-slavery continues, and on the audiobook provider Librivox, the “overtly racist” Bible Defence of Slavery, by Josiah Priest, is a top free download, and is rated five stars.


Josiah Priest (1788–1861) was a popular American nonfiction writer of the early 19th century.

…his work was widely read and several of his works were published in multiple editions [and] his books were characterized by theories that were used to justify the violent domination over both the Native American and African-American peoples. Priest’s works were among the most overtly racist of his time. Priest’s offensive works help set the stage for the genocide of the Trail of Tears and the defense of slavery that contributed to the conflicts of the American Civil War.”

In Bible Defence of Slavery, “Priest seeks to use references from the Bible to prove that God created black people to be slaves.

Priest writes, ‘The appointment of this race of men to servitude and slavery, was a judicial act of God, or in other words was a divine judgment.'”

“The popularity of his works allowed Americans of his time to indulge in romantic fantasies about the past that encouraged their own racism”, as also seen today in the issue of the Confederate and American flags:

Alternet reports: “According to a new Gallup poll, a majority of Americans still view the Confederate flag as ”a symbol of Southern pride” rather than “a symbol of racism” but that figure is mainly comprised of Republican support, with a whopping 78 percent of Republicans viewing the flag as positive symbol.”

And this does not touch the issue of the American flag itself, as noted by Frankie Boyle.  North and South were originally united in favor of slavery (and always remained united in favor of extermination of indigenous peoples for white living-space expansion).  The North only eschewed slavery once it had used slavery, in collaboration with the South, to create a stable economic base (the US used slavery to such an unprecedented extent that it created the world’s biggest economy).  Once their economy was well established, Northerners then decided slavery was bad, until after the Civil War.  Then, the Northern economy, which had been based on slavery, began to crash, so to save itself the North supported slavery again in the form of black imprisonment and prison labor, a practice which continues today, as noted above, also, though to a far lesser extent, exploiting poor whites.

Max Blumenthal reports, in discussion with an independent researcher of the topic of Neo-Confederacy:

Very few Americans know that President Barack Obama has participated in the annual tradition of sending a wreath to the memorial to Confederate veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. You’ve organized a series of letters signed by scholars of Southern history demanding Obama end the practice. But it seems you’ve been ignored, or dismissed, and that Obama is still sending the wreaths.

ES: That’s right, Obama has continued to send the wreath. UDC has photos of the wreath in one of the issues of their magazine. They considered it a great victory that I wasn’t able to get the White House to stop and Obama continued to send it. He also sent wreaths to the African American Civil War Memorial as some kind of compromise. But that’s just stupid. How it is okay to send a wreath to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and then place one on Nazi graves?

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