Former IAEA Head of Verification: AP’s Iran Doc a “Crude” Forgery

Former head of verification and security policy coordination at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Tariq Rauf, told The Huffington Post that a document disseminated by AP, which purportedly says Iran will “self-inspect” the Parchin center, is “Likely a crude attempt to hinder [the negotiation process]… [The] origin of the document could be similar to that of the ‘Niger Letter’ re uranium purchases by Iraq.”  The “Niger Letter” was used as part of the effort to persuade the US public to support the US’s illegal invasion of Iraq.

Rauf annotates in the AP/Iran document 13 instances of “incorrect terminology and practices that are inconsistent with IAEA safeguards methods”, including:

“Iran never calls itself ‘Islamic State’.”

“Iran refers to itself as ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ in official documents, not just ‘Iran’.”

“Not standard IAEA language…”

“Not standard IAEA language…”

“Not standard IAEA language… There is no logical rationale for the inclusion of such a paragraph.”

AP continues to defend the report and the sources from which it obtained the document.

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The AP story “was already falling apart by evening, with the AP cutting many of the bogus allegations from the initial story.”

IAEA Chief Amano Yukiya said he was “‘disturbed’ by the false claims and attempts at ‘misrepresentation‘ of the deal, saying that the IAEA actually would be given access to Parchin.”

It must be remembered that the US, a rogue state, is an unreliable source and dishonest broker regarding Iran, having overthrown its democracy for control of oil resources and having participated, as was pointed out yesterday in HuffPo, in killing hundreds of thousands of Iranians: “…not a day has passed since 1953 in which the U.S. was not harming Iranians.”

Added up, the US has, since 1953, been involved in killing well over a million Iranians, and continues to harm them today through sanctions that are transparently hypocritical and aggressive (see above and here).

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