Obama’s Climate Plan: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We’ve explained why the emphasis in Obama’s climate plan on nuclear, fracking and carbon credits is ugly.

But there’s a positive aspect to Obama’s climate plan: state-level energy plans.

Specifically, decentralizing power supplies is key to protecting against terrorism, fascism and destruction of our health, environment and economy.

Dr. Mark Jacobson – the head of Stanford University’s Atmosphere and Energy Program, who has written numerous books and hundreds of scientific papers on climate and energy, and testified before Congress numerous times on those issues – has calculated the energy resources and requirements for each of the 50 states and determined how each can meet its energy needs with wind, water and solar energy.

In other words, Jacobson has already completed off-the-shelf plans for every state in the U.S.  Yes, such plans would drastically reduce C02 … but they would also help to protect against terrorism, protect our liberty and our environment, and help diversify our economies.

Postscript:   In this fascinating interview, Jacobson gives a must-see explanation of the little-known cause of melting of ice caps and glaciers.

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