U.S. Inequality Is More than 69 Times Higher than What Most Americans Think It SHOULD Be … and More Than 13 Times What Americans Assume It ACTUALLY Is

Americans Drastically Underestimate Inequality

We’ve pointed out for years that Americans drastically underestimate the amount of inequality in the U.S.

In a new book, Les Leopold documents how dramatically that underestimation really is:

  • Americans from the across the political spectrum – and of all education levels – believe CEOs of large U.S. companies should make somewhere between 5 and 12 times the amount of the average worker
  • Americans from the left and right – with advanced degrees or little education – assume that CEOs of large corporations actually make somewhere between 36 and 60 times the amount of the average worker
  • In reality, the CEOs actually make 829 times the amount of the average worker

In other words, the American wealth gap is more than 69 times higher than what Americans think it should be … and more than 13 times what Americans assume it actually is.

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