Muslims – Who Bear the Brunt of ISIS Terrorism – Strongly Condemn Paris Attacks

Muslims Condemn ISIS

ABC reports:

After ISIS claimed responsibility for the Friday terror attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 people, Muslims around the world are speaking out against Islamic extremists.


USA Today notes:

Muslims worldwide on Saturday strongly condemned the terrorist attacks by the Islamic State that killed at least 127 people in Paris.

Shuja Shafi, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, an umbrella body that represents more than 500 organizations including mosques, schools and charities, described the killings as “horrific and abhorrent.”

“My thoughts and prayers for the families of those killed and injured and for the people of France, our neighbours,” he said in a statement.

“This attack is being claimed by the group calling themselves ‘Islamic State’. There is nothing Islamic about such people and their actions are evil, and outside the boundaries set by our faith.”

Tariq Ramadan, a professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford University in England and president of the European Muslim Network think tank said in a statement:Absolute and immediate condemnation. They shouted, we are told, ‘Allahu akbar” (God [is] the greatest) to support and justify their inhuman actions.

“With this they told a lie and a truth. Their lie is related to Islam and its message as not even one of its teachings, ever, can justify their actions. These acts are the result of minds inhabited by the worst, or minds without minds, manipulated or manipulators.”


Yahya Adel Ibrahim, an Islamic teacher and imam in Perth, Australia, said in a Facebook post: … Terrorists are Sinful, immoral, barbaric criminals. My thoughts & prayers are with the innocent victims, their families and communities.”

Daily Beast notes:

The outrage and disgust by the Muslim community toward ISIS is palpable.Several well-known American Muslims were on my SiriusXM radio show Saturday morning, including Al Jazeera America’s Wajahat Ali and CAIR’s Hassan Shibly and James Sues, and our emotional states were identical. And other Muslim American leaders I know expressed outrage in text messages and emails, with one well known female Muslim leader calling ISIS “motherfuckers.”The response of Muslim American organizations in condemning the Paris attack has been swift. We have learned from the past that any delay will be seen by some (and used by others) to say that Muslims are cool with the bloodshed. For example, on Saturday morning leaders of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, which is comprised of many of the leading national Muslim American organizations, held a press conference in Washington, D.C. to do more than just condemn the Paris attack; they lashed out at ISIS.“We are revolted by this heinous attack on civilians,” declared Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR. Awad added that ISIS is “neither Islamic nor a state,” calling for a “swift and methodical” response to ISIS.My Facebook feed is filled with condemnations and anger toward ISIS from Muslim friends around the world. And Muslim Americans have organized interfaith rallies and prayer vigils to stand with the people of Paris against ISIS in places from New York to Oklahoma to Los Angeles.Internationally we have also seen Muslim leaders unequivocally denounce the ISIS attack, from the King of Jordan to leaders of the Gulf States. Even prominent Saudi scholars have condemned the Paris attack in sharp tones, calling for a “concerted effort” and a “unified moral stance” to defeat ISIS.

Indeed, Muslim leaders worldwide very strongly condemned ISIS long before the Paris attacks.

Muslims Have Gotten It Worse Than Anyone Else

Muslims not only condemn ISIS … but they are actually bearing the brunt of ISIS’ cruelty.

The Daily Beast points out:

Before the Paris horror, ISIS was killing Muslims on a daily basis. We Muslims despise these crazy people more than anyone else does.

Denounce ISIS? Muslims despise ISIS. (At least those who aren’t pathological.)

True, ISIS is compromised of people who claim to be Muslims. But the number one victim of this barbaric terror group is Muslims. That’s undisputed. ISIS has killed thousands of Muslims across the Middle East, including beheading Sunni Muslims in Iraq for failing to pledge loyalty to them, executing Imams for not submitting to them, and even killing an Imam in Iraq for simply denouncing them.

And just a few days before the brutal terrorist assault in Paris, ISIS launched a coordinated terrorist attack in Beirut, killing 43 and wounding 239 people who were primarily if not exclusively Muslims.

I heard the same point being made by several Muslim leaders today on public radio.

Indeed, as Daily Beast pointed out last year, getting the word out that ISIS is killing more “fellow” Muslims than anyone else would greatly harm their propaganda campaign:

The group’s killing of Westerners gets attention. But ISIS has killed far more Muslims, and publicizing that fact would harm it more.

Last Thursday, the United Nations released a report that could provide us with one of the keys to defeating ISIS. Unfortunately, it received almost zero media attention.What makes this 26-page report (PDF) so powerful is that it describes to us the gruesome circumstances in which ISIS has killed fellow Muslims. We are talking beheadings, killing of women for objecting to ISIS’ policies, and executing Sunni Muslim clerics for refusing to swear allegiance to ISIS.

Why is this important? This information can hopefully help dissuade other Muslims from joining or financially supporting ISIS. And it may even persuade other Muslim countries to join or increase their efforts in fighting ISIS. The reason being that slaughtering fellow Muslims is seen as universally wrong across the Muslim world and as a violation of Islamic values. In fact, Al Qaeda has even publicly criticized ISIS for this very conduct.


The leaders of ISIS are very aware that the killing of fellow Muslims—especially Sunnis- could hurt their cause in attracting support from the Sunni Muslim world. In fact, ISIS is so concerned about the possible backlash that the group’s leaders addressed this subject (PDF) in the latest issue of its online magazine.


I wish the media would give more coverage to ISIS’ crimes against Muslims. The publicity would hurt the group’s cause tremendously, and it could also make the case to my fellow Americas that this fight is not Islam versus the West. Rather, it’s everyone who doesn’t want to live under ISIS’ brutal dictatorship versus ISIS.

And those Muslims who gave their lives fighting against or refusing to give into ISIS in our common struggle should be recognized in the media for their bravery. It would be very powerful to see images in our media of the Muslims killed by ISIS, not just Westerners.

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