ISIS Objective Not to Kill Westerners, but Drive them From Mideast: Margolis

Eric Margolis:

Recent attacks by ISIS sympathizers in Paris, London and San Bernardino, California, are not random acts of mindless violence and gory atrocities.

Far from it, they are part of a well-developed strategy by the Islamic State, or ISIS, to draw the western powers into a far larger war in the Mideast.

They are drawing inspiration from the defeats of the Anglo-British army of Hicks Pasha in the Sudan in 1883 that was lured up the Nile then ambushed and swamped by 300,000 Dervish and tribal warriors. And by the defeat in Afghanistan of the British at Maiwand in the second Anglo-Afghan War of 1880.

The objective of ISIS and other anti-western groups is not to kill Americans, Britons and French, as many foolishly believe, but to drive the western Great Powers out of their hold over the Mideast and Muslim world.

Demagogic western leaders like Marine le Pen, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton who call for more attacks on the Muslim world are falling right into the trap laid by ISIS.

Well, they aren’t falling into the trap.  As one author recently noted, they won’t be getting within 10 thousand miles of ISIS.  They are too clever and rich for that.  They will be sending kids mostly swept up from poor areas of their nations.

Another interesting point from Margolis: US air power is “the modern equivalent of the British Empire’s Royal Navy.”  Without this superior technology allowing the US to brutally dominate the region, we would not be having these discussions.  There would have been no attacks in London, Paris, and San Bernardino.

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