The American Public Informs President Obama’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues About Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Experimentation in the USA Today

by guest author Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen (bio below, with information provided by Karla Smith, Norman Rabin, and Peace Pink.

We’ve documented US government use of harmful and deadly experiments upon the public (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here for just a few, and that the US tortures people in Orwellian violation of six binding areas of law). Ramola’s testimony of being a “targeted individual” is here.

Last week, on March 3, 2016, five years after the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues received (and it seems, ultimately ignored) the historic and powerful testimony of over forty individuals at meetings in Washington DC and New York (March and May 2011)—while over 300 Americans registered, and nearly 600 tried to register to speak—testifying to their ongoing, unwilling enrollment in non-consensual human experimentation with military-grade electromagnetic (EMF) neurotechnology projects in the USA, several wrote in to the 24th meeting of this Commission, focused on Pedagogy in Bioethics, to remind the Commission of this yet-unaddressed violation of ethics, human rights, and humanity.

(Transcripts of their testimony in 2011 can be found here and here. Important to note in this story is that mainstream media refused to even cover this testimony, although videos can be found on Youtube, and transcripts are posted online at the Commission’s website; according to reports from witnesses, at the Feb 28-March 1 meeting in Washington DC, reporters inexplicably rose and left the room when testimonies began; at the May 18-19 meeting in New York, all reporters except two failed to return after a break to the room where testimonies were being given. See reports at Peace Pink.)

Non-Consensual Experimentation as Classified Research

March 3, 2016 letters from witnesses and activists notified President Obama’s Commission of the continued experience of invasive remotely-applied electromagnetic signals on their bodies, in what has been identified today by researchers as non-consensual human experimentation being conducted under cover of classified research by Federal agencies such as possibly, the CIA, DARPA, DIA, and NSA as well as other departments of the Military/Air Force/Navy in experimental Intelligence Surveillance activities, Criminal Justice activities, Non-Lethal/Directed Energy Weapons testing, and Neuro-Experimentation/Cybernetics activities. Technologies being reported appear to be Neurotechnologies/Artificial Intelligence/Supercomputing aimed at Pre-Crime, Mind/Behavior Modification/Control, and Mass Human Control by means of microwave/millimeter wave/radio wave/RFID/neurostimulator weapons and implantable medical devices.

The Common Rule is Being Changed—to Increase Exemptions and Exclusions to Informed Consent

Activists who wrote in noted also that current proposed changes (NPRM) to the Common Rule in the Code of Federal Regulations governing human subject experimentation will render the regulations much less effective in protecting human beings from unethical and non-consensual research. (The Common Rule, while based on The Belmont Report and the Nuremberg Code of Ethics, is a Federal Code which currently provides “substantial” but not complete protections to human subjects who are involved, wittingly or unwittingly, in research. ) Earlier, in September 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services had invited public comment on the newly proposed changes to the Common Rule, being made in interests of “simplifying” and “modernizing” the “current system of oversight”. About 45-50 individuals reporting the experience of non-consensual human experimentation by way of remotely applied radiation pulses on their bodies submitted public comments then by the January 6, 2016 closing date.

In her recent letter to the BioEthics Commission, Karla Smith noted that the proposal to newly exempt and exclude 19 categories of activities and research, as compared to 6 current exemptions, was of particular concern, as also was the proposed waiver and alterations of consent in many cases, such as the waiving of consent in the secondary (remaindered) use of biospecimens, and in the classifying of Intelligence Surveillance and Criminal Justice projects as activities not warranting the label of “research” and consequent assurances of Informed Consent. Additional concerns related to existing loopholes in the Common Rule, lack of oversight for some federal and non-federal entities, and the need for reporting and tracking.

Exemptions in Informed Consent in Classified Research Versus Consent of the Governed

Other commenters, including this writer, called attention to the effects and technologies being experienced by non-consensual experimentees, emphasizing that these are known to be under study and operation currently in public as well as classified domains, in Federally contracted projects being conducted by Defense and Intelligence agencies, often through Universities, but also through private contractors, using existing Exemptions in Informed Consent, that have been permitted by the NDAA and by Executive Orders. Nonetheless, this permitting of these experiments, technologies, and covert bodily/brain manipulations without Informed Consent, it was emphasized, could not presume the consent of American citizens, the “Consent of the Governed”: “There is No Consent of the Governed permitting non-consensual human experimentation on human subjects. Exceptions and Exemptions in Informed Consent have been appropriated by an unethical framework of unilaterally modified laws and Executive Orders, and must not be mistaken for Consent of the Governed/in the name of National Security.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are today reporting the experience of non-consensual human experimentation with EMF radiation weapons. Several have died from it, including activists Harlan Girard and Sean Stinn. As noted in letters to the Commission, three Americans who recently lost their lives prematurely after repeated and continuous experimentation (in Jan/Feb 2016) are Ron Gillman (52, father of 2 girls), Scott Fulbright (53), and Jessica Davis Thompson (29). Letters cited conclusions by medical doctor and researcher Dr. John Hall, author of Guinea Pigs, Technologies of Control (Strategic Publishing, 2014): “Fast forward to today, we have over 300,000 people in the United States voicing complaints of electronic harassment which includes directed energy attacks and synthetic telepathic harassment. It sounds unbelievable at first until you delve further into the complaints and history of the technology.…Knowing how this research started and how it progressed as technology progressed should alarm the medical community that non-consensual experimentation is occurring rather than an exponential rise in mental illness. We have known for some time that several technologies exist that are capable of putting voices in one’s head to subliminally harass or control them. Therefore, when these complaints are voiced, it can no longer be seen as a turnkey diagnosis of mental illness.”

New Weapons, New Technologies: Inhumane Remote Accessing of Human Bodies and Brains

Letters to the Commission noted that these technologies go beyond synthetic telepathy/microwaved voices in heads, and include many remote electrical and electromagnetic devices engaging in remote biological manipulation of bodies and brains, including in their effects, and not limited to: Remote Electroshock, Remote Neuro-Muscular Stimulation, Remote Neurological Manipulation, Remote EEGs, Remote Radio Frequency Radiation deposited at various organ sites, remote brainwave manipulation and modification, remote dream manipulation, remote sexual stimulation, and more.

Further, it was noted, ALL reporting individuals, without exception, report their experience of this non-consensual experimentation on their bodies and brains as profoundly invasive, intrusive, lethal by repetition, and essentially barbaric and inhumane, and cautioned that these are not reports to be ignored by any sane or civilized or informed society, let alone by Bioethicists. Given the occasion of Meeting 24’s focus on Pedagogy, commenters asked that their letters be copied to all Bioethics departments in Universities, stating that all medical and other researchers interested in Bioethics in human subject research should be made aware of this current and ongoing situation of Extreme Unethicality, in order to address, expose, and terminate such an obvious violation of human rights and humanity in our midst.

Presidential Commission Response Fails to Address Public Concern About Non-Consensual Human Experimentation

However, given previous inexplicably non-committal responses from Obama’s Bioethical Commission to the 2011 testimonies of testifying witnesses (Valerie Bonham, Executive Director of the Commission, issued a letter to commenters in which she referred to all non-consensual neuro-experimentation complaints as “claims” of electronic harassment/psychotronic weapon use from “Targeted Individuals” which would not be heard at subsequent meetings, advising that the Commission was not a “law enforcement, regulatory, or legislative body”), it is questionable whether attempts to inform and educate the Commission of glaring breaches in Ethics in ongoing federally-funded research will have any effect. It is questionable indeed whether President Obama’s Commission, chaired by Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania (one of the listed Universities engaged in the CIA’s Project MKULTRA experiments), is interested at all in exploring any real issues in Bioethics, given that the primary ethical consideration of Informed Consent appears to be falling by the wayside here. How could so many testifying witnesses reporting egregious violations in Informed Consent be met with such apathy of response?

As issues of Genetic testing, Neuro-imaging, Neuroscience, and Synthetic Biology are considered by the Commission, as noted in recent meeting focuses—all new sciences potentially invasive of human autonomy and rights—yet, as we can see, without real public debate, real inclusion of public comment, and real concern about public experience of non-consensual experimentation in these areas, one must ask: Is the real purpose of the Bioethics Commission then to relax and further loosen the regulations on Informed Consent governing federally-funded research in these areas? Is the intent also to gain –or presume—public consent by a cursory public look at these new technologies and sciences as a small group of industry-serving researchers barrels through a series of pre-set meetings culminating in meaningless primers and pedagogical materials—while Americans remain unable to contribute to these “public” debates?

One of the historic witnesses at the Feb/March 2011 meeting, Gerald Schatz, a lawyer and retired Assistant Professor of Ethics and Law at Michigan State University, commented on the tenor of Commission concerns and stressed that it was “unseemly” that “we have gone from an era of very reflective and I think very decent recognition of the moral obligations of researchers to an era of discussion of regulatory burden.’ The second point he made was “that there is law out there. The bioethics community has been oblivious to it but there is international law. There is the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights the United States ratified in 1992 and it makes informed consent an absolute requirement, no exceptions, not even in emergencies, subject to those normal legal fictions of consenting for the incapacitated patient to medical care and so forth. Additionally, the Geneva Conventions and additional protocols to the Geneva Conventions make research very, very difficult or prohibited altogether for those individuals who are caught up in the war and armed conflicts.”

Students, Physicians, and Real Bioethicists Need to Know the Truth About Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Experimentation Today

It is to be hoped that, despite obvious and glaring lapses in past response, and their own refusal to acknowledge the truth of ongoing unethical human experimentation in the USA today, that the Commission will, as requested by this writer, “understand that every single medical student, researcher, clinician, physician, psychologist, psychiatrist and high school science student has the right today to be fully educated in the actual truth of non-consensual human subject experimentation ongoing today in the areas of Neuro Crime, Neuro Experimentation, Neuro Modification, and others, whether by Intelligence Surveillance agencies or for Criminal Justice research” and stand up for human rights and humanity instead of letting the understanding of “Bioethics” become a meaningless shell for open deception by Federal departments and agencies avidly pursuing secrecy in research.

Neuroscientists in particular know that we stand today on the lip of a massive revolution in human affairs with the new knowledge of remote influencing technologies capable of manipulating the human body and human brain. So do the Military and Intelligence agencies. Who will speak and act today on behalf of all humanity? Who will step forward in this country to investigate, prosecute, and terminate ALL non-consensual human experimentation ongoing today? Will the real Bioethicists please stand up?

The author’s letter to the Commission may be read here.

18-minute video–Bioethics/Dr.John Hall and others–follows the transcript for Meeting 4/Public Comment linked on the Commission website (and included in article):

Church Committee Production 2.0 29-minute video showing CNN clip of Amy Gutmann, plus Presidential Bioethics Commission testimony Meeting 4, and clip of Biden on RFIDs:

50-minute video of Meeting 5/May meeting testimonies:


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Bio: Ramola D’s short fiction collection Temporary Lives, (University of Massachusetts Press, 2009), was awarded the 2008 AWP Grace Paley Prize and was a finalist for the 2010 Library of Virginia Fiction award. Invisible Season, her first poetry collection, co-won the Washington Writers’ Publishing House award in 1998. Against the Conspiracy of Things, her second manuscript of poetry was a recent finalist for the 2013 Benjamin Saltman Prize, Red Hen Press. A Discovery/The Nation finalist, and five-time Pushcart Prize nominee, she is the recipient of a 2005 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in poetry. Her fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and writer-interviews have appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Kweli Journal, Kartika Review, Urban Confustions, Greensboro Review, Los Angeles Review, Short Review, Blackbird, Prairie Schooner, Agni, Green Mountains Review, Indiana Review, Writer’s Chronicle, Indian Express, and been reprinted in Best American Poetry 1994, Best American Fantasy 2007, Full Moon on K Street: Poems About Washington, DC, and Literal Latte’s The Anthology: Highlights from Fifteen Years of a Unique “Mind Stimulating” Literary Magazine. Her fiction was shortlisted under 100 Other Distinguished Stories in Best American Stories 2007, and included in the anthologies Enhanced Gravity: More Fiction by Washington DC Women Writers (Paycock Press, 2006), All About Skin: Short Fiction by Women Writers of Color (University of Wisconsin Press, 2011), and Extraordinary Rendition: (American) Writers on Palestine (Oregon Books, 2015).   Ramola holds an MFA from George Mason University and a BS in Physics and MBA from the University of Madras. She has most recently taught Creative Writing at The George Washington University and at The Writer’s Center, Bethesda. She is the founder and editor of Delphi Quarterly, an online journal for writer, poet, and filmmaker interviews. She currently lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter, and runs art and creative writing workshops for children while working on a novel, short fiction, poetry, and children’s books.


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