2016 interview with Socrates: Standing for Truth, Love, & Technology on a planet of lies, sadism, & slavery (5 of ?)

Be good, and you will be lonesome.

Be lonesome, and you will be free.

Live a lie, and you’ll live to regret it.

That’s what living is to me.

~ Jimmy Buffett, “That’s what living is to me”

language warning: Socrates and I speak in the same direct language that caused his execution for “corrupting the young.”

Socrates: (laughs) One conversation leads to another! Now you want to talk to me?

Carl: Yeah, please. May I explain?

S: Of course.

C: So here’s the deal: as I’ll discuss, we live on a planet of lies, sadism, and slavery. Let’s feel this for 5-minutes with, for examples, Hillary Clinton cackling about assassinations and war on Iran, President Bush joking about not finding WMDs in Iraq, Senator McCain joking about bombing Iran, and President Obama joking about drone assassinations:

The team of awake humans we have for Truth, Love, and Technology are enough to provide fair choice to humanity, but not enough for significant policy upgrade or to enact arrests for Emperor’s New Clothes obvious .01% criminals slaughtering millions and looting trillions.

By this design, the awakened pointing to game-changing facts work as a network aware and deeply appreciative of each other, but usually in relative physical isolation.

So, what I’m saying is that I’d like to have an honest conversation about what I’m doing in my life relative to how I interpret our collective mission. I’m motivated because our relative isolation has my usual conversations with the people around me never able to be honest about this most important topic.

S: (after listening intently, tries to keep a straight face, but loses it to laughing again) I’m sorry, sorry! I’m not laughing at you, but it is funny! I mean, once one really accepts the facts you state, which I do, you have to laugh, at our condition, yes? For whatever reasons, we “truth-tellers” are pretty alone!

So what do you do in response to this condition, Carl?

C: (shaking my head) Ok, you’re right, it is funny, and I feel the tragic-comedy when I’m at my best. For whatever reasons, only providing choice seems to be the name of the game we’re playing on Earth for humanity right now, true enough.

What I do now is pretend I’m a spy. (pause to allow Socrates to respond)

S: Really? A spy?

C: Yeah. I’ve experimented with many approaches. Beginning at age 17 working for the end of poverty, I started with the truth, the facts. My assumption was that people would act upon clear facts.

S: How did that work for you?

C: Maybe one in a hundred could hang with the facts. I took a dual approach to refine my presentation, and to finally accept the real-world feedback data that a direct response was not the way forward. It made me into an outcast, a person avoided. Others’ faces showed their fear and displeasure to see me.

This took many years for me to embrace. I kept wanting to believe that if I presented facts and openings for virtue clearly enough, people would embrace this. But that didn’t happen.

S: Yes. (chuckles) I experienced that, too.

C: How did you respond?

S: Not well, given several hundred of my fellow citizens voted to execute me. You haven’t been executed, Carl, at least yet. You say your position evolved; please continue.

C: I stopped advocating for anything. In my ongoing education of perhaps 100 areas of important information, from health and happiness to game-changing facts for a workable planet, given my direct and persistent personal experience that advocating produced an overall effect of my presence being unwelcome, I stopped promoting anything.

I shifted to being curious about what others found of importance. I asked questions. If a topic came up where I felt I had something to offer of genuine service, I offered it only with permission.

S: How did that go?

C: Really well on those micro levels. I became friendly, funny, and helpful. I’m engaged in a paradox of “patience activism.”

S: And what did you do about the important information and inquiries we offer?

C: Every once in a while those topics would emerge organically, which was and is cool. As a teacher of social science and mathematics, I incorporated these topics into the curriculum. I work with the Advanced Placement Economics teachers on our listserve, influencing ~2,000 teachers world-wide. I used to work with AP US Government teachers, but got banned.

S: (wry smile) And how did you manage that?

C: I lasted three years from 2009 to 2012, but then was told that my presenting information and questions about US wars, and the US Constitution related to removal of rights (and here) was “non-academic” and of “personal nature.” I asked for the “official” to cite his evidence, as I was confident the questions and current events I offered were central to understanding the US Constitution how it mattered most, and that US wars are the most costly expense of US government in lives and dollars.

The official refused repeated requests to respond.

S: (more wry smiling) So you teach these “crazy conspiracy theories”?

C: I teach facts, Bro. Objective and independently verifiable. I also teach the critical thinking skills considered since your time in Athens.

S: How’s that working for ‘ya?

C: Among the students, awesome. Also, I was honored by two Los Angeles mayors as one of the best teachers in Central L.A., won several teaching awards, got myself National Board Certified and trained as a coach of those candidates. Students voted me as their favorite teacher at various schools more years than not when they were asked.

S: Various schools, Carl? I know there’s more to this story.

C: Yeah, there is. But until we win this contest, I’m not discussing the battles I fought and lost when I met the .01%’s minions in education. Those stories will have to wait. Just as corporate media controls the message to the public of .01% crimes centering in war and money, “leadership” in public education must control the message to children. But I will say this: all attacks have been in the form I’ve shared of removing me from the Advanced Placement US Government discussion board: without evidence and in prima facie Orwellian opposition of its mission.

S: Fair enough. I’m well aware how public opinion can be poisoned, and don’t want you to help enemies with propaganda talking points against you.

C: I’m tempted, as I feel our job is to simply provide choice. But I also have a strong personal preference not to get my ass fired again. Even if it’s so illegal, I get paid a year’s salary in legal settlements later and provide a helpful case study to colleagues, it’s stressful for my family.

S: Ah, family. And how is your mission for truth and justice intersecting with your family life?

C: That’s the spy part. I think of this work in service of learning and writing as a “hobby,” and speak as such. My 14-year-old daughter knows her dad works for peace and to end poverty, but that’s about it. My wife allows me to research and write, understands and approves of some of the economics work I do, seems to be impressed that I’m invited to present research at international academic conferences, but in principle avoids all these topics.

How’d that work out for you, Soc?

S: I married, Xanthippe; a much younger-than-I beauty with sharp mind and spirit. She initially admired me. Initially.

C: How did that change?

S: (sighs) As our interviews disclose, my life is best described as a “wacky conspiracy theorist;” exposing Athens as a hypocritical empire destroying others’ freedoms. This is similar to your work to expose the United States and “former” colonial powers as hypocritical empires. Xanthippe found my commitment admirable in the beginning, but the reality of my daily teaching and at dinner parties, along with growing overall resentment of my exposing our government’s and citizens’ lack of virtue became most uncomfortable for anyone to embrace.

With all respect for her, I think I can fairly summarize her discomfort:

  • She enjoys being on the leading edge, as marrying me would support.
  • Her idealism had her believe that eventually citizens would see the world more rationally, and act accordingly. This would place her role as my wife in genuine and appreciated service. It would also allow our three sons to rise within this enlightened citizenry.
  • When the opposite of her ideals became our day-to-day reality; that is, as I became less and less appreciated pointing to failed empire, her resolve to serve weakened. Of course, this devolved into disharmony with me.

The end result was life with an older man committed to this service, who was often absent from home during the days and evenings in my unique “work” to serve truth and virtue. I worked with interested “students” by day (although I never sought payment as any teacher), and interested symposium (and here) hosts by night.

It was difficult for me to witness the destruction of her ideals, but it was our entire city-state’s destruction that was its cause, not me.

I apologize, Carl; I never like to talk for too long. You did bring up an excellent question dear to my heart. Let me ask you, how is your wife and family doing with this same issue: a destruction of American empire with you simply pointing to some obvious and important facts.

C: She has a career and is very close with our daughter. She avoids the topics I work with, but did encourage me about ten years ago to write about them. She tells me that if I’m going to do this work, then economics is the area I should focus on.

My parents and brothers never ask about this work, but from time-to-time related subjects come up, and I’m always curious to check if their embrace of our most important topics have evolved. I mean, we live on this beautiful planet, but engulfed by unlawful Wars of Aggression started on OBVIOUS bullshit lies, we’re looted by banksters, lied-to by corporate media, and our net result is to serve this psychopathic system as stupid work animals.

I do feel compelled to check their understanding when I can.

But I also feel a distance from them, like I’m a guest on this planet of lies, sadism, and slavery with a job to do that has to leave them to find their own way. That’s the heart of what I’d like to discuss with you.

S: You feel yourself as a “guest” here on Earth? And that this is a planet of lies, sadism, and slavery? Please continue.

C: Thank you. So it’s pretty easy to document that Earth has been dominated by one empire after another. This can be defined as a .01% lying psychopathic oligarchy using the population through propaganda to attack and loot other populations.

You fought in three such military campaigns for empire, Soc. In my family,

  • both grandfathers were lied-into World War 1,
  • my father, father-in-law, and only uncle were in World War 2 (with my wife’s dad’s life severely shortened by being shot seven different times as a combat field medic),
  • my older brother “winning” the lottery to be drafted into Vietnam (the war ended before that time came).

And when people try some real leadership, such as President Kennedy and Martin King, the .01% psychopaths assassinate them, then use “official” media to psychopathically lie to “honor” them.

So the end result of Earth is a lying empire, sadistically destructive, and using people as work animals.

S: Ok, fair enough. But why do you think you’re a guest on this planet?

C: Because it’s sooooo obvious to me that nobody can live a life of happiness in such a place, yet those of us doing this work for truth are relatively alone in our passion to address and end these massive crimes and lies. Moreover, something seems “wrong” with most humans in that even when presented with facts about our condition, they can’t seem to keep those facts in mind.

S: Why do you see it as not possible to be happy on Earth? I know we’ve discussed this, but those just reading this conversation might want more on this point.

C: Humans are killed by intentional poverty and war at the pace of about a million children a month. Most of these deaths are gruesomely slow. We have technological capacity to easily solve real problems on Earth, but anyone of expertise has to serve aims of empire or be crushed like Kennedy and King. Corporate media only and always lie to keep this sadistic slavery in place.

Anyone of empathy feels this house of horrors, Soc. Billions of humans are harmed, trillions of animals, and God knows what other ongoing assaults we endure. Human beings have endured all recorded history of wars, disease, poverty, lies, and now we’re being poisoned through food, water, air, and who knows what else.

This is an emergency, Soc. “Happiness” is not an appropriate response.

S: Ok, so what should be done given this human condition?

C: Not so fast, pal. There’s a history of how humanity got this way. You know that history, but refuse to reveal it. This is a big deal. History reveals the present. Without it, people are blind. All we need is a reveal of the history; people will awaken. But what’s up with the control system that has historically kept the psychopaths in control, Soc?

Any comment?

S: (clears his throat) Yes. I escalated your request that humanity be presented with “full fucking truth” as I believe you asked.

C: And?

S: “There are a lot of beings in play with history that extends longer than you can imagine. Humans volunteer to work with only the equipment they’re given. Keep working for what you want.” That’s the answer I received, and in context of deep love for the best possible outcome.

C: Whatever. So another day of doing our best. Fine. Perfect. We’ll do it, and I have something to say:

Something has been violated big time on this planet. The beings here are being lied to. Nobody would consent to these conditions if given informed choice.

The only fucking acceptable condition I can imagine is that Earth is a school for beings to take Life seriously. That’s all I got to appreciate this place. Other than that, this is some kind of experiment gone wrong that must be shut down.

S: (listening intently, nodding) Uh-huh.

C: What do you see, given your status as a dis-incarnate leading human, Soc?

S: I don’t see myself that way, but have much to say that I feel I’ve said, Carl. As I lived 2,400 years ago providing questions, factual assertions, and choice, I still do today.

Those interested have received all I have to contribute through my life, and through your embrace of me in these interviews.

I don’t have anything to add to that.

C: (frown and sigh) Neither do I.

S: (bright smile) You’re loved more than you can imagine. All of you are.

C: (shaking head) I know. Sometimes I feel it. I stand for it.

This planetary condition killed you, Soc, killed members of my family and friends, attack with intent to kill family and friends today. My personal vote remains the same:

Call this fucking game from gross illegal removal of free will of the beings on this planet.

I teach children, Soc. That’s my career. 95%-plus want cooperation, love, intelligence, solutions. They would never agree to Earth’s conditions of lies, sadism and slavery given a free choice.


S: (with empathy) I know. A lot of beings. Deep history. They’re working on it.

C: I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences. I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at Carl_Herman@post.harvard.edu

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