Rescuing Goddess Earth & Her creations: ‘We the People’ as beacons for truth, love, justice (an analogy)

“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”  ~ Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism


“A little learning is a dangerous thing;

Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring.”  ~ same essay

Preface: The educated eventually discover an apparent .01% class who invert all virtue to their own self-service; a parasitic and psychopathic life-force without empathy who annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions through warring, looting, and lying. This, despite technological capacity for a world beautiful and abundant beyond imagination.

After 40 years of civic activism, and hundreds of conversations with the planet’s best people, this essay artistically represents a possible answer to two questions:

  • “What was/is God thinking to create this place?!”
  • “What are we the awakened doing here with this apparent Sisyphus task standing for virtue in a world dominated by evil?”

My purpose is to share some real-world conclusions of activist leaders with combined literal thousands of years’ engagement to build the brighter future we all know is possible. Paradoxically, of course, none of us have any confidence of the big picture facts because we lack objective data. The biggest questions about Life on Earth, such as the two posed in this essay, seem the most difficult to answer with data.

6-minute artistic representation (hat tip Zen Gardner):

“What was/is God thinking to create this place?!”

Scene 1: A group of ~2,000 human-like angels in a large auditorium with a stage of 12 representatives. The wall behind the stage is a view screen showing images of Earth, all her inhabitants, and scenes that communicate the planet’s domination by an evil parasitic force addicted to causing scarcity, fear, and destruction in multiple and expanding ways. The 12 representatives have a conversation with the 2,000.

Angel 1 (leader/facilitator): Let’s begin our consideration with historical context: a powerful Goddess imbued her spirit into this planet, Earth, with intentional creative purpose of experimental discovery. Material self-interest was given Life for unprecedented dominance on this planet, the Goddess’ physical body. That is, evil was given Life on an unprecedented scale for inquiry into how it would evolve given freedom to do so. Now with tens of thousands of years of data, she is satisfied.

Angel 2 (smoothly interceding): A beautifully awesome creation of evil; unpredictable and unimaginable in scope and persistence. To be clear: evil is an available energy frequency that identifies with and serves only itself. It is the part of creation that wants to be the whole: an unsolvable paradox. It must destroy all Life to become the only life, controlling everything with nothing outside of itself. It rages for the impossible: to become all that is.

A1: (nodding in appreciative agreement, and pausing for other input)

A3: And with the Goddess communicating her satisfaction with the data, she asks for all interested beings to assist with ethically completing this adventurous experiment. We are here with interest to respect her creations’ free will, and that said, effectively and immediately disrupt the evil by inserting choice for humans to clearly distinguish the evil for what it is: the inversion of virtue with intent to cause misery until all Life is sadistically extinguished under its control.

A2: (with intent to communicate the bright side of this predicament) An experimental genius of spurred growth for young souls. We’ve never experienced such an evil environment to test souls’ will for virtue. And, may I emphasize, I can’t imagine another experiment like Earth for a more challenging incarnation. We are repulsed by its evil, yes, for it destroys everything of virtue through captured inversion, but (chuckling) this is an amazingly devious place! Until the Goddess’ boldness, nobody has ever been willing to give evil full reign over a system!

(all respectfully pause in reflection to acknowledge and appreciate the magnitude of the Goddess’ experimental intent, and loving support for her creations’ development even when it devolved further and further into evil)

A4: I, for one and with all respect, have witnessed this experiment for tens of millennia. Guest souls have visited in the millions. Debriefing after incarnation usually requires significant healing from trauma, which we have abundant souls willing to perform in curiosity to visit Earth without diving in (hint of a smile). Earth has been a fascination, yes, and most of us are less patient than the Goddess to finish. Souls have incarnated in service to the Goddess, with few now going in joy given the expected outcomes. We’ve seen enough: all virtue beyond evil’s use of it for pretense is crushed.

A1: (nods) The Goddess concurs. So! Let’s consider our mission as the point team to diverge from that history. Our empaths will communicate the Goddess’ wishes, then we’ll consider operational strategy.

A5 (an empath): Thank you. The Goddess wishes futures for all her creations consistent with their informed choices. She invites us to incarnate into the Earth-human experience in sufficient numbers to offer choice to all humanity, and in insufficient numbers to overtly hinder evil. She wants informed free will to evolve among humanity as the conclusion of her creative experiment.

A2: I like it. It would dishonor this unique creation to prevent its conclusion other than the free will of its participants. Nobody watching can predict where this will go.

A6: Question: to what extent are we rescuing the Goddess herself, and to what extent are we supporting her experimental experience?

A5: A fine distinction: the Goddess herself is, of course, safe beyond her earthly body that is under attack. Without rescue, evil will continue its constant escalation to kill all living bodies to install AI in incremental presence. The Goddess projects evil will torture all Life to destruction, then insert its will the only way it can: as the programmer for AI.

A3: Evil is literally anti-Life. Our experiments with it as a Red Team have always been limited and contained for obvious reasons that no informed being would choose to embrace loveless sadism for long. We all value cooperative competition, but vicious antagonism is repulsive outside narrow gaming exercises.

A5 (continuing the answer): The Goddess’ request and invitation for our participational incarnation as human on Earth follows her pilot projects to add beings of light and Life into the matrix. We will incarnate as beacons of Life around the planet, aware of each other but relatively physically remote. The Goddess’ intent is to use you as resonant frequencies for Life, to provide distinct choice from the evil manipulating events from Life to its own control.

A4: There are three known risks to this incarnation:

  1. History shows that evil can and will torture and kill challenges to its dominion. The Goddess promises this phase of Earth is to protect us so our roles are fulfilled to offer choice to captured humanity, but conditionally that any incarnation may be used for further data collection of how evil will respond. That is, there is no guarantee that any incarnation will be any better than the worst of what we’ve observed.
  2. Capture by evil: while we certainly will be less prone to accept evil, angels have fallen before, and will again. Expect to be tested in a matrix that may exceed your preparations and skill sets.
  3. Failure and self-destruction: as we know that creative capacity on Earth is strictly limited by evil, this squeezed capacity to express and experience virtue in an environment cut-off from most awareness of Divine Identity and Connection will cause some angels to reject the matrix and fail in the mission from some embrace of destructive will.

A5 (smoothly continuing): We will enact the Goddess’ recommendation to have two backline angels support each incarnating angel. They will provide whatever support within the Goddess’ overarching intent to support freewill choice of captured humanity. That is, each incarnating being will experience a network of support and purpose, and only in so far as offering choice without spiritual evidence to captured humanity.

A4: I shall complete my communication with this: our groups shall largely decline the Goddess’ request for help. No mother should operate as she has: Earth has been our deepest hell in creation history. Data? Of what extent of crippled separation from Divinity, torture to extract pain in continuous and various ways, and failure of the Goddess herself to resolve this evil on her own needs to be understood other than to discard this experiment as we have so many others? Dive into intentional pain if you wish, but you have been warned what you enter is beyond anything you have the capacity to imagine for evil and suffering.

A2: With all respect and love, our group is all in: 100%. This is an extreme sport we’ve never had opportunity to experience, and perhaps never will again. Trust the Goddess’ love for all, as well as the One behind her and within which we all Live together! We all talk Faith, feel it, and this is the rarest of opportunities to exercise it. It is foolish to miss such an opportunity to test one’s Faith and co-discover with the Goddess what kind of Life expression is on the other side. Be fearful if you wish, but you have been warned what you resist mirrors your lack of connection to all of Life. You fear what is incomplete within you, no more, and no less.

A3: To clarify: the Goddess is fully satisfied in her experience of what evil will do unleashed within a system: total domination of Life, crushing that Life to extract the maximum suffering, then implement evil’s total control through AI programing for a loveless, Lifeless condition. The Goddess wants protected angels of light to complete her experiment as quickly as possible while lovingly respecting her creatures’ final choices for futures.

A5: The Goddess will destroy evil through infusing it with love. As we know, evil’s frequency will extinguish by disintegration because it cannot harmonize with love’s frequency. Evil will literally shatter, with all it was and is being reabsorbed into the All. The Goddess will provide appropriate futures for humans choosing degrees of Life and virtue, and bringing all of you back here in eternal gratitude for unprecedented experience of the nature of evil. To be clear: the Goddess concludes that pure evil will always choose its own destruction rather than “compromise” as a co-creator with Life, and must be destroyed unless we wish to give it a system of its own to control. The Goddess has no further interest in such a game, and we doubt any other God will continue the experiment in another system.

A2: Yes, this game is ending with none like it before, and likely none to come again. Ask those who have gone before us to experience being human on Earth. Yes, many require healing from the trauma of a loveless matrix intent to crush our souls, but talk with them when they’ve reflected upon the experience. All of them feel deeper, love more, have keener appreciation of virtue. You can’t know light without being in the dark. With unprecedented darkness will come unprecedented light. Thank you; I conclude this position confident all of you will make your best choices (genuine smile of a loving challenge).

A6: We understand the Goddess’ intent to complete this Earth experiment as quickly as she is satisfied that choice has been offered. How has the Goddess historically performed with intentions of “quickly” in this matrix of evil?

A1: The most recent pilot projects have produced satisfactory outcomes. Hence, the Goddess is offering this experience in confidence that those of you who choose to incarnate will be protected within karma, but relatively isolated. Your frequencies of Life will have more impact than your actions as human with their limited intellectual capacity, communication ability, and sensory capacity to draw upon. I assure you: the Goddess is prepared and will protect you to the degree you allow her.

A4: Historically beyond recent data, evil adapted to all offerings for peace and evolution with deception, inversion and capture of anything virtuous, and adjustments to remain in domination. Evil has crushed all in its path while lying to the Goddess to buy as much time it can before choosing its own destruction. We project that evil will continue its robust history with surprising agility to adapt to our incarnations, attack, and thwart our work in a domain given to it. We are not fearful anymore than choosing to not throw ourselves down a long stair case. Certainly, after much required healing, such a choice would evoke greater respect for physics, physical body limitations, and due caution to avoid injury.

The Goddess has shown extreme patience with evil, and may continue to do so at our expense. And, obviously, the Goddess exists with an experience of time quite different from our own. “Quickly” to Her may easily exceed an entire Earth-human lifetime. If you incarnate, be informed this may be an exercise in frustration: work without visible results in a matrix of unimaginable evil.

A7: How can we best anticipate the experience of loneliness having a human body manipulated to be disconnected to the Whole/God?

A1: Throughout the experiment, the Goddess keeps channels of connection open within the intent of the matrix to allow evil’s unrestricted capacity. Free will is a condition evil must work within, although the Goddess discovered that evil cannot be managed; that is, evil will promise everything, then renege when convenient with responses Earthians poetically name, bullshit. The Goddess has lost interest and avenues to nurture this bullshit evil: evil will choose its own destruction in screaming defiance to any will other than its own. It cannot co-create in this relative purity. That conclusion is certain. Importantly, the Goddess wants clear choice to offer destruction only to those who cannot or will not be anything other than evil.

Regarding the experience of loneliness, those who incarnate report a variety of experiences that I’m sure you’ve studied: peaceful serenity in a paradox of separated wholeness (slight smile at the paradox), a unique quietness of not being able to connect to the Whole, unique freedom to explore the human senses given within this matrix, and then there’re feelings of being shattered without a sense of Self, a fatigue of living among the captured beings who live with so much fear and so little love, and frustration that even within the limited capacity of being human to have all creative work that threatens evil be destroyed in one way or another.

I like the analogy to expect an “extreme sport” (smiles).

A8: How would you assess the benefits of incarnating on Earth?

A3: I’ve had three incarnations. The planet, the body of the Goddess, is beautiful, although under constant attack with intent to kill that body. Creativity is laboriously slow, but protected within karma and unless you interfere with evil’s projects. Evil has won everywhere it chooses to play within the crippling limits it’s placed on humans, so expect to work with beautifully childlike beings who, until now, had choice attacked and removed. So, what that means now, is that humans will be eternally grateful for your help to the degree they can free themselves from evil to accept it.

A5: And the Goddess will gradually increase incarnations of angels so that you’ll have an experience of creativity that exponentially amplifies beyond human imagination. Her intent is for this to be uniquely exhilarating in a win for all Earth’s beings that is, as we’ve considered, unprecedented. With evil’s defeat and elimination, Earth will quickly become a jewell. The Goddess also admonishes this is likely to be an exponential growth curve whereby much work may pass with very little evidence of progress, until it comes in a crescendo.

(silence that communicates no further questions)

A1: All of you have complete briefing packets to empower your choice whether to incarnate with the Goddess’ work, or to decline. Thank you for your attention.


“What are we the awakened doing here?”

Scene 2: Two male angels stand in front of a large screen flat within a wall considering patterns of colors and numbers in two distinct shapes representing each of them. Each has two backline angels next to him; one male and one female. They are considering the construction of their physical bodies with what kind of energies/frequencies will best be received and expressed; that is, what kind of personality they choose for this incarnation.

M1: (in study of the pattern of vibrating color frequencies and numerical values) We’ll be working together, and likely have no memory of each other, or even recognize each other would we meet among the 7 billion souls.

M2: “Cut off,” they call it; yes. Talk to me about the frequencies you’re considering for this incarnation. Interesting choice.

M1: (slight smile) I’m taking about 2/3rds the “energy of saints,” about 1/6th leadership, and 1/6th harmony. My physical body will be strictly for organization and efficiency.

M2: And how do your backline angels and you intend to play those cards you’re dealing?

M1: I’m specializing in abstract devotion to compensate for being “cut off”: this is our strongest connecting energy to Source. This fundamental choice is what the Goddess wants for humanity: choosing Life, which is the co-creation and connection to All, OR to reject this connection in the delusion of separation within dead materiality.

M2: And you intend some leadership in this role?

M1: I have to with my particular spirit. But the harmonizing aspect along with my backline angels will have me bend to the Goddess’ pace and have a sense of humor working with however the captured humans respond to our presence.

M2: How do you see the risks with this energy blend?

M1: There are no risks (grinning). With my angels and the Goddess’ will, what could go wrong?

M2: No, really.

M1: No, really. Let’s look (indicating to the screen): harmony is the major and developing emotional frequency, with leadership blended into the Goddess’ will. My backline angels will provide any “correction,” as will the Goddess. Yeah, sure, this devotional predominance will produce courage to directly address humanity, but in the fundamentals that they most need to discern for choice. In addition, my physical body and overall personality has zero creative intelligence; that is, my role will be to synthesize what already exists. I’ll be a courageous leader to efficiently and clearly present choice, especially in the fundamentals of truth, love, and justice.

Piece of cake.

M2: (arms folded, listening intently) Perhaps. We’re going in blind into the most evil environment ever, but with all the support we need backline and in direct response to a Goddess’ primary intention, so maybe you’re right to be confident. Maybe this won’t be as bad a job as I foresee.

M1: (looking at the screen and indicating with a hand) How about you?

M2: (furrows his brow) We’re taking a balanced approach, with about 25% in creative intelligence as the predominant compensating energy for being “cut off.”

M1: How do you intend to use it?

M2: We (turning to include the two other angels) see a relatively quiet presence, as the Goddess asks, and to find some satisfying creative outlets while grounding and transmitting our energies in the background. Earth is a beautifully diverse planet; there’s plenty to invest creative interest outside the direct interests of evil. The less I engage with the most overwhelming presence of evil in all creative history, the more we foresee this service to be enjoyable.

M1: (looking and indicating) Yeah, a little technical and creative, but you’ll be harmonious and more introverted than active. You’ll be in the background, for sure.

M2: I’ll entertain myself and be useful in some technical area, yes. I also want to be in a high-demand work area: evil keeps significant numbers poor and suffering to “encourage” everyone else to serve them. And I don’t want to be a martyr to evil. You might be, you know: that’s how saints roll.

M1: (grinning) Evil won’t dare defy the Goddess without crippling itself. We (opening body posture to include his angels) want to fulfill the Goddess’ request in abundance. When evil martyrs true leaders for Life, they directly violate karma and the Goddess with devastating blowback that multiplies the martyr’s actions more than the soul could have done alone. Martin King (and here) and President Kennedy’s assassinations by this evil BOTH helped the Goddess finalize conclusions that evil will reject any reasonable co-existence with Life, AND strongly activated the network of souls beginning the resonance work we’ll complete with our incarnations.

The purpose of our presence is to end this game of evil, not anything else. If evil chooses to thwart my life-expression by assassination, the Goddess will amplify my work ten-fold, making everyone’s job a little easier. I’m going down to work. We can go on vacation after this job is done… maybe even on Earth. (smile)

M2: You’re right, of course. (respectfully and indicating satisfaction with the conversation to become complete)

M1: (respectful bow of the head) As are we all when we follow our best judgement. I wonder if we’ll meet on Earth, and if so, if we’ll recognize anything of each other.

M2: The One and the Goddess do have a sense of humor. I doubt we’ll appreciate it until we meet again to debrief.

M1: We included enough harmony to have a chance to appreciate Earth’s tragic-comedy while we’re there.

I know we’ll do our best.

(Both pause respectfully and in honor of their commitment. Both turn and walk away with their angels)


A 3-minute artistic representation that our vibrational qualities of virtue are a language of its own that inspires and awakens others to choose Life rather than the control-system matrix. Our energy is felt, not necessarily understood (hat tip: :

5-minute artistic scene from The LEGO movie of our role to offer choice to those who tested evil/total control, with design for free-will to determine future paths. This ending, evil chooses love:

3-minute artistic scene of the evil bear, Lotso from Toy Story 3, rejecting love and a new life (it does not end well for Lotso, who previously literally reprogrammed Buzz Lightyear to be his controlled minion):


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  ~ Hamlet


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Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences (and here). I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at

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