Are American Threats Against Russia a Sign of WEAKNESS, Instead of Strength?

Teddy Roosevelt famously said America’s foreign policy was to “speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

During the heyday of American power, the U.S. quietly pulled off numerous coups around the world, without the American public even know that we were involved.

And mission creep was stealthy. For example, the U.S., UK and France didn’t announce that they were going to bump off Libya’s leader. They pretended that they were “protecting civilians” … and then the mission quietly changed to killing Gaddafi.

So what should we make of America’s overt threats against Russia, a country with nuclear weapons?

Federico Pieraccini argues that America is blustering because it is actually weak. Specifically, he says that America has lost it’s attempt to implement regime change in Syria.

In other words, Pieraccini believes that the U.S. is barking so loudly – threatening war against Russia – because it has lost it’s bite.

After all, America has long been the world’s sole superpower … and yet Russia has so far been able to stop America and its allies’ military moves in Syria.

So are American leaders really thinking of launching cyber or military warfare against Russia?

Or are these the impotent wailings of a paper tiger, in the process of losing its hegemony?

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