Self-Defense Videos: The Best I’ve Ever Seen

Code Red Defense teaches the best self-defense techniques I’ve ever seen.

It’s great because it focuses on real self-defense in a street fight:

Why do I like Code Red Defense so much?  Because:

  • Tells you when to talk your way out of a fight … or when you need to attack to save your life
  • Tells you what works and what doesn’t in a real life-or-death street fight, when you have only seconds to defend yourself
  • Explains how to use an improvised weapon … and when using a weapon would do more harm than good
  • Shows you why most self-defense courses – including mixed martial arts – are unrealistic… and could get you killed
  • Explains how muggers and other bad guys think… so that you’ll know how to take care of them
  • Shows what techniques work against much bigger and stronger attackers … and which work against smaller attackers

The team that made code red defense has many years of martial arts experience as well as real life experience acting as bouncers at busy night clubs.

They’ve had knives, guns and just about everything else you can imagine thrown at them … and survived to talk about it.

This is an easy-to-learn self-defense system … which relies more on instincts and understanding than memorizing a series of complicated moves.

As such, it’s very useful right out of the box …

Here’s a video debunking 10 common self-defense misconceptions:

I also like Code Red Defense because it uses simple, down-to-earth language to describe the system.  It’s the opposite of an esoteric martial arts system where the crown jewels are only taught to people who’ve been studying for a decade.

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I would, personally, stake my life on Code Red Defense’s self-defense techniques.

Note:  I haven’t received a cent for writing this review. I’ve written this because I believe in these self-defense videos.

Code Red Defense simply provided me a review copy of their video course.

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