Self-Defense: Do You Know What a Weapon Attack Would REALLY Look Like?

I just watched Self-Defense: Tools of Attack.

This short video shows you how an expert in street fights involving weapons – he’s been involved in scores of them, and has won every single one – uses a variety of common street weapons, including knives, razors, hatchets, clubs and blackjacks.

The video shows you what you would really face when an experienced street-fighter attacks you with a weapon … so you won’t have unrealistic ideas that get you killed or maimed.

Most martial arts and self-defense teachers provide unrealistic attack and defense scenarios against knives and other weapons.  Self-Defense: Tools of Attack is a wake up call.

However, by practicing the weapons techniques shown in the video, you’ll have a much better chance in defending yourself … because you’ll know what you’re up against, and can prepare.

6th degree Jiu Jitsu blackbelt and 4th degree goju karate blackbelt Terrance Rasmuson notes:

This hard hitting, street style of self-defense is a real eye-opener to even those who have trained for many years.

And self-defense instructor Rev. A. Bodhi Chenevey writes:

This short video provides the viewer with a sense of realism extremely hard to find or come by in the martial arts and self-defense arenas, especially if one does not actually operate in high risk, violent environments at a professional level, which makes this video presentation priceless.

Plus, you’ll learn how to kill someone with an ordinary pencil or pen … if that’s your last resort to save your life.

Self-Defense: Tools of Attack is narrated by self-defense expert Thomas Kurz, maker of the fantastic self-defense weapon the Unbreakable Umbrella.

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