An Open Letter to Those Who Voted for Clinton and Protest Trump

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There isn’t an easy, kind, or right way to open this conversation with people that have stood up for the rights of people worldwide as well as on the home front for decades. Any and every starting point seems wrong.

Since there is no good starting point, let’s go to the honest one. The current political climate be damned.

How are 25% of American voters, the percentage that voted for Hillary, now a protesting majority? What’s the makeup of that 25%? Do all of them care about women’s, human or civil rights?

These questions aren’t as difficult to answer as the truth will be to hear, especially for progressives. I’m going to show why the best-qualified candidate Bernie Sanders never stood a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected to the US presidency. To get there, look at the simple math which shows that if Sanders had got the nomination, we might be looking at president Romney today.

In early June 2016, I started writing about real voting blocs that have the size to shape national politics. The simple math works like this. Out of 231,556,622 eligible voters, 25.6% voted for Clinton, and 25.5% voted for Trump. This is the final voter percentage tallies.

Out of the eligible voter pool, if we take 13% (low conservative reckoning) for the combined emigre bloc vote, their contribution is 30,102,360 bloc votes. Not shown at the CEEC link are the Middle Eastern, South and Central American, Russian, or the Asian portions of the emigre bloc.

These articles show the background of the groups and how they work together en-bloc. I wrote them back then for today.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Out of Hillary Clinton’s total count of 65,844,610 votes, the emigre bloc made up 45% because 92,622,648 Americans didn’t cast their ballot. Keep that last figure in mind for later.

In real terms, 13% became 45% because of low voter turnout. The emigre bloc percentage is based on total eligible voters (231,556,622) and the bloc number didn’t change. When the real vote total was known, it could be measured against the bloc. The value of the votes in the bloc skyrocketed with low turnout.

The reason Bernie Sanders did not have a snowball’s chance in hell is the combined emigre bloc vote. Bernie should have been a shoo-in for them. His father is Galician. Galicia is the still disputed land between Poland and Ukraine, including the regional capital of Lviv. He claims Polish ancestry, and that is the true nationality border or no border. Both emigre groups claim to support Polish and Ukrainian people. He was the natural candidate for them except for one thing.

Until the fall of the Soviet Union, these groups were known as the anti-communist emigres. They are the children of groups that manned Hitler’s SS. The problem with Sanders is he calls himself a Socialist. He was not electable as long as this type of bloc vote exists. If Sanders got the nod to run in the general election, a deal would have been cut for a new Republican candidate at the convention. If you look back, things started to shape up that way.

The only thing a nationalist hates worse than an enemy outside his country, is the enemy within. For an anti-communist and nationalist, there is no greater enemy than a socialist. Progressive’s have already forgotten how Sanders was derailed. Most progressives don’t realise that, very directly, it WAS the emigre community that did it.

Even after seeing Propornot, progressive, libertarian, and conservative publications are spewing the memes created by these same people that put them on lists to be hacked, isolated, and eventually shut down. It began when journalists started questioning the Syria narrative and support for ISIS.

Did the “Berners” make any change to the Democratic party? “It is very concerning that Bernie Sanders is so intent on taking over a party that he’s not even a member of that he’d insult the beloved vice president — and really the president — about a failed status quo approach,” said Texas Democratic chairman Gilberto Hinojosa.” Was Sanders ever a viable candidate for the Democratic Party? Was he ever treated like one?

The only chance he had was to tap into the over 90 million that did not vote. It’s not coincidental that the number coincides with Obama’s 5% jobless report. Obama adjusted the economy so the wealth would flow upward by dehumanizing these people. They no longer count. They are no longer counted. In eight years there was no serious attempt at decreasing unemployment. These people are too disaffected to vote, but had they, would it have been for another Democrat?

If my analysis is correct and Sanders stood no chance because of the emigre bloc, then there would have to be some evidence of this in the Woman’s March/ Inaugural Protest and following protests. And there is, but it’s not pretty.

ny nazi ukie nazi

The photo on the left is a Ukrainian-American OUNb nationalist out to support the Women’s march in New York. The Photo on the right shows OUNb Ukrainian nationalists celebrating their nationalist heritage in Ukraine. They are literally the soldiers and children of the soldiers from WWII that committed the atrocities.

If you look at the grey hat in the left image and the one in the center of the right image, you’ll notice it’s the same hat. This particular hat, as well as the rest of the young man’s clothing are a designer version of the OUNb Nazi uniform. This is the same uniform the Bandera OUNb wore when they manned the concentration camps in Europe. This is the same uniform that they wore when they starved 3 million prisoners of war to death. This is the same uniform they wore when they murdered over 250,000 Jews and close to 500,000 Ukrainians. Behind him is the Ukrainian flag.

Today, this is the same uniform the unknown Ukrainian-American in the photo wore to support the Woman’s march. The CEEC and Ukrainian emigres are behind most of the press hype demonizing Trump, support articles and organisation for the Women’s march and all the subsequent protests. Standing next to him and working in concert is Shia Labeouf, actor, activist, and a Polish-Jewish-American by background. In the video below, if you turn the sound off and focus on the image, you’ll see them smiling at each other. The unknown Ukrainian- American Nazi and Labeouf appear to be dancing together. Labeouf got good press for it.

What do the Central and Eastern European American emigres believe politically? Are they Democrats, Progressive, or even Conservative?

According to thUkraine Weekly, “Over 55 years ago, a group of Ukrainian-Americans, guided by a love for their native Ukraine created a committee in the United States that would support the liberation of Ukraine during World War II. Their committee supported the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army as they fought against the Nazi and Communist occupation of Ukraine. This committee became the Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine, named after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s famous address wherein he…”

What they don’t say is that before America got into the war, they tried to murder Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During the war, operating from the USA, Ukrainian Americans were commanding the SS battalions that were fighting against the USA. As late as 1945, the Ukrainian Diaspora was asking Adolf Hitler to fund new armies so they could fight the Soviets. That part of the Ukrainian-American Diaspora haven’t changed. The emigres are still integral nationalists just like Adolf Hitler was.

Today they still celebrate the SS murderers that perpetrated the Holocaust. The most awesome weapon fascists have in 2017 are human and civil rights. Every time they successfully hide behind a legitimate cause, they win. Every time they create a “legitimate cause,” they win. In the most cynical fashion, progressives are being corralled into supporting memes they stood against for the last sixteen years.

For years progressives, centrists, and libertarians have complained about the George Soros inspired color revolutions around the world. Why are progressives flocking to the very people that want to take away their freedoms hoping they are protecting them?

What does this have to do with the Women’s March or protests that have followed it? Along with George Soros, the CEEC and Ukrainians are  providing most of the media coverage. They are providing tens to hundreds of thousands of protesters depending on location to liven things up.

Among the nasty women at the protest, the term has real relevance for them, the Ukrainians provided their own homegrown version to show women how to protest Donald Trump.

femen 2017-01-26 20-58-37

She looks like a nasty woman protester doesn’t she? What they didn’t say is what it takes to make them happy again.

femen at odessa massacre

As you can see, the young woman in this photo has her clothes on. Behind her, almost 400 people were killed or are missing at Odessa in May, 2014. Ukrainian integral nationalists burned them to death. This is Femen’s vision for your protests.

Among this group’s natural partners is the Syrian American Council. By protesting a stronger vetting process, the US may end up with the same problem the UK had in 2015.

The Prime Minister has come under fire after the International Development Committee, which is investigating the Syrian refugee crisis, received evidence that ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups were running the camps within the war-torn country, but also in Lebanon and Jordan where the majority of the 20,000 heading for the UK are currently based.”

In one of the most cynical manipulations yet, Holocaust survivors are being asked their opinion of Trump’s refugee policy. While it makes a good headline, instead of being asked about refugees, they should be asked if mixed groups should be vetted for terrorists too. A fair question would be “were they willing to let the Nazis that killed their families emigrate with them to America.”

It was Steve Bannon that first breathed “Muslim ban.” And Soros media is sticking that statement down Trump’s throat now. Maybe that part is for the better. The US government needs to say precisely what it means. The problem is while everyone and their brother are having their relevant article day, they are ignoring National Security issues.

Let’s look at how the CEEC and Ukrainian emigre groups look at Holocaust victims and Jews in 2017. We know their families tortured and killed during WWII, but that was over 70 years ago.

Dolinsky combined

Like many of the CEEC countries that are managed by the American emigres, Ukraine is no exception. Ukrainian-American emigres were behind Yanukovych’s ouster and the nationalist uprising, the murders in Kiev and Odessa, and the war in Donbass. Apparently, they still don’t think much of Holocaust victims or Jews in general.

In Berkeley, they have already started the escalation. Shooting fireworks at the buildings was the precursor to the Molotov cocktails that followed in Kiev at the Coup. Then they needed martyrs. These were the legitimate protesters that actually have no place in their nationalist society. If this escalates, that will be you.

The fact that they have to hide their background and try to keep their involvement quiet does not cover their sins. For progressives, women’s rights, civil rights, or human rights activists, are these legitimate partners to protest with?


I’ve seen how our heroes, activists, journalists, and celebrities have completely sold their souls to support something no person with an iota of morality would do. I’ve seen them say and do things to derail candidates who would have been a million times better for those less fortunate around us. It’s unfortunate most pretend to fight the establishment, to act like they love the people more than they love the struggle and the relevance that it brings them. I am not one of those and I won’t continue to be until the good Lord takes me.” Cesar Vargas

If US progressives see Ukrainian-American ultra-nationalists as legitimate partners, then I agree with Cesar Vargas wholeheartedly.

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