Google Is Now Threatening My Publishers

Eric Zuesse

I just happened to notice at one of my publishers, RINF, “Google’s Censorship Of Independent News – Rinf Becomes Latest Victim”, and the owner, Mick Meaney, described Google’s threat to him if he didn’t remove a news-article that was critical of the Israeli government. He promptly removed it. He continued:

“Then the next day, as I expected, I received another email telling me to delete a second article. This time it was an article about Donald Trump, written by Eric Zuesse.”

He’s in a predicament:

“My choice is now; let Google dictate what information is acceptable, or significantly reduce the amount of time I spend devoted to RINF.”

I used to be published at places such as Huffington Post, Salon, and Common Dreams, but the number of sites that are willing to publish me has gradually reduced as more and more of my articles came to expose the operations that control the U.S. federal government. None of those publishers explained to me why they were dropping me. But now I understand. And Google isn’t alone in this; they’re part of the same operation that has taken over the U.S. and many foreign ‘news’ operations and thus now controls what the publics believe, in many countries.

I knew that this would happen. But, unlike some other courageous journalists, I’m still alive and able to continue doing the best job I can, for the public, and without charging anyone for access to it.

Please spread the word to all your friends, to read my articles at,,,,,,,,,, and the few other courageous news-sites that are still occasionally publishing me.

Incidentally, Google (now called “Alphabet Inc.”) were heavily involved in 2011 helping Hillary Clinton’s State Department draw up the plans to overthrow two heads-of-state that allied with Russia: Yanukovych in Ukraine, and Assad in Syria. The head of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the Hillary Clinton aide (now Google executive) Jared Cohen, met in 2011 privately with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean Embassy, who had no idea, at the time, that they might be prying information from him in order to assist the U.S. State Department to organize jihadists online to go into Syria to overthrow Assad, and nazis online who already constituted two racist-fascist political parties in Ukraine to overthrow Yanukovych. It’s these sorts of things that the aristocracy want you not to know about — or, at least, not to understand in any accurate way. That’s the reality about ‘news’ as we now have it, at least in The West (the U.S. and its empire of vassal-aristocracies abroad). It’s propaganda.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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