The Gentleman’s Guide to Self-Defense: Knife-Resistant Clothing

Top self-defense teachers admit that it is very difficult to defend against  a knife attack …

A knife can cut you from many different angles.

And – unlike the artificial dance step choreography most defense instructors peddle – knife attacks are unpredictable and chaotic:

You may think this is an unlikely threat …  But three times more people were killed in the U.S. in 2015 with knives than shotguns and rifles combined.  And knife violence is on the rise in the UK.

So what’s a gentleman to do?

Slash-resistant clothing can help …

Body Armor USA provided us with a Cut-Tex Pro PPSS slash-resistant hoodie to test out.  It’s comfortable, flexible and can be comfortably worn on top of or under other clothing.

Body Armor USA’s President and CEO Ben Rakhman tells Washington’s Blog that the PPSS cut-resistant clothing he sells provides protection against cuts, slashes, bites, tears and abrasion.

Rakhman tells us that most attacks are cuts and slashes, more than stabs (Rakhman also provides personal protection services, and is quite knowledgeable about real-world self-defense).

Best of all, the hoodie provides slash-resistance for the major arteries in your body – the cartoid, brachial and abdmonial arteries – as well as the upper portion of the femoral arteries, and the jugular vein.  So wearing it will help you survive a knife attack.

It’s outstanding for working with blades, machinery and other materials such as shop glass and sheet metal which could cut you. Although not specifically designed for animals, many professionals wear it when working with dogs, seals (their head can spin almost 180 degrees without the ability to control it’s movement), and other animals which may bite during rescue attempts or when dealing with aggressive behavior or training in general. This clothing also helps to protect kids with mental health issues, autism, self mutiliation and challening behavior as they often try to cut or bite themselves.

Cut-Tex Pro also prevents road rash if you lay down your motorcycle on the road.  It’s very thin, extremely breathable, and far lighter than leather, making it ideal to wear even on hot days.

There’s no metal in it, so you can walk through metal detectors without any problem. In addition, Rakhman told us that use and washing of this clothing will actually strengthen it … up to 4%.   (Kevlar, on the other hand, is degraded by sweat, moisture, ultra violet light and time.  And Rakhman says that Cut-Tex is much stronger than Kevlar.)

Notes: Rakhman stressed that nothing is slash-proof. This clothing is technically slash-resistant, to a specified and certified level. Also, it does not offer protection against stabbing.

To learn more, contact
Ben Rakhman
Body Armor USA

I haven’t received a cent for writing this review. Body Armor USA simply provided me a review copy of the slash resistant hoodie.

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