OPINION: Bannon Likely to Become America’s President


“Steve Bannon DESTROYS George W. Bush and John McCain in NEW Speech at California GOP meeting”

22 October 2017

Bannon’s first-ever public statement, in depth, about the 2016 campaign and about “economic nationalism.” He’s the best salesman for right-wing populism I’ve ever seen. I don’t think that the phoniness of the Democratic Party will be able to withstand it. (26:00 — “There’s not been a more destructive Presidency than George [W.] Bush’s.” And Bannon got applause from these active Republicans for saying such things, though Bush’s favorability-rating amongst Republicans at that time, which was just after Bush’s damning speech against Trump on October 19th, was 76%; it had been 82% before Bush’s speech.)

Bannon is the best extemporaneous public speaker in American politics. I think he’s probably brilliant enough to know that conservatives are destroying America, but he’s certainly bright enough to know that liberals are also destroying America; and his progressive statements are probably merely for show — he’s a binary guy, either-or, all the way, and I think he’s at least intelligent enough to know that the entire aristocracy are only liberals and conservatives, with no progressives at all, and that he’s an agent for the conservative ones against the liberal ones, the most gifted agent that the entire aristocracy have. His chances of becoming elected U.S. President might be higher than anyone else’s. His message is far more cunning than Reagan’s ‘Greed is good’ libertarianism; his is instead a moralistic crusade, for a mercantilist nationalistic form of conservatism such as preceded the laissez-faire conservatism that was introduced by the French physiocrats in the 1750s and that became refined by Adam Smith in the 1770s as the libertartianism or neoliberalism which is expounded in today’s microeconomic theory and in the mainstream conservative political parties.

Authentic progressives such as Bernie Sanders are probably now totally blocked, because they won’t become able to control either Party, and they won’t get any money from the aristocracy to win as a third party.

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