How Fancy Bear Destroyed Eliot Higgins Bellingcat Credibility

If you’re just catching up, Fancy Bear was outed this past week and those Ukrainian hackers are going to cause a lot of legal problems for their supporters in the US if journalists remember their job is to protect the public as a 4th estate. If they don’t, we’ll get there without them.

In the end, you could say Fancy Bear was caught because they confessed to every step involved that identified them and by disseminating evidence further incriminated themselves. They confessed and RUH8 took credit everywhere they could including RFE/RL.  The Australian Sunday Morning Herald noted Fancy Bear looked like a Ukrainian adventure.

 In Information Operations (IO) the second you take credit for it, “it” stops working. Eventually, most often sooner than later, someone is going to notice. So, a good rule of thumb for those aspiring to be the Doctor Evil of the hacking and IO world is remember: loose lips sink ships. And to the chagrin of hacking masters everywhere, physics governs sinking ships.

Common knowledge tells us Fancy Bear is Russian FSB and GRU. You know that. Everyone knows that. My response is Fancy Bear was rogue Russian FSB and GRU Intel to the degree you count Shaltai Boltai (Humpty Dumpty) as part of the group CyberHunta along with the Ukrainian DNC and RNC hackers RUH8, Trinity, and Falcons Flame.

These hackers work with InformNapalm, EuroMaidanPress, the US and Canadian Ukrainian Diasporas, StopFake, the Atlantic Council, Michael D. Weiss and InterpreterMag, NATO COE Latvia, and you are starting to get the picture aren’t you?

What does Eliot Higgins have to say about it? Does he know the Ukrainian hackers he and Bellingcat work with are Fancy Bear? If the Atlantic Council hackers are Fancy Bear will it ruin Ukraine, Higgins, and the Atlantic Council because they provide the Intel? The following Twitter string was in reaction to the Fancy Bear expose article I just published.

All stop. Game over.

No one will care Fancy Bear is the Ukrainian hackers who changed the geopolitical landscape of East-West relations in 2016. Or that these hackers work with and for Higgins, Bellingcat, and the Atlantic Council.

“So the help of the USA… I don’t know, why would we need it? We have all the talent and special means for this. And I don’t think that the USA or any NATO country would make such sharp movements in international politics.” We have no Need of CIA Help Ukrainian Hackers of #Surkov Leaks

No one will care the Ukrainian Fancy Bear hackers testimony for the US Senate generates tons of graft money to steal for the failing state of Ukraine. Why put em’ in jail when you can give them tax dollars instead?

“1. Alexander Usovsky, a Belarusian living in Poland, received more than 100,000 US dollars from Russia in order to finance anti-Ukrainian nationalist groups in Poland and to set Poles against Ukrainians. Usovsky’s correspondence with the Russian MP and director of the Institute of CIS countries, Konstantin Zatulin, who provided this funding, was revealed by the Ukrainian groups CyberHunta and Cyber Alliance. Usovsky coordinated his anti-Ukrainian actions with…”- Statement of Mustafa Nayyem and Svitlana Zalishchuk Members of the Parliament of Ukraine before the Subcommittee on Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs of the Senate Committee on Appropriations March 29, 2017

No one will care Ukrainian Fancy Bear hackers are strictly political operatives working for Ukrainian Intel provided a lion’s share of information about MH17 and interfered with the 2016 US presidential election on behalf of Petr Poroshenko to throw a lot of dirt in the air.

“Sednit – also known as APT28, Fancy Bear, and Sofacy – has been operating since 2004. The cyber-mob has reportedly infiltrated machines operated by targets as diverse as the DNC, the German parliament, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign boss John Podesta, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, and the French TV network TV5Monde.”- US DNC hackers blew through SIXzero-days vulns last year alone Most targets were individuals with Gmail addresses

That’s what makes the Fancy Bear hackers and the Atlantic Council players so interesting for me. They work directly for Ukrainian Intelligence and the Ukrainian Information Ministry against the US government and get graft dollars to do it.

“As reported by 5.UA, the international team of investigative journalists from the Bellingcat project has  prepared two reports, which contain new details on the circumstances of the 2014 Boeing 777 airline Malaysia Airlines near Donetsk. One of the Bellingcat reports on “Foolish,” the friend will not be published, because it contains information that could hurt the investigationApril 2017 5.UA

When you look at Bellingcat’s reports on the MH17 tragedy, the one thing that stands out is Bellingcat’s reliance on Ukraine’s Cyber Alliance through InformNapalm. Fancy Bear provides the information disseminated on InformNapalm to the Atlantic Council and Bellingcat.

In the Bellingcat report Identifying Khmuryi, the Major General Linked to the Downing of MH17

The entire basis of Bellingcat identification is InformNapalm and the Ukrainian hackers. It showcases Bellingcat’s lack of independence by highlighting the information trail from the Information Ministry which is Ukrainian Intelligence.

Bellingcats uses Myrotvorets, the SBU, InformNapalm, and the Fancy Bear hackers to provide identifications and information that their papers are based on. This is exactly why any use of Bellingcat material by the JIT for MH17 is a travesty for the victim’s families.

Who are the Fancy Bear Hackers? The Myth of Bellingcat’s Independence

The Fancy Bear hackers work for the same Information Ministry that created Myrotvorets, aka the Peace Maker website. This website has been condemned internationally for building kill lists and disseminating the personal information of journalists and political dissenters in Ukraine and abroad. These hackers populated the list by hacking journalists information from DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) servers.

The Ukrainian Information Ministry that puts world leaders on their kill lists at the Myrotvorets website and asserts the right to kill anyone on their lists anywhere they are found. In 2016, Ukraine’s MP Anton Geroshenko threatened to put current US president Donald Trump on the Myrotvorets kill list.

First and foremost the Ukrainian Fancy Bear hackers are political activists bent of destroying Russia through any means possible. They make that clear themselves and RUH8 leaves no stones unturned to fulfill that quest. This has included politicizing the deaths of the victims of flight MH17.

Are Eliot Higgins and the Bellingcat team independent journalists? Were there Russian troops at the 2014 Ukrainian Maidan?

If you go to the CyberHunta website or look at their published material, the first thing you’ll notice is Fancy Bear is sporting Dimitry Yarosh’s Pravy Sektor war flag. The Ukrainian nationalists that makeup CyberHunta and Ukraine Cyber Alliance are rabid Banderite nationalists.

As shown Dmitry Yarosh has real representation in the US Congress and US Senate as well as the US diplomatic corp. Imagine that. Is Eliot Higgins a sock puppet on Yarosh’s hand? It’s no wonder Ukraine’s chubby nazi is satisfied just sitting back and pulling Eliot Higgins by the cajones strings to make him spin in any direction he chooses. Between Eliot Higgins, Aric Toler, and Fancy Bear, Dimitry Yarosh even has representation at the NATO parliamentary assembly because the Ukrainian hackers and IO people get their information there.

There isn’t even one shred of evidence I’ve seen that counters this unless you consider Eliot Higgins and Aric Toler’s vehement denials they work with Ukrainian Intel, Ukrainian hackers, or Ukrainian nationalists. Both of them are willing to bet their credibility and Bellingcat’s on this very important fact. Otherwise, if they lie, they are nothing more than sleazy political operatives hell-bent on making as many dollars as they can at the expense of anyone else’s life. Are they credible? How many rakes do you need to step on?

September 29 and November 19, 2015 in  Kharkov Crisis Infocentre  Information Policy Advisor to the Minister Dmitry Zolotukhin conducted trainings on the search for information in open sources for journalists and bloggers in Kharkov.

In addition, already 21 November Dmitry Zolotukhin met with his US counterpart, team representative Bellingcat Aric Toler , who conducted a similar training for journalists in Kyiv on the invitation of Media Development Foundation. They also discussed the possibility of holding a conference in Kiev on thematic instruments OSINT-use techniques in the modern media.”

One of the Media Development Center’s sponsors is NATO. It is a project of the US Embassy in Kiev because of the association with the embassy’s diplomatic paper, the Kyiv Post.”

Dimitry Zolotukhin is the Deputy Minister of Information in Ukraine which does Intel and targets dissenters,  the Pravy Sektor/ Fancy Bear hackers answer directly to him. In the notice above which was prepared by his office, it is noted Bellingcat’s Aric Toler is working in an equal capacity to him in the USA.

Although it is getting a little ahead, the Deputy Information Minister is retweeting  Crowdstrike’s Dimitri Alperovich to 3 of his main hackers. His hackers have their own ties to Alperovich. We’ll cover this relationship again later, but by now it shouldn’t be much of a surprise if Alperovich invites Ukraine’s Fancy Bear to the Crowdstrike bbq. After all, they did the heavy lifting in 2016.

Do you believe him? In a more candid moment, he said it didn’t matter “No one will care.”

Meanwhile, Higgins keeps a relationship with Ukraine’s CyberHunta whose Russian members have tried to confess to the DNC hacks unsuccessfully. The Ukrainian members confessed to committing hacks and dumps that were done by Fancy Bear.

If all of Higgins Bellingcat work in Ukraine rests on rabid nationalists lies, how does Syria look? Higgins asked me about this earlier in the year.

Of course, he wanted me to agree that he did valid research but if you look all of his early videos were posted by the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and the early form of ISIS. It’s a shame too because there isn’t an our side with all the facts. That only happens with narratives. The real victims are victimized again because what was once considered qualified investigative procedures are up for debate and innuendo in the form of Open Source Investigation OSINT guarantees justice will never be served.


It’s time to fall in line Eliot. The Syrian Diaspora works very closely with the Ukrainian Diaspora organizing the fake media and pseudo-expert investigations for both trouble spots. Now that it’s clear Eliot Higgins Bellingcat is one of them, it’s time to move on and allow real experts to fill the information space with facts and not nationalist lies.

Bellingcat and the Atlantic Council can at no point be trusted to resume a position of expert testimony or trusted witnesses to the Intel Community, US House or Senate, or even NATO. It should be coming crystal clear that these and related groups are the origins of false Intel, testimony, and expert witness deciding world events today. Real experts that will maintain dignity and integrity need to be tapped to look into events as they unfold. All sides in any conflict situation need to put their best foot forward because, without trust, war is a foregone conclusion.

Higgins Drags the UK Intel Community, Atlantic Council, and NATO into Debauchery

I still don’t quite understand the amount of stress Higgins was under to suddenly snap and demand all the men in the Russian Federation to drop what they are doing and sodomize him. Yep, Eliot you’ve got to admit it wasn’t your proudest moment. RT’s attempt at sarcasm about the situation while Eliot Higgins is plumbing the depths of depravity did not mount a defense of Russian sensibilities as much as it highlighted the need for the Brit’s to develop diplomatic and social decency.

Last week I let Higgins know an article about his place in investigative journalism as well as his company’s efforts at scaling up their efforts as pay to play Intel had failed. The article as originally written was substantially longer. Eliot released me from the need to do that.

 Higgins devolved into his Uncle Creepy demonstration after I let him know that he was caught. There was no escape. He did it to himself, Aric Toler, Dimitry Yarosh, and the Atlantic Council.

I have provided substantial information that the evidence Bellingcat is using for #MH17 is faked by Ukraine’s Fancy Bear Hackers known as the Cyber Alliance and Cyber Hunta as well as the SBU. This includes Bellingcats latest fabrication which was to create caller ID’s to identify people.

Let’s recap. Eliot Higgins is well aware he works with the Ukrainian hackers Fancy Bear. He doesn’t think you will care. They work directly for Ukrainian Intel and are Pravy Sektor. They are committed to destroying Russia by any means possible. If that means starting WWIII, they are happy to do it.

Eliot Higgins, you’re credibility is shot and you need to run for cover just so the UK can retain some credibility. Instead of scaring the decent people that make up the Russian Federation in your debauched quest to be sodomized, you were caught in fabrications with criminals. I’m handing you your cyber-balls as promised because facts do matter. I believe you named them Fancy& Bear.

The following is simply having fun with Uncle Creepy and Bellingcat as he fumbles around making the same demands on NATO, and MI6t to catch him or… well you get the picture from RT.

Over the last 4 years I’ve researched and written many stories that are still breaking in other media today. I’ve written stories from the front lines in Ukraine as well as showing snapshots of what life is like Donbass.

We are breaking the big stories together.

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I’ll be adding lots of inside information not included in the articles as well as the first glimpse of work coming up for supporters as we wind our way up from The Mueller Investigations and Finding Fancy Bear to Exposing Bellingcat role working for and with Fancy Bear and Ukrainian Intelligence fabricating evidence while working for and with Ukrainian ultranationalists including Pravy Sektor members.

Next up– An Overview of where we stand right now.

***Article update Newsweek journalist recanted on Mattis Syria statements.

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