Ukrainian Intel Tales- Did Bellingcat Lie?

Over the last few articles, we explored real events and actors in some depth. Eliot Higgins, Aric Toler, and Bellingcat have been exposed as agents of Ukrainian Intelligence. This means any information from Bellingcat’s corrupted sources used in the MH17 shoot-down investigation by the JIT (Joint Investigative Team) must be thrown out.

In addition to this, because Bellingcat is part of Ukraine’s Intelligence apparatus, all material supplied by them for Ukraine or even Syria should be tossed out of any ongoing investigations. Information supplied by one country’s spies should not be used as the basis to justify that country in a criminal case or Bellingcat’s employer’s partners in crimes against humanity investigations.

Based on Bellingcat’s principal Eliot Higgins insistence his company is entirely independent and does not work as Intelligence agents and gatherers for Ukraine or its SBU, and that Ukraine’s Intel apparatus does not supply Bellingcat’s evidence during investigations; his company’s credibility for being honest and reliable rest in the balance. How credible can any of their reports be otherwise?

Let’s take a few minutes and recap how dangerous spies for hire like Eliot Higgins and Aric Toler are when they get taken seriously as subject matter experts. After that, let’s back up the bold accusations with statements from Ukrainian Intel labeling Bellingcat as their colleagues in Ukraine’s fight against Russia and Donbass. This will include Ukrainian Intel proudly stating they supplied the ID’s of Russians Higgins and Toler used in their Bellingcat reports given to the JIT.

Lastly, after this article, let’s start looking into who’s footing the bill and ways it’s done. We’ll also look at other roles spies for hire have played for Ukraine. You’ve already heard the name Alexandra Chalupa, we’ll look at the role her family has played, as well as their place in the hierarchy footing the bill. We’ll look at who is doing the hiring and a little into how that part of the operation works by showing clear examples.

At the beginning of the year, we started looking at the moving parts that make up a rogue deep-state. By rogue, we mean independent private Intel personalities and companies that use state sized tools against civilians and media to push their private client’s agendas or their personal politics. The more it is opened up, the more clear it becomes. Private companies and Intel personalities are extra-legally taking on clearly governmental authority and functions without the clear lines of responsibility or oversight government agencies are under.

Companies and private agents are using the tools and authority for what amounts to illegal private CIA and NSA operations against everyday people in the USA and abroad. This rogue deep-state uses information operations (IO) against civilians who express legally protected speech and share opinions on social media sites inside their own social groups and brands them traitors to their home countries.

As an introduction to the practice, propornot was identified. This small group, working out of the InterpreterMag and the Atlantic Council changed the media landscape as soon as they splashed onto it.

While I’ve seen enough naysayers insist propornot is only a minor player in the scheme of things, becoming a major player was never their point. Because of the attention this influence operation generated, media will never be the same again. The whole program was to get their list into mainstream thought and spread by other propaganda sites.

What propornot does is illegal and the lawsuits are starting against groups like Propornot that brand media they disagree with fake news as part of an information warfare campaign. Another example of this is the Propornot spinoff called They have quite a bit more courage than their Atlantic Council partners because they identify some of the people involved, they are engaging in Information Warfare against civilians and civilian media. That is illegal in the modern world.

The early February articles showed Spies for Hire at the government agency and policy revolving door level.  Companies in the Intelligence Community make the policies that keep official oversight from addressing the very lucrative spy for hire business they work in. People crossover from corporations to becoming policy makers and back again regularly. This keeps their companies working in inherently governmental activities because corporate employee crossovers write the policy.

The smaller private Intel companies and actors show clearly how much harm scary-incompetent and inadequately educated people given state sized tools can do to the Intel community, the State, and the citizens they never swore to protect. Since they work for private dollars, their customers or sponsors needs are what drives them.

None of these people are under any obligations to the state or the people their Intelligence agency counterparts are. When they work in the private sector they are free to work for multiple governments at the same time. The apparent conflicts of interest are appalling.

But, at the same time, any time these spies for hire attack people, companies, or countries, they do so under the auspice of the US Intel community. This gives them cover with the supposed authority of the state and some protection from the Intel community.

Imagine mom & pop sized companies using State sized tools including software, scripts, etc from government agency work for personal use like vendettas and private clients. Sounds a lot like you can start a CIA rival on the cheap.

When spies for hire choose civilians as targets, attack, or conspire to attack them, it is akin to assault, or even terrorism, and charges can include attempted murder. What do I mean?

Accordingly, the laws and guidelines that govern war, cyber-war, as well as government contracts state journalists, websites, news-sites, civilians, and social groups in social media are protected. Any person that is injured by spies for hire HAVE legal recourse under the civil and criminal law.

Because it can be a war crime, it falls under International law. The rules for cyberwar go as far as describing the use of conventional force as a means of stopping unlawful attacks or retribution for attacks on protected groups and individuals as legal. It describes anyone that attacks civilians, journalists, and civilian groups as unlawful combatants if they are not in a standing army. It is a terrorist act.  Attacks on civilians or protected groups from military personnel can and should be considered a war crime.

This includes targeting the protected groups listed above by naming them or misidentifying them as operatives or agents in the war. The use of the Kremlin Troll label falls directly under this in section 30. See the Tallinn Manual for details. It looks like the spies for hire have collectively bit off more than they can chew. Think about the size of the lawsuit groups and individuals on public lists could mount against some of these companies, NGO’s, and individual superstars of the Intel industry that have popped up since 2001.

Ukrainian Intel Comes Clean

Bellingcat’s principals Eliot Higgins and Aric Toler have a lot to own up to for the JIT, NATO, US Congress & Senate, and possibly their paying customers. If you want to play super-star in the Intel field, don’t fib, ever.

The following is from Ukraine’s cyber terrorists that comprise the state’s Intel.

Since March 2014, in the wake of the rise of the volunteer movement, several activist groups and individuals assumed the state security functions in the media- and cyber-space.

InformNapalm, Myrotvorets, Ukrainian Cyberarmy, and other volunteer communities organized a series of effective campaigns in data collection, data analysis, identification of hostile activities and retaliation against them. The volunteers took on the roles of intelligence and counterintelligence agents.

They collected the information on locations and movements of enemy weapons and equipment, blocked servers and websites engaged in Russian terrorist propaganda, and blocked bank accounts of the militants. And they still continue carrying out the important volunteer work in cyberspace. 2016 became the year of escalation of cyber-warfare…

…It also became the year when Ukrainian IT-activists joined their forces. The groups of computer engineers FalconsFlame, Trinity, Ruh8, individuals from the CyberHunta group, and other volunteers joined together in a powerful Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (UCA), which brought Ukrainian hacktivism to the world scene. 90% of UCA operations have operational importance. The ability to have a holistic view of multiple separate discoveries of enemy plans elevates its work to the new level and helps expose previously hidden connections between individual enemy agents. This is why only 10 percent of hacktivists’ actions become publicized.”

In the next article, we’ll go behind the hackers and show the people that know them. As you can see from the following, they took on the state Intel functions through the Information Ministry. So, once again, we have the Ukrainian Intel guys. This time they are saying they are the guys we wanted to find.

Under “Our Main Achievements” InformNapalm lists the following:

  • identification of persons who could be involved in the shootdown of Flight MH17 over the occupied Donbas (this information was used in the reports by our colleagues from Bellingcat team)
  • exclusive analysis of SurkovLeaks – the email dump belonging to Surkov’s reception office obtained by Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (the authenticity of the emails was reconfirmed by several reputable organizations, including Atlantic Council’s DFR Lab)
  • InformNapalm’s Findings were presented by official Ukrainian delegations during Parliamentary Assembly of the Councils of Europe and NATO Parliamentary Assembly in 2016.

Ukrainian Intelligence just made the identification once again of Ukrainian Intel colleagues from Bellingcat team. The Deputy Information Minister of Ukraine that is running this project calls Bellingcat’s Aric Toler his counterpart in the USA. Is Aric Toler the deputy information minister?

Both Toler and Higgins deny vehemently that they have anything to do with Ukrainian Intel. Reality says otherwise. Are they credible sources for the MH17 investigation or Syrian chemical weapon investigations? The answer is they have destroyed their own credibility.

How much more information supplied to Bellingcat by Ukrainian Intel should be thrown out because Ukrainian Intel needed a retaliatory strike against Putin?

Over the last 4 years, I’ve researched and written many stories that are still breaking in other media today. I’ve written stories from the front lines in Ukraine as well as showing snapshots of what life is like here. If you want to support investigative research with a lot of depth, please support my Patreon page.

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