The Ukrainian Diaspora Handler that Manages Ukraine’s Monsters

Over the last few articles, we looked at real life examples of how and why Intel for hire companies are dangerous. Companies staffed with people who have no loyalties or training are generating information that gets read at the highest levels of government. This includes the (PDB) President’s Daily Briefing. The President of the US uses the Intelligence from the PDB to decide if American military forces are needed to intervene in the real world.

Ukrainian Intel providers are an example of this. It is a hybrid mix made up of private contractors for the most part. They are supplying tainted information to American NGO’s and think-tanks. This information is making it into the US President’s Daily Briefing.

Ukraine does this by supplying Intel to the Atlantic Council and pay to play analysts like Bellingcat Intel that is full of fabricated information or evidence.  Ukrainian Intel handed off the fabrications to secondary sources like Bellingcat or the Atlantic Council. This way, Ukraine can be sure fake information is making its way to the Oval Office unchecked and unedited as shown in previous articles.

Uninformed opinions based on emotionally and politically charged analysis from faulty OSINT models. They use social media as a basis for their analysis. Unfortunately, this model replaced a lot of the real Intel US agencies used to provide for decision makers. This Intel model only serves the private companies that provide it and their customers outside of government.

Based on fabricated results, Ukrainian Intel operatives are working hard to con the US Congress into supplying them with money. They use this money to attack media that doesn’t support Ukraine’s right to  violence against its people. Increasingly they use it to promote fascist policies destroying the safety net Ukrainians had in health care, child care, and retirement.

Ukrainian Intel does this through attacks on media groups. Their goal is to force a conflict between the US and Russia to happen. From 2014 onward, they have repeatedly stated this was their only goal and America owed them that much.

The 3 sentence summary looks like this. The Ukrainian Intel and espionage units CyberHunta and Ukraine’s Cyber Alliance- aka Fancy Bear don’t respect treaties, accords, or peace agreements their own country signs. The unit was also comprised of Russian FSB and GRU traitors and is still staffed by Ukrainian hackers, Information Operation units, and hit-for-hire units developed in conjunction with Myrotvorets (PeaceMaker). They are overseen by a Diaspora handler that gets them tools, political support, and money from the US and Canada.

The spy, sabotage, information operations, and hit squads are functioning in Ukraine and claim the authority to work anywhere in the world including inside the USA.  In fact, they have been working illicit information operations in the US since 2014.

Let’s take three avenues of approach to look into this. Given that most of the Ukrainian hacking, espionage, hit-for-hire, and information operation groups money and direction is provably coming from the Ukrainian Diaspora in the US and Canada, we need to ask:

Why is this happening? How is this happening? Who is responsible for putting this together?

Was there a single event that changed the course of the war in Donbass for the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America (UCCA) and the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) and made it personal?

We are going to show the Ukrainian Diaspora reaction to what it considers a cataclysmic event followed by planned and executed strategy to destroy Russia’s credibility, wealth, image, and to threaten its existence. In doing so they willfully risked American Democracy and world peace.

Push every non sequitur event that happened in late 2013 through mid-2014 aside. This includes Crimea seceding. All of it was planned, staged, and pushed into being by the Ukrainian Diaspora and executed by Trizub-Banderi (Dimitri Yarosh) and other nationalist forces.

The nationalists knew Crimea needed little pressure to get pushed over the edge and act the way it eventually did. They used the same threats of violence the nationalist planners used in the early and mid 90’s putdown of the Crimean referendums. This was where Dimitry Yarosh cut his teeth while coming up through the ranks in nationalist Ukrainian groups. At the time he was part of the enforcer muscle that was going to murder Crimean leaders that didn’t comply with Ukrainian nationalist demands.

In 2014 they started delivering on the threats of serious violence they made in the early 90s. Making sure the peninsula left Ukraine raised the stakes radically. They could say Russia attacked, Russia annexed, Russian soldiers are fighting.  They needed this while they pushed the US to get involved with what would have been a regional conflagration and could have tipped into WWIII.

From April 2014- “In 1994, one such paper actually foresaw a scenario in which Ukraine would deliberately make Russia belligerent enough to attack Ukraine. This scenario is strikingly predictive of what we are seeing in 2014 as a result of Euro-Maidan.”

“Although the possibility of war is not as far-fetched as one would like it to be, it would not work to Ukraine’s disadvantage. Indeed, the emergence of a genuinely hostile Russia would translate into Ukraine’s rapid integration into European economic and security structures and its concomitant transformation into a client state of the United States. As an East European version of South Korea, Ukraine would become the recipient of large-scale Western–in particular, American–military and economic assistance that would guarantee its stability, if not its prosperity…. Russia’s aggressiveness, therefore, could be Ukraine’s salvation . ” [See Alexander J. Motyl, “Will Ukraine Survive 1994?” in the Harriman Institute Forum, Vol. 7, No. 5 (January 1994), p. 4.]

One way of succeeding was for Ukraine to never fix real borders with Russia and set up a real dispute with Russia over sovereignty issues. It doesn’t have borders with Belarus either and has disputes pending as to where the border is.

As you can see, Crimea wasn’t quite the problem child it was made out to be. Through midsummer, Ukrainian nationalists were sure Ukraine would win based on Nationalist slogans and large numbers of conscripted forces. They didn’t care about the losses. The catalyst happened toward the end of summer.

On August 19th, 2014 a second generation OUNb (Bandera) Diaspora leader from the  family of Mikola Lebed was killed.  Lebed’s family are still top leaders of OUNb in the US.  Mark Paslawsky died at Illovaisk while fighting for Semen Sementchenko’s Donbass battalion in the Ukrainian civil war.

For Paslawsky’s generation in the Diaspora, this was as close as they could get to the feeling the assassination of Stepan Bandera had on their parent’s generation. Paslawsky was OUNb royalty(Ukrainian nationalist) and he was fighting in Ukraine for post-Maidan pro Bandera Ukraine. He became the new rally point for Ukrainian nationalism worldwide.

Ironically, one of the last statements the Ukrainian nationalist Diaspora icon made about the war in Donbass was that Russia was not fighting it.

The OUNb says there are NO RUSSIANS IN DONBASS

“The second reason I mention Paslawsky is that he was, after all, a Ukrainian American. In killing him—and make no mistake about it: Putin killed him—Putin has taken on, in addition to the entire world, the Ukrainian American Diaspora. He probably thinks it’s a joke. But in killing a Ukrainian American, he’s made the war in Ukraine personal for Ukrainian Americans. Their intellectual, material, and political resources are far greater than Putin can imagine. Be forewarned, Vlad: diasporas have long memories. And this one will give you and your apologists in Russia and the West no rest.” Alexander Moytl -World Affairs Journal

Nationalist Ukraine has such strong political supporting because of Nationalist Ukrainian Americans in Congress. They are committed to support Ukraine regardless of how bald-faced the lie Ukrainians tell. Senators and Congressmen like Marcy Kaptur support them because of latent nationalist politics or to get big campaign donations.

In a speech on C-Span, Kaptur stated openly that Europe and America owed a moral debt to the Ukrainians that stood against the Soviet Union in WWII. She just didn’t say the Ukrainians in question were rabid Nazis and Waffen SS during the war. Noted in that article, Kaptur went on the record eulogizing ISIS leaders that were Ukrainian and died in Ukraine.

In the early spring of 2014, Ukraine was trying to hire a cyber unit. One of the interviews went to Joel Harding who later stated at this point Ukrainians were more interested in online trolling than information operations. Even so, he was involved with their program from the beginning. For all intents and purposes, it looks like the rewrite of the Odessa massacre is probably the first time he was able to show Ukraine what he really does.

I wrote a couple early in-depth pieces in English about the massacre in Odessa. The death toll has never been reconciled to the actual body count including people unlucky enough to be walking by when it erupted.

From there, I didn’t notice anything as dramatic until after New Year’s 2015. In Feb. 2015 I found the person Ukraine hired to write their information policy the actions of the Ukrainian Information Ministry are built on.

Everyone familiar with injustice in Ukraine is familiar with the Information Ministry’s creation- Myrovorets or PeaceMaker website. It became famous in the spring of 2015 for the murder of Oleg Buzina. In follow-up articles throughout 2015 and 2016, I showed how and why offshoot groups would be formed labeling people Russian trolls, terrorists, traitors across media.

Who is Joel Harding?

Before joining SAIC in the mid-nineties, he was the Joint Staff J2 liaison for IO to the CIA, DIA, NSA, DISA and other assorted agencies in the Washington DC area.

When you look at the beginning of the NSA’s intrusive policies you find Joel Harding. Harding helped pioneer the invasive software used by government and business to explore your social networks, influence you, and dig out every personal detail. Harding has been hard at work making sure Ukrainian Intel has all the latest tools to work with so Ukraine can do the same.

Sit down and watch the movie “A Good American” and then ask Bill Binney if Harding’s name ever came up as one of the SAIC leaders who came into the NSA and destroyed any right to privacy in America and the world with Trailblazer.

Over the last few years, I’ve recorded some of what Harding has been involved with in Ukraine including his cattle calls for criminal action. Joel Harding is responsible for the murders Myrotvorets and Ukraine’s other units commit because of his policy.

Today, Harding has positioned himself as one of the people that will recommend and eventually help decide what is legal and acceptable behavior for people doing the work he does today. To paraphrase Harding; If it’s illegal and we want to do something, lawyers are there to rewrite the laws and get them changed fast. After the laws are changed so our actions are legal, our actions can be certified legal and our commitment to Democracy is upheld and validated.

In June 2016, Joel Harding shed light on how Ukraine hires the talent it is using to shape the western media landscape. This one event showed who is doing the hiring for Poroshenko’s Ukraine. He introduced us to the handler going between Ukraine, the US State Department, and the Ukrainian Diaspora.

Her name is Christina Dobrovolska, Kristina Dobrovolska, or Krystyna Dobrovolskya, etc. The change in spelling depending on where her name is used keeps her and people like her under the radar.

Harding met with Christina in Washington DC in June 2016 to help secure a contract for writing that years Ukraine Ministry of Information Policy (MIP).  Krystyna V. Dobrovolska was assigned by the U.S. Embassy in Kiev as a  government liaison and translator to escort 4 Ukrainian Rada delegates from Kyiv during their visits to Albany and Washington.

While in Washington on what the Ukrainian Weekly described as a packed schedule and whirlwind tour, they made time to meet Joel Harding and accept his proposal for the 2016 MIP. Harding donated the MIP because he wanted to use it as an example for all of Europe to see what a “whole country” Information policy could do for them. In this way, he could drive up business at the state level.

What you see in Ukraine’s media landscape is a direct result of Harding’s efforts. His “whole country” effort puts all media in a country on the same track spouting the same narrative.  He’s succeeding with this across Europe with his Disinformation Review from East Stratcom. The publication is being sued.

Read the following carefully and the origin of the non-Russian-Russian troll becomes clear. Every word that does not agree with his client’s position became the enemies position. You are Ukraine or you are Russia.

“If you have followed events in Ukraine, you may have noticed Russia has attacked Ukraine almost continuously in cyberspace. You will certainly have noticed, however, continuous, overwhelming, and devastating Russian Information Warfare attacks against Ukraine, against all the nations of Europe, against all the alliances, indeed, against the West (my thanks to Torsti Sirén for teaching me that as a concept, not just geography).”- Joel Harding

After meeting with Joel Harding, Christina Dobrovolska escorted the Ukrainian MPs to Albany and then the “Ukrainian-American Cultural Center hosted a dinner for the visiting delegation and host families on Friday evening, followed by a community meet-and-greet event at the Ukrainian-American Citizens Club, also located in Watervliet, NY.”

It seems that the Ukrainian-American Citizens Club is owned by the Ukrainian-American OUNb nationalist Diaspora leader making the big hiring decision for Ukraine. He is none other than Nestor Paslawsky, nephew of Ukrainian nationalist icon Mikola Lebed and brother of Ukrainian nationalist icon Mark Paslawsky who was killed in the Ukrainian civil war (shown above) during the retreat at Illovaisk in 2014. When Alexander Moytl threatened Russia on behalf of the Ukrainian-American Diaspora, the OUNb leader Nestor Paslawsky was who he had in mind.

According to Joel Harding, he and Christina have worked together for years.

Who is Christina Dobrovolska?

Krystyna Dobrovolska

Christina Dobrovolska

Before 2014, Kristina Dobrovolska billed herself as a trilingual senior software marketing manager with international experience. She is a project and remote teams manager with big project experience. After the 2014 coup in Ukraine, she started working with Ukraine’s Information Ministry with its cyber warfare, information operations, and hacking teams.

Today, she is the manager responsible for the Surkov leaks, providing information for events during the Ukrainian civil war including Bellingcat Buk and personnel identifications for MH17. She is the manager providing Bellingcat with its information about the Syrian conflict including proofs of whom is responsible for the gas attacks. Her group is also helping to develop the white helmets story.

As a Ukrainian Information Ministry project manager, she bears responsibility for the Myrovorets website. This site puts people on kill lists and displays all their personal information which is responsible for murder for hire units like those that killed journalists Oleh Buzina. Today, her hacking, spy, InfoOps, Intel, and propaganda units work side-by-side with the murder site.

Ukraine’s Internet Army which along with Myrotvorets are the first products of his 2015 Ukrainian MIP boasted 40,000 Diaspora volunteer trolls to scour articles and try to destroy journalists that disagreed with Ukraine’s position.

Christina Dobrovolska works directly and indirectly with Ukrainian-American Diaspora leaders including the following:

  • Irena Chalupa at and InformNapalm

Miss Dobrovolska provides both leadership and content for InformNapalm and content for the Ukrainian propaganda push site Stopfake. Irena Chalupa is a Fellow at the Atlantic Council.

  • Andrea Chalupa at

This OUNb publication was started and funded by the Ukrainian Diaspora in 2014. The founder, Ukrainian 17-year-old Sviatoslav Yurash, was rewarded by becoming the Ukrainian World Congress’s Deputy Director in Kiev, Ukraine. Dobrovolska and her InformNapalm crew are contributors and partners to the propaganda rag.

  • Alexandra Chalupa –Democratic Party Opposition Research

Over the last 4 years, I’ve researched and written many stories that are still breaking in other media today. I’ve written stories from the front lines in Ukraine as well as showing snapshots of what life is like here.  We are breaking the story about who is in charge of Ukraine’s Info Ops in the US.

If you want to support investigative research with a lot of depth, please support my Patreon  page. You can also support my work through PayPal as we expand in new directions over the coming year. For the last 4 years, it’s been almost entirely self supportive effort which is something when you consider I live in Donbass.

Next up– We’ll be exploring the Chalupa family ties to Ukrainian Intel and how that affected the DNC opposition research scandal.






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