Holomodor- Why the US Senate Deserves Censure

War Heroes the Senate Dishonors-  photo by Justin Casey

On October 4th, 2018 Unian Information Agency headlined U.S. Senate designates Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933 as genocide. Unian stated”The resolution was the result of fruitful interaction between the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States, the Ukrainian community of America and friends of Ukraine in the U.S. Senate.”

The Senate resolution wasn’t based on history, facts, or evidence. The only reason to justify recognizing the Holomodor at all is a lot of money in contributions, junkets, and other graft including a steady supply of Ukrainian salo (pork fat). In other words, a lot of money and promises of support are exchanging hands.

Why the Senate Resolution Channels Adolf Hitler

What you are about to read is going to jolt the hell out of you and set the record straight about what happened in the 1932-33 famine in the Soviet Union at the same time.

By passing the Holomodor Resolution the US Senate is telling the world Hitler was right! This makes the Ukrainian nationalists Waffen SS equal in suffering to the tens of millions that died at their hand.

So, if your relative wound up in an oven…so what? Who gives a damn. Suck it up. Monsters like Bandera, Lebed, and Stetsko can now go into US history books as heroes ridding the world of….what? The families of victims should honor the murderers?

Let’s start at the conclusion. If Rob Portman and the US Senate want to call the Ukrainian Holomodor a genocide, they need to dig up Adolf Hitler from whatever archival drawer his bones sit in and apologize profusely.

The US Senate’s vote of recognizing the 1932-22 famine as genocide directly legitimizes Hitler, the Waffen SS, mass murder, torture, and all the atrocity. This is because it gives the legitimacy to the families of WWI and WWII monsters they have been trying to get for their Nazis over the last 70 years.

At the same time, it delegitimizes the Holocaust, torture, and murder of all the people in Ukraine during WWI and WWII because it legitimizes the monsters so they can be celebrated and lionized publically and not in the shadows anymore.

Ukrainian government officials, modern historians, Ukrainian nationalists agree that Stalin was not trying to destroy Ukrainians in a genocide.

What they are saying is that the 1932-33 famine happened at the same time Stalin was trying to get rid of Ukrainian Nationalists from the Soviet Union. The Ukrainian nationalists are historically partly responsible for adding to the suffering of this famine by robbing and murdering people.

Does getting rid of a political party or policy group that doesn’t live in your country constitute genocide?

After reading this, if many of you got together and herded the entire US Senate down to Mexico or up to Canada and closed the gates behind them; is that genocide?

But, we are talking about the famine in the 1932-33 Soviet Union which killed millions of people. It goes beyond cleaning up corrupt US politicians. The famine also happened outside the Soviet Union in 1932-33. The results were just as devastating in Transcarpathia and parts of what is now west Ukraine. Where it took hold, the conditions were horrific. While in neighboring Poland, there were surpluses so large, as an example, most of the apple crop was left to rot. The Carpathian Ruthenians begged Poland for help and starved because their cries fell on deaf ears.

What is the distinction between a Ukrainian and Ukrainian nationalist? Shouldn’t they be the same? The answer to this is a resounding no. Ukrainian nationalists are Nazis.

Are Ukrainian nationalists really Nazis?

In 1914 through 1918 the Habsburg Empire sided with Germany against the western allies a Czarist Russia. Fighting for the Austro-Hungarians (Hapsburg) were their newly politicized land holdings of Galicia, Ruthenia (Transcarpathia) and Bukovina. These holdings are the basis of nationalist W. Ukraine.

In 1917-1918, fifteen years before the famine of 1932-33,  Ukrainian nationalists unsuccessfully tried to start a Ukrainian state under the now celebrated butcher Simon Petliura. Petliura is credited with some of the first pogroms of the century, murdering between 35000 and 100,000 Jews while trying to take power and countless people in a land that would soon be Soviet Ukraine.

Today, Ukraine is honoring this murdering hero along with its WWII Nazi heroes. Accordingly “Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, condemned the plan to name streets for Bandera and Shukhevych. [WWII Ukrainian nationalist leaders of Waffen SS Divisions].

“My countrymen should know that Bandera and Shukhevych considered me and all of the Ukrainian Jews — children, women, the elderly — enemies of Ukrainians,” he wrote on Facebook.” .- Times of Israel

There was a political party called the Ukrainians trying to set up a country and failing. At the same time, the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Czar.

Moving forward through the 1920’s, the Ukrainian nationalists worked to destabilize the Soviet Union before and during its switch to mechanized collective farming. Droughts continued to be the norm throughout the period.

Banderites (Ukrainian nationalists with Stepan Bandera [responsible for millions of atrocities in WWII]) and Kulaks (landowners that owned the lives of peasant farmers on their lands) demanded the peasant farmers plant 30% less or pay a 30% tax. In the early 30s, these groups stole the grain, put it in storage holes and across the country for later resale. Cassandra Dean does an excellent outline of the time period and how it developed here.

The Origin of Ukrainian as a Nationality

I’m not questioning about whether Ukrainians existed in the period or whether it is a legitimate nationality. There are 18 distinct nationalities living inside Ukraine. The Ukraine was the borderland between Czarist Russia and the Holy Roman Empire for centuries. Almost all central and eastern European countries have the same late start as nationalities after the 1860’s Spring of Nations.

The question remains if the Ukrainian nationalists were not Ukrainian from what became Soviet Ukraine, who were they? More precisely, were they ever Ukrainian?

Wasyl Veryha was the leader of the World Ukrainian Diaspora in the 1960s-70s, “In his memoirs, Waffen-SS volunteer Wasyl Veryha recalls how Ukrainian policemen and Waffen-SS Galizien volunteers greeted each other with the Nazi and OUN salutes. ‘In Buchach we walked down the dark streets of the city and met two Ukrainian policemen, who, believing we were Germans, greeted us with ‘Heil Hitler!,’ but we answered ‘Slava Ukraini!’” – Pers Rudling, ‘They Defended Ukraine’; Vasyl’ Veryha

According to Veryha in his Master’s Degree thesis, Ukrainian as a nationality was not accepted fully until the 1950s. Ukrainian was first formulated as a nationality in Canada in the 1930s.

“In fact, the diverse nomenclature for the Ukrainian ethnic group caused a great deal of confusion not only at the turn of the century but also at a later period.

In 1910 a group of Ukrainian public schoolteachers led by Taras Ferley, then a socialist, founded in Winnipeg a Ukrainian Publishing Company with Y.V. Arsenych as its president and T. Ferley as its secretary. The company began publication of a newspaper Ukrains’ky Holos (Ukrainian Voice). The first editor of this paper was Wasyl Kudryk. The paper was really a pioneer in transforming the “Austrians”, Ruthenians”, “Galicians” and “Bukovinians” into Ukrainians. It popularized the term “Ukrainian” as a replacement for “Ruthenian”.

The people of the province of Galicia and Bukovina, generally called themselves “Rusyny” (Ruthenians), Galicians, Bukovinians and Austrians… the Greek Catholic Church, to which at that time the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian immigrants adhered, preferred the term “Ruthenian.”-Vasyl Veryha

In Soviet Ukraine, this was also the case. According to the official Ukrainian nationalist resource website, The History of the Ukrainian Church, the apostate (from the Russian Orthodox Church), Ukrainian nationalist clergy started their own church and went around the countryside persuading people to become Ukrainian (nationalists).

We have two central authorities showing a difference between Ukrainian nationalists and Ukrainians, but what about the torturer, mass murdering, child raping, Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera? Was there a Ukrainian country or was there Ukrainian nationalist parties vying to start a country?

According to Stepan Bandera’s own memoirs, the Austro-Hungarian ambassador spent much time in the Bandera household teaching (corrupting) young Bandera into becoming a nationalist or Nazi. German Nazism is the most recognizable form of nationalism and other than the country and degree of brutality, the term applies. Ukrainian nationalists scared Hitler with their brand of maniacal bloodlust.

Bandera, then leader of the OUNb (Bandera [still exists today]) states clearly there was no Ukraine. Ukrainian nationalists wanted to build one and that is why Bandera and Stetsko declared Galicia to be Ukraine in 1941.

“I was born on January 1, 1909 in the village of Ugrynov, the Old, Kalush district of Galicia, which at that time belonged to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, along with two other Western-Ukrainian countries: Bukovina and Transcarpathia… spent my childhood in Ugrinov the Old, in the house of my parents and grandfathers, growing up in an atmosphere of Ukrainian patriotism and living national-cultural, political and social interests. There were a large library at home, often active participants of the Ukrainian national life of Galicia…”

In Bandera’s mind, the Galicians, Bukovinians, and Transcarpathians (Ruthenians), as well as some other nationalities, came from Ukrainian (border) countries. The Ukrainian national life is border region nationalist politics taught by the Austrians.

Considering this was written after 1945, it has an impact on dividing who is Ukrainian and who is a Ukrainian nationalist.

Taras Kuzio laments “Indeed, why did Bandera, the alleged ‘revolutionary,’ not return to the revolution in his homeland?”, which was Galicia, which became Soviet Ukraine, not the non-existent nationalist Ukraine.

All these authoritative accounts agree. It wasn’t  Soviet Ukrainians that  Bandera Ukrainian nationalists thought about when they say “Ukrainian.” In their mind, the real Ukrainians were people that never set foot in any place called Ukraine. They are Ukrainian nationalists.

Bandera’s Ukrainian nationalists manned the levers and were the happy willing torturers at the Nazi death camps. In what became Soviet Ukraine under Stalin, Bandera’s OUN murdered millions. Bandera’s Ukrainian nationalists are the Ukrainians that moved west to the US and Canada after WWII.

When discussing the Holomodor, Dr. John Paul Himka writes in Interventions: Challenging the Myths of Twentieth-Century Ukrainian History

“The genocide argument is used to buttress the campaign to glorify the anticommunist resistance of the Ukrainian nationalists during World War II. I do not think that Ukrainians who embrace the heritage of the wartime nationalists should be calling on the world to empathize with the victims of the famine if they are not able to empathize with the victims of the nationalists. I think, further, that there is something wrong with a campaign that finds its greatest resonance in the area of Ukraine where there was no famine, and in the overseas diaspora deriving from that region. I have problems with all the anger at Russians and Jews that gets wrapped up in the genocide campaign.”

Until the 1980s, if you asked someone about the Holomodor, no one would know what you were talking about. People knew about the famine of 1932-33 but it was not looked at as a crime. It was a tragedy. The term Holomodor was first coined and first heard in this period by Ukrainian nationalists who were never from the famine-affected areas.

Why do Ukrainian nationalists say Stalin committed genocide against Ukrainians?

This is the big question. Ukrainian nationalists have been answering this honestly and no one bothered to pay attention. According to Ukrainian nationalist ideology, they are the ONLY Ukrainians.

The following is the closest thing to proof of Stalin ordering a Ukrainian genocide that has ever been uncovered. It is part of what the US Senate had to consider before giving Nazis another free pass in history.

While it agrees with what Ukrainian nationalists are really saying, it is totally different from what you are hearing. This evidence the Ukrainian Diaspora cites shows Stalin moving against remnants of Petliura nationalists (1917-18) and the newer Bandera OUN, not Ukrainian people. Stalin persecuted the OUN until almost eradicating them in the mid-1950s. The Banderovites murdered over 20,000 people after the end of WWII and 10,000 NKVD who were fighting them.

In a 1932 letter to Lazar Kaganovich Stalin, wrote “Unless we begin to straighten out the situation in Ukraine, we may lose Ukraine. Keep in mind that Pilsudskii not daydreaming, and his agents in Ukraine are many times stronger than Redens or Kosior thinks Keep in mind, too, that the Ukrainian Communist Party (500,000 members, ha-ha) has quite a lot (yes, quite a lot) of rotten elements, conscious and unconscious Petliura adherents, and, finally, direct agents of Pilsudski. As soon as things get worse, these elements will waste no time opening a front inside (and outside) the party, against the party. The worst aspect is that the Ukraine leadership does not see these dangers.”

In a 1934 speech Joseph Stalin said“In the Ukraine, only very recently, the deviation towards Ukrainian nationalism did not represent the chief danger; but when the fight against it ceased and it was allowed to grow to such an extent that it linked up with the interventionists, this deviation became the chief danger.”

Ukrainian Nationalists Using Weaponized History Today

In an article titled “Dancing with Stalin. The Holodomor genocide famine in Ukraine” at Euromaidan Press, the author is clear- the holomodor was a weapon to destroy Ukrainian nationalism. The website first opened in February 2014. Pravy Sektor leader, Dimitri Yarosh spokesman, Sviatoslav Yurash owns the website. He has gone on to become the Ukrainian World Congress assistant director in Kiev. Not too shabby for an 18-year-old college dropout.

Now that we have the basics in place. We know what Ukrainian nationalists want us to overlook. From the Kyiv Post-“History Episode 7: Holodomor was genocide unleashed against Ukraine” shows the famine skewed to nurture Ukrainian nationalism. The author wants the reader to miss the fact that any Ukrainian nationalist in Soviet Ukraine was there to irritate the already bad situation. Remember, the Ukrainian nationalists who wanted to start a country came from the Hapsburg Empire. The Soviet Ukrainians were given a country by Stalin.

This distinction is one of the reasons why Ukrainian nationalists hate Ukrainians.

Anne Applebaum calls it “a famine within the famine, disaster specifically targeted at Ukraine and Ukrainians.” It succeeded: the national movements faded. Surviving peasants joined collective farms.”

Applebaum’s witnesses to the Holomodor genocide migrated to the US and Canada after WWII. This entire migration was filled with people like Wasyl Veryha. All the former Waffen SS battalions filled with Ukrainian nationalists and their Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) were the witnesses that came. They were the only “Ukrainians” that came. Their families make up most of the Diasporas today.

“Needless to say, the diaspora is not monolithic. Not everybody in the community may agree with the veneration of the legacy of this WaffenSS unit. Yet for years, the Ukrainian Waffen-SS veterans’ association is part of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, an umbrella organization which claims to represent 1.3 million Ukrainian Canadians.13 No dissent was voiced from within the community when the UCC saluted the Waffen-SS veterans on  Remembrance Day 2010 as fighters for ‘freedom of their ancestral Ukrainian lands.” – THE HONOR THEY SO RICHLY DESERVE – Pers Anders Rudling

In “Stalin was fully committed to using hunger as a weapon of mass destruction; Red Famine” review|  by The Spectator Anne Appelbaum wrote-” For Ukrainian nationalists, the Holodomor was a genocide unleashed against their people that is today commemorated in a day of national mourning akin to Holocaust memorial day in Israel.”

The Ukrainian nationalists suffering under Stalin were killing Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian nationalist’s people are Bukovinian, Galician, Transcarpathian, and Ruthenian, not Ukrainian. The Ukrainian nationalist’s people WERE NOT in Ukraine.

The country called Ukraine was founded as an invention of Joseph Stalin. I think this is part of what makes Ukrainian nationalists foam at the mouth today.

During WWII, the same people who demanded the world honor a Holomodor are the same that killed more Soviet army prisoners every day in late 1941 than the US and UK lost during the entire war.

Ukrainian nationalists were the prison guards that willfully and gleefully starved over 2.5 million prisoners of war to death during WWII.

Ukrainian nationalists were the lever pullers and torturers that made the concentration camps and death camps work efficiently across Europe.

Between 1941 and 1945 1.5 million Jews and .5 million Soviet Ukrainians died in the death camps and Pogroms. 7 million Soviet Ukrainians died because of the Ukrainian Nationalists aiding the Nazi’s attacking them. Another 1.5 million Ukrainians died fighting the Ukrainian nationalists Waffen SS battalions.

Generally, acknowledgment of the Holocaust in Ukraine has proven controversial, in part because the victimization narrative of the Ukrainian people is placed into competition with that of the Jews, and Ukrainians are no longer portrayed as the period’s sole victims. When President Yushchenko proposed the construction of a Holocaust museum in Ukraine in 2000, some scholars raised opposition, saying the construction of a Holodomor museum was more urgently needed. Similarly, Canadian members of the Ukrainian diaspora raised opposition to a Canadian Holocaust museum that did not acknowledge the Holodomor (Himka, 2005, p. 5). The Holodomor: Continuing Controversy in Ukrainian Politics and External Relations- Blake Hulnick

Let’s be clear. The families of the perpetrators of large-scale atrocities in WWII want their families to be seen as victims. They want to supplant and erase the crimes committed supporting Nazism. This includes manning the death camps. They are doing this by manufacturing a genocide against themselves. They were not in the same country where they say the crime was committed for at least 6 years unless they were murdering and torturing people.

It is apparent the Ukrainian nationalists are not the same species as their victims, at least in their own minds.

How could Senators Rob Portman and Dick Durbin give today’s Ukrainian OUNb the right to rewrite history?

The US Senate just defecated on everything America stood or stands for. Not just in the US but the world over. The victims of Nazi aggression are losers and their torturers deserve recognition.

How did this happen?

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), co-chair of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus and the conference’s keynote speaker, commended the UHCNA for its work, emphasizing the importance of collecting and preserving the record of Ukrainian culture and immigration to America.

“This is a critical element in America’s history that has a major influence on our country’s policies today,” she noted, adding that this aspect is neglected by mainstream cultural and political policymakers. She also offered suggestions on how to make the Ukrainian story more prominent and pledged to continue her own efforts in that regard. Ukraine Weekly

In an article entitled Democrat Says Americans Owe Nazis for Suffering and Gives ISIS Eulogy on C-SPAN . I showed the outrageous ideological foundations American politicians are settling into today. Congress is making law using concepts Hitler would approve of and nobody is watching.

They don’t look at facts anymore. If they support something that could be illegal or immoral, don’t look so close. In the article linked above, Marcy Kaptur (also from Ohio), eulogizes an ISIS member right on C-Span.

Kaptur says openly Americans owe Nazis for their suffering. Supporting Ukraine, ISIS, and telling the children of Nazis that their relatives were heroic and deserve thanks for their sacrifice IS EXACTLY what the Holomodor Resolution does. On most issues, Kaptur is a Progressive, except where it pays emotionally, ideologically, or financially to be a nazi. Apparently, most of the Senate and Congress follow her lead.

In “The Reich’s forgotten atrocity” Timothy Snyder shows The Nazi plan to starve 30 million people in the east went unrealized. But more than 3 million Soviet POWs were murdered. This is what the US Senate is rewarding with the Holomodor Resolution.

I wish I could say it was for the money. I wish I could call them greedy, unthinking bastards. Nazism has been in vogue for almost 20 years and is coming into its own. And Republicans and Democrats don’t even have the sense to realize their politics are tainted with perverse and violent ideas that led to WWI and WWII.

Congress has to walk back on this and stop funding to Ukraine. Should the Ukrainian nationalists get US funding to attack the people in Donbass and Odessa whose families did die during the famines of the last century and suffered especially hard during the 32-33 famine?

Stalin is guilty of crimes surrounding the 1932-33 famine, but genocide isn’t one of them.

It is Americans that are getting played. It is the honor and memory of our families that Congress is stepping on. It’s time to stop this.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve researched and written many stories that are still breaking in other media today. I’ve written stories from the front lines in Ukraine as well as showing snapshots of what life is like here.

If you want to support investigative research with a lot of depth, please support my Patreon  page. You can also support my work through PayPal as we expand in new directions over the coming year. For the last 4 years, it’s been almost entirely self-supportive effort which is something when you consider I live in Donbass.

A couple of our article series (Olga Eliason helps research a lot of the information) made Project Censored 2019 most censored stories with national impact list. Our series span 2017-2018. Project Censor caught the beginning of the 2018 series so this could get fun later.
Those articles build a framework for the later articles in 2018 to fit into. The first series shows perspective and how it all works. The rest shows how it works in real time.

We were able to document what was going on with the Russian hacking and influence story in a lot of detail. Ukraine is keeping the world poised for major conflict by inserting its own Intel players into events in the US and Europe and paying for Russian attributions. All stop.



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