The Fate of Washington’s Blog

I have deep respect for you – the reader of Washington’s Blog – and so I want to share what I’m thinking … and seek your advice.

I’m edging closer and closer to deciding to end the site.  While I haven’t made a final decision, these are the factors which are contributing to my probable decision:

(1) The site is focuses on content.   In contrast to sites like Reddit or Twitter, we have been writing exposés and investigative pieces for more than 10 years.

Having so much content costs alot, since internet hosts charge according to how much  data they are hosting.

(2) Washington’s Blog was falsely blacklisted by a fake group of pro-war propagandists. Governments have the ability to manipulate website rankings, and I wouldn’t be shocked if our ranking has been tweaked to appear lower.

(3)  The blacklisting – along with the wider attack on alternative news – also caused Google to discontinue ads for our site, and has undoubtedly decreased traffic from Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

(4) The European Union wants to destroy the Internet as we know it, by enacting a tax on links.

This would impact our site more than most others.  My style as a writer is to link to credible sources to prove every claim I make.

I’ve been doing this since 2007 … so there are alot of links on our site!

What are your thoughts?

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