5 Common WooCommerce Mistakes

5 Common WooCommerce Mistakes

WooCommerce is a tool that is designed to help you sell online. WooCommerce is super easy to set up and run. However, most people don’t realize that the running of the store doesn’t end once you have installed the plugin, configured your store, and added your products. 

As the business owner, you are to make sure that your store is always running 24/7 because you’d end up losing money whenever there is a problem with your store. 

Some of the common mistakes that WooCommerce store owners make include:

Updating WooCommerce on your Live Store without Testing on Staging Site


You should never update any major WooCommerce releases on your live site without testing them thoroughly at the staging site. You could lose thousands of dollars when you update in real-time without testing at the staging site. It might take longer, but you’d rather be safe than sorry. 

Not Testing New Plugins on the Staging Site


When you have a staging site, then you run all updates before updating them to your real store. You can test all the plugins on the staging site, and if they are compatible and work well, you can go ahead and apply them to your live site. 

Running Out of Date Copies of WooCommerce


According to Nexcess, WooCommerce is updated regularly, and as a store owner, you should make sure that your store is always up-to-date. Keeping your plugins updated ensures that your site’s overall performance and security are top-notch.

If you are running on an old version of WooCommerce, then the security of your store is compromised as it is exposed to attacks. Bad security could ruin your business at the snap of a finger.

Not Running Backups


If you are managing an eCommerce business, backups and security should always be at the top of your operational procedures. You should strive to do daily backups and retain them for at least a week. 

Wrong Product Image Sizes


You want your images to display and look good, as this is essential for running a successful eCommerce store. If your images are blurry, stretched, and wonky, it means they are the wrong size. 

How to Avoid and Fix these Mistakes


These mistakes can be avoided and fixed by:

  • Keep your website under maintenance when you are rebuilding it. It is not advisable to rebuild the store when it is live. 
  • Ensuring your store is running on the latest version, test the latest plugins, and if they pass the test, load them to your live site. 
  • Always analyze your website trends and how it is performing. 
  • To have the correct product size images on your site, you should set your WooCommerce and theme default image sizes to be the same.

Getting a WooCommerce store up and running is so easy i.e., how to install WooCommerce by Nexcess lets you step up a WooCommerce store by following only 7 steps.

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WooCommerce is the best platform for hosting any online store, but only if you can utilize it properly. To ensure the smooth running of your eCommerce store, ensure that you don’t make any of the above mistakes. 

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