5 Reasons Why CBD Oil Is Not Working for You

5 Reasons Why CBD Is Not Working for You

If you feel like the CBD you bought isn’t working or having any effect, you’re not the first one to feel this way. It also doesn’t mean that CBD is a scam and the industry should be boycotted. While there are some people who have had great results with CBD, there are also others that haven’t.

Before you give up on this natural remedy completely, let’s take a look at five reasons why CBD oil may not be working for you.

1. It’s Not High-Quality


How well do you know the company that you get your CBD oil from? Unfortunately, this is still an unregulated industry, which means that there are both excellent companies out there who sell CBD oil products and average ones.

Simply put, some CBD oil products that you can buy are just not high quality, because there are companies who have taken full advantage of the industry being unregulated. They want to make as much money with as little effort possible, so they may be diluting the CBD concentration or not extracting it correctly.

Whatever it is they’re doing, their products are out there, and you may have bought one.

2. You Need to Get Your System Used to It

Figuring out the right dose of CBD for your body can be a challenge. This is because no individual is the same, and requires a unique dose to them. We recommend beginning with a low dose and slowly building this up over a few weeks until you find the right dose for your body’s system.

While some people start out by taking CBD oil every day, others slowly build this up over time by taking it every other day. However, you want to approach it, make sure that you do it gradually.

3. It Needs More Time

You may have gotten hyped at the idea of trying a natural remedy like CBD oil for your health issue. However, when you first tried it, you didn’t feel any different. This is probably because, for the vast majority of people, instantaneous results aren’t a reality.

It’s rare to find someone who has experienced a significant change in their health issue from just taking one dose of CBD. CBD is the type of natural remedy that you slowly bring into your daily routine, so you may have to give it a bit more time to see any lasting effects.

4. You May Need to Try a Different Way of Taking It

You may already know that there is more than one way to take CBD oil. As the industry gets bigger, so does the variety of forms that it comes in. While CBD oral drops are one of the most common ways to take it, it’s not the only way. In fact, there are a lot of people who opt for alternatives like CBD capsules, especially if they’re not so keen on the taste of it.

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You can always get CBD in the form of a topical cream, or even a tincture. If the way you’re taking your CBD doesn’t seem to be working, try mixing it up and giving another form a go.

5. It May Not Be for You

At the end of the day, CBD is an effective natural remedy – but it’s no miracle drug. This means that while it has been proven to help with many different health conditions, it’s not necessarily going to work for everyone. This is because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body.

This organic system is unique to you and therefore, is going to react to compounds like CBD differently to someone else. It could just be that it doesn’t work for you.

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Final Thoughts

Because CBD is natural, it’s not as well researched. The FDA won’t approve it or fund it for more research, so there’s only so much we can know about it at this point. This also means that CBD companies and health care professionals are still trying to work out the best way to manufacture their products so that consumers can have a variety of options.

This also means that you may have to try a few different products before you find the right one to suit your needs.

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