10 Alternatives to Facebook You Never Knew About


Facebook has been around for a while, and while it is one of the top social networking platforms out there, it doesn’t give you all you need.

This is why it is imperative that you get an alternative to the platform so that you enjoy more features. You can decide to use another platform just to understand what more the platform offers.

Statistics show that the trust in Facebook fell by more than 65 percent in 2017, especially due to the fact that the platform has been collecting a lot of data of all users, something that is scary for many users.

The good thing is that there are a lot of alternatives to Facebook, and we look at them today.

Top Facebook Alternatives


This is a mix between Quora and Reddit. You get to publish posts that get voted up or down depending on how people like them. When you get more positive votes you get awarded Steem crypto tokens that can be used as a cryptocurrency. This is like compensation for users that use the platform.

You don’t have to post anything to remain relevant; instead, you can take part in conversations on different topics.

The platform receives around 10 million users each month, a number that is steadily growing.


Those that love sharing images and checking out other users’ images can get more leverage from Instagram. The site is easier to use and the interactive nature of the app makes it a popular alternative to Facebook. Currently, the app receives more than 800 million active users in a month, with the average number of users growing by the day.

You can upload thousands of images in a day. You can then connect the account to Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter to share the images easily and fast. You can share more than images on this app; you can share stories and videos as well. You also get to follow other people and they can follow you back.


Many video lovers prefer YouTube over other platforms due to its simplicity of use. This is the second-largest platform for finding videos after Google.

You get to upload videos; both personal and corporate and let users rate them depending on various aspects. The only downside to YouTube is the ads that make it hard to watch a movie continuously. You can bookmark videos or choose to share them with other people.


If you don’t love YouTube, then Vimeo is another option that gives you video sharing capability and an ads-free watching experience. You can upload videos to the site and share them with your users.

Using the “video on demand” section gives you the ability to make some money using your videos. The site allows you to upload videos in different formats to make it an ideal platform for marketing and promotion.


This is an amazing alternative for Facebook since it allows instant connection with your peers. Using the app, you get to share content with friends over a network; the content you share disappears in a few seconds, a feature that many people love. The disappearing messages make the app secretive – you can chat with someone without anyone knowing what you are doing.

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This social media application is ideal for those people that want to share small music clips with their friends, it has many features akin to Instagram so you can easily record videos, edit them and post them on the platform. You can add special effects to the videos to make them more appealing,

The app comes with a library for audio files so that you can add relevant music to your videos.  It allows you to work on a single video with a friend via its duet feature.


This is a popular social network for sharing images with friends. The app is designed by Yahoo and it has been around for several years. Professionals opt for this platform because it provides for safe content sharing, album creation, and also to show off your artistic side. You can upload up to 100 GB of content without having to pay a single dime.


Vero has gained a lot of popularity after the data breach that occurred in 2018. From just 150,000 users, the platform quickly gained over 3 million users in just a few weeks.

The platform is well designed and comes with a lot of image management tools that you can use to upload, edit and post to the platform.

Vero gives you plenty of control over your content, and it plans to charge a small fee to avoid the nagging ads that are common on other platforms.


Probably one of the oldest and most viable alternatives to Facebook, this platform gives you the right “community” feel that you might need.

While Facebook has you interacting with friends and people that you might know over anything, Reddit gives you the opportunity to interact with strangers but over meaningful stuff. Reddit lets you meet people that will add value to your life. It is all about real-life – talking about real issues and joining conversations that make you feel special.

The community is what makes Reddit special for many people. You will find subreddits for virtually any topic under the sun, with contributors all over.


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This list wouldn’t be complete without Twitter on it. Twitter has been the nearest and most popular alternative to Facebook for many years. The platform lets you post content, add hashtags and share the same content with other people. You can read other members’ posts and decide to retweet, or you can decide to like the content and comment on it.

Many notable celebrities and world leaders prefer Twitter over Facebook, and this is for one reason – their data is secure on Twitter. The platform also features a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to use.


You have many social sites that you can join and meet people, but many aren’t worth your time. Check the ones in this article to enjoy advanced features.

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