AudienceGain Review 2024: Is It Safe; Legit, or a Scam?

AudienceGain Review: Is It Safe; Legit, or a Scam?

AudienceGain Review 2024

Did you know that besides engagement and real followers on TikTok and YouTube there is more to the story? That’s right. You even have to have a strategy for when and what to post on your TikTok profile.

Here are 8 elements for creating your YouTube strategy to help you understand why you need to have a strategy.

  • Regularly Audit Your Social Media 
  • Use Clear and Realistic Goals
  • Understand Your Audience
  • Plan Your Social Media Content
  • Create Niche-Relevant Content
  • Use a Variety of YouTube’s Features (set up a channel, create organized videos, upload videos, monetize videos, use live chat, etc.)
  • Regularly Analyze Your Performance
  • Engage Personally with Your Audience

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

It is already a large load of work to follow people, like posts, comment on posts, send and/or respond to direct messages, create content, make and share videos.

You can outsource virtually everything to professionals that can create the content you desire, but what about engagement and followers? Where do you get those important elements of building a successful TikTok profile?

AudienceGain Update:

While AudienceGain still has services for TikTok, Facebook, and Twitch on its website, this company now focuses mainly on monetizing YouTube channels.

This is made obvious by the huge content on the homepage of the website that proclaims, “Get Your YouTube Channel Monetized Today!” They even claim to “breakthrough” YouTube’s monetization thresholds. 

Let’s discuss what’s important for your YouTube account and whether AudienceGain can deliver.

Why Is Having Followers so Important to Your You Tube Account?

One factor related to followers is social proof. Your followers engage with you, therefore providing you with your influence. Here is a little tidbit about social proof.

Social proof is important to your online presence. So, what is social proof? While there is no exact definition of this term, it’s essentially a marketing term that embodies the idea that people tend to adapt their behavior based on what others are doing. 

Essentially, if you have social proof, you have successfully convinced people to do something because you did it. It makes something appear acceptable and appropriate. It’s supposed to embrace positive influences, though it can also be used for nefarious purposes. 

We’re not going to address all the psychological implications related to social proof. This is a review of AudienceGain, so social proof is related to how you influence others on social media. 

Social proof also lends credibility to your authority on social media. It can be measured in a variety of ways through user testimonials, expert approval, celebrity endorsements, backlinks, business credentials, shares, and wisdom of the masses or your friends. 

To simplify the concept of social proof, think of how many shares your posts get, or how many times your followers recommend something you are offering. These things play a role in social proof, which is important to your online presence.

It’s actually how your influence is measured by social media and users. This concept is especially effective on YouTube.

So, can AudienceGain help your social proof, or harm it? Let’s discuss this service and its inner workings.

What Are the Elements of Effective You Tube Followers?

We’re going to make this information exclusive to YouTube, but some of these elements cross over to other social media sites.

Followers must be real people in order to achieve the kind of popularity and success needed to garner more organic growth on YouTube. 

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That means it’s not just the number of followers you have, but the quality and engagement of the followers. Followers must be active and engaging with your content to count towards the measurements that give you higher rankings on the YouTube platform.

Now that you understand what kind of followers you need to effectively grow and be successful on YouTube, you need to know what happens if you get fake followers.

Fake followers are of no real value to your channel. They don’t lend any viable monetization to your content. 

Fake followers cannot engage in a way that is natural and real. Your real followers will know the difference between fake engagement and real engagement. Bots are all too obvious to us all now.

If your ultimate goal is to build a loyal customer base that will result in growing revenues, fake followers cannot do that. You cannot convert a fake (non-existent) follower into a customer. 

And now, you understand why you need real people to follow you. 

These real people also need to be relevant followers who are interested in your niche and content, or you will not convert them either.

Does AudienceGain help you get more real people as followers?

We don’t think it does. It may have in the past, but now this kind of “help” is no longer effective on YouTube or any other social media platform. 

Changing their strategy to call themselves a YouTube monetization service hasn’t changed their methods. 

We don’t feel this engagement is safe for your YouTube channel. It may do more harm than good. This kind of service is known to get people’s channels flagged or removed from the platform.

Is AudienceGain a Scam?

Companies like AudienceGain sell packets of engagement like followers, likes, and views for your profile and your posts.

Having more followers on your account is a plus because it raises your profile presence in the ranks so that more people see you and are attracted to you.

With so many Instagrammers turning their accounts into full-time jobs, the competition is fierce, which makes it quite the challenge to build, grow, and maintain your profile.

When your goal is to achieve the best genuine engagement and real followers, it is important to know which companies are legitimate and effective.

Remember that it is vital that you create (or outsource) quality and relevant content to go with your engagement regardless of the method you choose.

What is AudienceGain?

AudienceGain has been delivering social media engagement services to clients for a hot minute now. They service not only YouTube, but TikTok as well. For the purposes of this review, we will be only discussing the TikTok services.

Reminder: YouTube is the main focus of this service right now.

The types of TikTok and YouTube engagement you can buy include followers, accounts, subscribers, and monetized YouTube channels.

Some of the benefits and features that come with your chosen services include:

  • 24/7 Customer Support with Fast Response Time
  • 1-2-Day Fast Delivery
  • Money-Back Delivery and Retention Guarantee
  • Refund or Replacement if You Have Drop Offs
  • Real Users Following Your Account

It is highly likely that AudienceGain has a large network of clients that they count on for your engagement.

Their retention rate is high because they have real human users that follow and interact with your account. It’s what they consider customer care.

AudienceGain’s YouTube Features

AudienceGain is also well-known for its YouTube features, where they can help you monetize your YouTube channel. They do this by offering 4000 watch hours that is going to increase your credibility with the YouTube algorithm and allow you to start monetizing your YouTube channel.

The more watch hours you have on your channel, and more you can monetize your channel.

If you want to take a shortcut, they also have monetized channels that you can purchase, and you can also purchase real YouTube subscribers. $69 is going to get you 1000 watch hours, and they promise that this is a safe, legal approach to your YouTube growth.

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2000 watch hours is going to cost you $119, 3000 watch hours is going to cost you $159, and 4000 watch hours is $189.

Getting Started with AudienceGain  

The process of getting started is simple and clear, though it may be a bit time-consuming.

  • You select the TikTok services you want/need.
  • Their team analyzes your TikTok account’s audience, popularity, current followers, and your current engagements to create a profile that the strategy team can use to build your personal strategy.
  • Due to the effort that goes into this process, they are confident that you will experience fast growth.

Pros and Cons

There are always good and bad elements of every business and AudienceGain is no exception. This company has its pros and cons.

  • Fast 24-hour delivery of orders.
  • Good reputation for delivering high-quality followers and engagement.
  • User comments and reviews are mostly positive, which shows that their clients are happy with their services.
  • They have friendly and responsive staff members working their customer service.
  • They accept several methods of payment.
  • Some of their packages can be a bit pricey.
  • It can take up more time than expected to set up your account due to the amount of information they ask for before they get started.

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit



As for the packages and pricing of their TikTok services, they are upfront about what they offer.

TikTok Followers

$29 for 1000
$130 for 5000
$235 for 10,000
$421 for 20,000

Guaranteed delivery
No password needed
100% private and safe
24/7 support

TikTok Accounts

$150 for 10K followers
$280 for 30K followers
$495 for 50K followers

Guaranteed delivery
No password needed
100% private and safe
24/7 support


Do They Need My Password?

No. They don’t expect you to share your password. They don’t take control of your account at all. That means there is no risk of having your password stolen.

Is Their Engagement Real?

That is their claim. They say their services include only real human followers. All likes, views, and followers for TikTok are real people choosing to engage with your account. No trickery is involved.

Can I Order Multiple Packages?

Yes. They encourage that if you want the ultimate exposure for your TikTok account. They also encourage you to check out their other social media services.

Review Conclusion

We suspect that AudienceGain uses bot technology that is known to cause issues with all the supported platforms to which they cater.

Based on some recent negative reviews and other elements related to how bots and growth services are no longer functioning properly on social media platforms, we cannot honestly and in good conscience recommend using AudienceGain.

These methods of engagement are accepted practice in the business world. Some may not be cool with the supported social sites’ terms, but that’s where taking care to choose a reputable company comes in handy. This includes YouTube’s terms of use.

It takes more than guesswork to choose which engagement company and services to use. You need to consider your niche, your location, your audience, your marketing budget, and anything else pertinent to your business marketing needs.

We aren’t fans of buying engagement and followers, but when you find a company that has a good reputation for safely delivering engagement, it’s helpful for keeping up with the competition.

If you’re new to the idea of making YouTube your new job, it’s crucial to know who’s who in the service industry of engagement. You cannot just go online and pick one out of the blue without some research and homework. You wouldn’t choose a doctor or lawyer that way, would you?

At the end of the day, the company you choose for your YouTube engagement is your preference. Just be sure you are confident about the credibility and reputation before you spend money on such services. After all, you need real followers and engagement to convert them into your loyal customers.

Update: Since AudienceGain is now more focused on YouTube monetization, we still believe it’s not only unsafe to use, but an ineffective solution. You can do better than Audience gain for your YouTube and other social accounts.

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