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Why Is ISIS Attacking The Philippines?

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post As ISIS moves across the world, conveniently popping up wherever America wants to touch down, the fact that the terrorist organization is an American creation is becoming more and more obvious to many people. Regardless, … Continue reading


Awkward! State Dept Spokesman Freezes When Questioned About KSA “Democracy”

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post Mark Toner and Peter Kirby are very happy men today. Their humiliating performances regarding the question of Syria is now no longer the most embarrassing moments for a State Department Spokesman over the last decade. … Continue reading

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If Civilian Deaths Are ‘Facts of Life’ For US, Why Aren’t They For Russia and Syria?

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post In an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation, Secretary of Defense James Mattis was briefly asked about the view of the military when it comes to civilian casualties as it stands with America’s alleged new … Continue reading


The Color Revolution Continues In Macedonia

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post Macedonia may at first seem an unlikely target of the Anglo-American color revolution apparatus, but the truth is that the small country is now the latest battleground in a proxy war between Russia and the … Continue reading


U.S., Jordanian Forces Build Up On Syria, Jordan Border; Possible Invasion On The Horizon

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post Weeks after a cross-border invasion of Syria by U.S. forces under the guise of rescuing moderate terrorists from the grips of extremist terrorists in southern Syria, there are signs that a much bigger invasion is … Continue reading