Best Bars In Washington


Are you a fan of partying and won’t miss out on a drink or two? Well, Washington D.C. has it all.

This captivating city, known for its historical sites and exciting attractions, also boasts an amazing bar scene.

From great service to delicious drinks, the nightlife of Washington D.C. doesn’t disappoint. Here we will share a list of the best bars in Washington! 

Service Bar D

Located on the famous U Street, you will find one of the world’s best bars. This bar is packed with guests daily who are seeking delicious cocktails at a reasonable price, making it an affordable option, even for D.C.

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or simply like to take a seat at one of their comfortable table bar stools, Service Bar D is for people who want to have a good time! 

Table Bar Stools 1

Jack Rose Dining Saloon 

Jack Rose is actually a restaurant but is more known as a fantastic bar. Choosing a drink can get a little intimidating because of the hundreds of bourbon, whiskey, and scotch bottles that are piled up, almost touching the ceiling.

Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid that you can’t find a drink you like, and they offer a great food menu as well.

Treat yourself to some delicious bites alongside your cocktail, and you’re set for an awesome night.

All Souls Bar

If a Negroni is your favorite cocktail, a visit to All Souls Bar is a must when in Washington D.C. Despite its modest interior, this bar is usually full of people.

The best part? Most cocktails here cost under $10! If you prefer a bottle of wine or hard liquor, they’ve got you covered as well. 


Next, located near National Parks, Bluejacket is a unique bar known for their always-rotating lineup of 20 draft beers with all kinds of flavors.

It has become a big part of the Navy Yard and is a real attraction on its own. The interior and decorations create the ambiance of an authentic beer brewery.

The beers available here can’t be found anywhere else, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to try one! 

Royal Sands Social Club 

Also situated on the famous U Street, Royal Sands Social Club transports you to a sun-drenched Florida pool, but indoors!

Yes, in his bar, you will take a seat in an empty pool while sipping on frozen drinks, and enjoying the lively bar-hopping scene.

With its unique tropical flare and even a happy hour from 4 pm to 6 pm, you’ll feel like you’re on a mini summer vacation. Don’t forget to try something from their delicious food menu! 

Pop Fizz Bar

This is a bar, especially for wine and champagne lovers, with more than 75 bottles to choose from. They are specialized in bubbly drinks, from champagne to rosé.

They can assist you in choosing the best drink for you because they have years of experience in the wine sector. Is wine not your thing? Lucky for you, they also offer various cocktails and root beers. Delicious!

pexels elevate 1267265


A bar that is kind of tucked away Downtown, but when you find it, it won’t disappoint. Allegory has an intriguing design that creates a feeling of mystery.

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They take inspiration from books on shelves nearby for their cocktails. So, if you like to try something different from a classic mojito or margarita, you can enjoy a glass of Jungle Birds as one of many. 


Barmini is a favorite among local foodies, but it’s also called the cocktail lab in DC. Barmini has a fresh look with white tones and big windows.

Their menu contains more than 100 drinks, along with a modest snack menu. For cocktail lovers, this is a must-visit, and their hefty bar tap completes the experience. 

Morris American Bar

Last but not least, Morris American Bar. Just around the corner from the Convention Center is this cheerful location.

An enjoyable setting for a date or a night out with friends that is easygoing and entertaining and serves some amazing cocktails.

Keep an eye on their social media pages because they frequently post deals or menus with themes! 

Washington DC has a wide range of different bars, each with its own unique specials and statements. For cocktail, beer, or even wine lovers, there will be a place for you!

Go explore during the day and end your night with a delicious drink in one of these incredible spots, and you’ll guarantee yourself a fun night!

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