12 Best Cafés In Washington for Great Coffee

Best Cafés In Washington

In today’s time, it is safe to say that Washington has some of the biggest and best cafés in the world. In fact, Seattle is known to be the best spot if you are on the lookout for some great coffee shops and cafés. 

Based on studies, it has been found that Emerald City is the top city when it comes to the best coffee outlets and cafés.

In this article, we will talk about some of the top cafés that you can find in Washington.

What Are The Best Cafés in Washington?

Right from cityscapes to waterfront vistas, some of the top cafés you can find in Washington include:

1. Sospeso

Sospeso, which means Suspended Coffees, is one of the best cafés in Washington today. This cool-looking café is located on H street.

The interior is airy and bright and finished with casement windows and light birch tables that overlook the busy streets. 

While the menu here is quite standard, there are quite some yummy surprises – for instance, you can try the Shakerto, which is a shaken blend of syrup, espresso, and ice.

As for brunch, you have a lot of great options available, like the Turkish breakfast – this dish consists of labneh, soft-boiled egg, and hummus.

If you are near this location, Sospeso is quite a nice choice since the food is quite delicious and quite pocket-friendly. 

2. Grace Street Coffee 

Grace Street Coffee is a great café that is located in Georgetown and is quite famous for roasting high-quality sourced beans on-site. Here, you can find siphon cold brews and pour-overs.

You will find only the best coffees and are known for their craft. 

Grace Street Coffee is definitely one of the best cafés in Washington today and is worth your time and money. The menu consists of sandwiches that have different city names.

For instance, the Beirut sandwich will consist of brined vegetables, steak, and hummus while the Madrid sandwich is made up of chimichurri and chorizo. 

3. Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee is another great café that you can find in Washington. This café was created by two former Marines who bonded over coffee during their deployment in Afghanistan.

As soon as they returned home, they decided to turn their dream into reality and started this venture together.

In fact, the café became so successful that the founders started another outlet in The Shay as well as a new café in Ivy City. 

The team at Compass Coffee travels all around the world to handpick the best coffee beans. You will find at least nine craft blends and a separate drink menu like mint cold brew and Nutella Latte.

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However, the most popular item on the entire menu is the Kolaches. 

4. Baked And Wired

Yet another one of the best cafés in Washington, Baked, and Wired is a subtle coffee shop that also offers amazing cupcakes. This is an artistic café that is known to serve famous cupcakes and various types of homemade baked products.

As for the coffee, you do have a lot of choices like espressos. All the beans are imported from well-known coffee bean businesses like Elixir, PTs, Stumptown, etc. If you want to enjoy some cupcakes with your coffee, then Baked and Wired is the best place. 

5. Dolcezza

Dolcezza is an amazing café located in Logan Circle. This café is particularly known to offer some of the best gelato-flavored espressos. The café sources its coffee beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters and the menu consists of the best pour-over coffee and single-origin drip.

One recommendation that you can try out at Dolcezza is the nitro cold brew, which is a drink infused with cream and nitrogen. 

6. Chinatown Coffee Co

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Chinatown Coffee Co is a cheerful and casual coffee outlet where you can find the tastiest sandwiches and delicate pastries.

Additionally, Chinatown Coffee Co is also known to serve the Kyoto cold brew, which is a good-quality siphon-brewed drink. Additionally, the café is known to transform into a mini cocktail bar at night. 

7. Emissary 

Emissary is an amazing Swedish-themed café located at Dupont Circle. It has a very cozy vibe and the seating will provide you with an amazing experience if you ever plan on having an evening snack or afternoon lunch with your colleagues and/or friends. 

Only the best Counter Culture beans are used to create a special type of coffee and various other espresso drinks. All the items that you see on the menu are exceptional. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy this delicious food and beverages.

8. Big Bear Café 

Big Bear Café is one of the best cafés in Washington that is located in Bloomingdale. Thanks to the trellised grapevines and the cobblestone patio, the café has an amazing ambiance.

Big Bear Café is a great choice if you want to work and sip a coffee. The coffee beans are sourced from Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Maryland. 

As you can guess, you will be provided with some of the best coffee in this café. Additionally, you can also find a wide range of other food items like sandwiches that go well with the coffee. 

9. Little Pearl

Little Pearl is a quaint café located in Capitol Hill. You will definitely not be disappointed with it. The café is airy, bright, and filled with golden accents. The interior design is perfect for attracting chic tourists.

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At Little Pearl, you will find all the classic coffees and other eateries that will make you stay there for longer. 

Some of the most popular products on the menu include coconut-nutmeg and banana lattes. You have a choice of non-dairy items as well, like rice and hazelnut milk. You can also try out the potato donut while sipping the coffee. 

10. Qualia Coffee

Qualia Coffee is yet another great café in Washington. Overall, the design of this café is such that it looks like a comfortable living room.

Located in Petworth, this café is very unique because it follows a no WiFi policy on weekends. This way, people will be able to spend time with their near-and-dear ones without any distractions. 

The coffee beans are roasted on-site – you will find a wide range of single-origin coffee options daily. Most visitors prefer visiting the café on weekends to try out the amazing coffee and food options. 

11. Maketto

Maketto is another great café and is located on H street. This café is owned by Erik Yang and the interiors feature a very minimalistic and relaxing décor. Overall, you will be reminded of the Japanese vibe and they offer delicious cakes and pastries that are made in-house.

As for the coffee, you will find some of the best coffee collections. Additionally, you also have the choice to eat a Taiwanese breakfast and/or lunch. 

12. Peregrine Espresso

Peregrine Espresso is the brainchild of Ryan Jenson and is located in the Eastern Market. Here, you will find a wide range of the most delicious coffees. In fact, this café has won many awards in various types of Barista competitions.

Ryan mentions that the coffee beans are sourced only from the best coffee bean manufacturers. Additionally, the café is also known for offering private coffee classes for Java geeks; however, the classes are limited to only four students per badge. 

Final Thoughts 

With the rise of new cafés, it is safe to say that Washington is slowly becoming the café capital of the world.

If you are looking for a unique and new café experience, you can easily visit any one of these cafés mentioned in this article.

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