Top 4 Best Educational Apps and Tools for MATH E-Learning

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So, you’re looking for some extra help with math? Math can be a difficult subject, especially when considering that some students don’t learn as well in the traditional classroom setting as others. However, in the advent of the internet, several online math learning tools have emerged that can help with all math subjects, from pre-algebra to trigonometry.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to advance your skills for a career in a field like business or just simply trying to make it through this year’s exams, these tools can help! Each of the tools on our list have something unique to bring to the table, catering to one kind of learning or another.

With so much to go over, let’s jump in and see how these math e-learning tools can benefit you and your educational journey.

1. MathMaster – Easiest to Use

Not only is this math solver simple to navigate, but it also has a comprehensive set of features to be utilized at your disposal. Offering guides and test-prep as well as the world’s best math solver, this app really does have it all.

Best Features:

  • Solver: Take a picture or enter the problem by hand and MathMaster will help you solve it with ease.
  • Homework Help: Their 24/7 help is there any time you need it, and will walk you through your homework step-by-step.
  • Exam Help: Looking for dependable test-prep? MathMaster has your back with quality practice and solutions.
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This service has become one of the most popular in the world, having helped over 280 million students worldwide.

They offer expertise in every subject, from basic math to the more advanced trigonometry and calculus. As they can guide you through any problem, test, or homework challenge you face, MathMaster is a must-have in your math learning toolbox.

2. Woot Math – Making Math Fun

Setup on this site is quick and you’ll benefit from all the gamified tools they have to offer. Woot Math is mobile friendly, ideal for most students who are on the go all the time with their busy schedules. This way, students can practice math at their own pace.

Best Features:

  • Tutorials: These video tutorials can make learning a new concept incredibly simple.
  • Teamwork: With Woot Math, students are able to work in teams, collaborating together to solve advanced problems.
  • Fractions/Ratios: There is a special set of features for middle school students, helping them with fractions, ratios, and decimals.

This app serves as one of many great digital resources for students of all ages. Their site is full of engaging content and helpful tutorials. If you’ve been struggling, Woot Math has all the features you need.

3. CueThink – Made for Deep Learning

Some students may be looking to learn a subject more deeply than they would be able to in the classroom. CueThink can help with their advanced solutions and stand-alone services.

Best Features:

  • Word Problems: Offering help to some of the trickiest test problems, this feature is designed to allow students to work together, offering step-by-step solutions for one another.
  • “Thinklet”: With this feature, students submit their own work and provide feedback to one another.

As you may have noticed, this math solution is incredibly interactive, and team focused. These aspects bring another level of learning to the students’ experience that may not have been there before, making CueThink an incredibly unique solution.

In this way, it can be a great tool for any group of students looking to prepare for a common goal like an end of the year test or the SAT.

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4. Math Nation – For Video Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it distance learning, and more student-driven education than we’ve seen before. The structure that Math Nation offers can be incredibly helpful to those students looking to take control of their own education.

Best Features:

  • Comprehensive Quizzes: Take these quizzes at the end of lessons or videos to lock in what you’ve learned.
  • In-depth Videos: With this style of learning, kids can learn at their own pace. This can be a stand-alone learning solution, or ideal supplement to classroom education.
  • 3rd Party Integration: Easily integrate this tool with Google Calendar or any other app you use to keep track of school.

This solution may just offer the perfect blend between traditional classroom learning and e-learning. With videos, quizzes, and more, Math Nation is a tool that can benefit students of all skill levels.


At certain times, math is difficult even for the most skilled students. It’s a subject that requires an analytical mind and lots of dedication. With that being said, it is also something that can offer great value down the line in business/career opportunity, investments, and more.

Solving a difficult math problem or preparing for a tough test can seem troublesome at the moment, but the help of useful math learning tools like these make it a lot simpler than it seems. 

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