8 Best Hotels in Washington Right Now

Best Hotels in Washington

There is never a shortage of hotels in Washington DC. However, the hotel scene here has been going through some renaissance, to say the least. Most of the traditional and historic hotels in the city have gone through some extensive renovations and changes.

Additionally, there is an influx of new and sophisticated urban hotels. As a result, you will find a wide range of choices for both locals and visitors. 

In this article, we will look into some of the best hotels in Washington. 

What Are Some Of The Best Hotels In Washington?

1. Hotel Hive

Hotel Hive

While you may find the room size of this micro-hotel to be limited, they surely have a lot of character.

The small size of Hotel Hive also means that you will not have to spend a lot of money, which is why this hotel is so popular among travelers who are budget-conscious. 

Most of the rooms at Hotel Hive measure roughly 125-sq ft and also offer bunk bed options. As for the largest rooms, they measure roughly 250-sq ft.

Despite the low legroom, these rooms have been designed in such a way to practically maximize the area. For instance, you will find nightstands that double as safes, raised beds to store your suitcases, and small-sized desks. 

Additionally, the exposed brick walls and the hexagon lights add to the aesthetics of the hotel. You also have the choice to visit The Hive Bar, which is a comfortable corner with a fireplace.

The outdoor courtyard is another place where you can relax and eat a slice of pizza from the on-site pizza restaurant. 

2. Moxy Washington

The Moxy Washington has a very funky design that you will not be able to keep your eyes still. Here, you will find pillows with messages like ‘Pizza Never Lies’, etc. Additionally, you can also find the American flag adorning the back wall. 

Once inside the rooms, you will find cute pillows with funny messages, unique artworks, and leather headboards. As for groups and budget travelers, you will also find bunk rooms.

Individual rooms are, while quite small, are fitted with peds instead of mini desks and drawers. While the hotel does not have an on-site dining room, you can always visit the grab-and-go kitchen for some simple delicacies. 

3. Watergate Hotel

The Watergate Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Washington. Thanks to the multi-million renovation, you will see the Scandal Room that includes various types of items like binoculars, tape recorders, and newspaper headline clippings. 

This hotel is located on the Potomac River, which is next to Georgetown. Most of the rooms include couches, leather chairs, and balconies, along with marble bathrooms and small wooden desks.

As for the premium rooms, you can expect an exceptional view of the river and wrap-around balconies. The standard guest rooms are also interconnected. 

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As you head towards the terrace, you will find the rooftop bar that overlooks the city. Here, visitors have a choice to select any of the available 2,500 brands of whiskey.

For brunch, you can visit the on-site restaurant where you will find the best delicacies. For additional relaxation, you can also visit the spa area. 

4. Eaton DC

Eaton DC is a bohemian and free-flowing vibe hotel that feels very fresh. Every guestroom offers a selection of books, records, and art.

Additionally, you will also find mosaic-tiled showers, bright rugs, and rainbow-colored bed scarfs, which make the room more inviting and warmer. 

Guests are also offered free community classes like sensory experiences and meditation. At the on-site restaurant, you will find food that is made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Additionally, the coffee shops also offer various types of detox juices and coffee. You can also visit the rooftop venue if you want to vibe to some live electronic music by a DJ or a live concert. 

5. The LINE 


The LINE is an amazing hotel inside a neo-classical church that was built roughly 100 years ago. The interior design of the hotel seamlessly blends modern amenities and history.

For instance, the chandelier is made up of old church organ pipes and the guestrooms include both a modern media hub and old radios. 

The LINE lays a strong emphasis on the development and engagement of the community. You will find the Adams Morgan Community Center here, which is an isolated space for non-profit organizations and artists.

The hotel also hosts the Drag Queen Story Hour every month. From every reservation of the night, a dollar is contributed towards No Kid Hungry. 

Additionally, you will not be disappointed by the on-site restaurant and bar. If you are looking for something more raucous, you can head over to the nearby Adams Morgan area, which is known for its amazing nightlife.

The hotel is placed next to a zoo that you can visit from morning to early evening. The only downfall here is that there are no metro stops nearby. 

6. The Thompson 

The Thompson is an extension of the Hyatt brand. However, it still feels very independent, particularly thanks to the colonial and maritime décor.

The hotel is located in one of the newest and trendiest areas that a lot of new boutiques, bars, and restaurants. 

You will also find the Anacostia River Trail and the Smithsonian Museum nearby; although the National Mall is a bit far – roughly around an eight-minute walk.

At the Anacostia River Trail, you will find an excellent biking path that you can visit for some fresh air. All the rooms at The Thompson will either face the Anacostia River or the Nationals Park Stadium. 

Overall, the rooms are quite spacious and feel very cozy, thanks to the blue and gray color palettes and the large windows.

The hotel also features an on-site restaurant where you will find the best Italian delicacies. On the top, you will find the 360-degree view rooftop overlooking the city and the river, along with two bars. 

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7. Kimpton George Hotel

The Kimpton George Hotel is located on Capitol Hill and is one of the top hotels in Washington today.

The hotel pays homage to its heritage with design ideas like the wallpaper that is an exact replica of the Declaration of Independence.

Also, you will see brass buttons on pillows and lamps that look like horse statues, which will remind you of the Revolutionary War

All the hotels under the Kimpton label have rooms with a special yoga mat. Additionally, guests also have other options like renting public bikes and social wine hour.

While the site only has a single restaurant, you will find some of the best French cuisines here. For more relaxation, you can head over to the comfortable lounge area. 

8. The Hay-Adams

The Hay-Adams

The Hay-Adams is one of the most quintessential hotels in the city. It has had the pleasure of hosting some of the highest-ranking foreign dignitaries and government officials.

The hotel is located at Lafayette Square and is quite convenient for people who want to fully experience what Washington has to offer. 

While the hotel does have some traditional touch, you will not feel stuffy. It was built in 1928 and still has architectural touches like wood paneling and ceiling details.

Overall, the rooms are quite elegant and bright. In fact, some of the rooms overlook the White House. At the on-site restaurant, you can gorge on some delicious meat and fish dishes, along with scrumptious desserts. 

Final Thoughts 

Washington DC is quite a cool and hip city, which is the reason why all the hotels here are timeless and sophisticated enough to attract people from all corners of the world.

If you plan on visiting the city anytime soon, then you can always visit the best hotels in Washington mentioned above.

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