Instagram Bot – How to Keep Your Account Safe in 2024

Instagram Bot – How to Keep Your Account Safe in 2021

Whether you have been on Instagram for a while or looking to boost your account, utilizing an Instagram bot is a very good option for sustained and consistent growth.

Whilst this approach does take time, you can be sure that it is a safe method for growing your account and engaging your target market.

The Best Instagram Bots



Growthoid is an exceptionally safe, professional service dedicated to bringing you the most organic following possible.

This marketing tool allows you to select your target market based on a series of questions around the demographics you wish to engage with from age, gender, and interests, right down to the location of your target audience.

It is easy to use with a simple yet effective interface, the software will engage with your target audience on your behalf and organically grow your audience through interaction with other accounts.

The only thing left for you to do is to upload your content and reply to direct communications such as comments and private messages.

You have your own on-hand social media account expert who will answer any questions for you quickly and effectively.

They will also produce accurate and transparent reports to demonstrate exactly how they have increased your social media presence.

Transparency is a big part of how Growthoid operates, which makes the platform exceptionally trustworthy.



Growthsilo promotes true, organic Instagram growth. They have their own software with a simple user interface that allows you to preselect your prescribed target audience.

The Growthsilo demographic selector isn’t as detailed as Growthoid’s, but it still provides good market segmentation and niches.

Growthsilo engages your target audience 24/7 to increase the visibility of your profile.

These engagements increase your following as the organic growth strategy is based purely on engaging other feeds and people.

It is similar to FanBump in that you will need to upload your own content and reply to messages and comments, but it is a good bot for people who have a wide target market.



Ampya differs from other Instagram bots as you get your own personal growth account executive.

Unlike other bots there is very little configuration required, you select what type of accounts, locations, demographics, and content you want your account to engage with, and off you go.

Your account manager is the one who keeps track of your account and manages your engagement, however, you don’t have your own interface quite like FanBump or Growthsilo, so any changes or adjustments will need to go through Ampya before they take place.



Inflact has a smooth and simplistic dashboard that is pretty self-explanatory. It is simple to use and complements the look of Instagram.

Like the other Instagram bots we have reviewed here, Inflact provides a secure and transparent service, you can be sure that your page will be growing organically and the money won’t be used to purchase followers.

You can predefine your audience by setting your engagement perimeters, you can select these based on hashtags, location, and other demographic segments.

Inflact will provide you with a slow and steady increase in organic followers.



UseViral isn’t a bot and doesn’t provide any automation on your account, however, UseViral can give your profile that all-important boost and polished veneer of popularity.

If an Instagram feed looks popular, more people are inclined to engage with it. UseViral does this by providing high-quality followers with real-looking accounts.

Unlike other businesses offering the same service, UseViral also provides likes and comments, which is important for customers assessing your page.

There is no point in having thousands of followers with no one engaging on your content, this doesn’t look genuine and doesn’t promote trust.

Trusy Social


Trusy Social provides an Instagram bot that you can really fine-tune to engage with your target audience.

Trusy Social use demographics, location, hashtags, and others to help you engage with your niche, this can be as broad or as narrow as you like, but the key is it helps you engage with these accounts.

What makes Trusy Social quite special is you can target followers if they like and follow your competitors, this can help grow your market share and increase interest in the product or service you are providing.

You will see genuine organic growth quite quickly on this bot, but make sure you set it so that it doesn’t start to flag up on Instagram’s system, limit the amount of follows and likes per day to avoid this happening.

Follow Adder


Follow Adder is a strong Instagram bot for your profile. If you are marketing across different time zones, their scheduled post system is an excellent addition to your marketing remit.

The user interface is relatively simple to use and the audience interaction can be tailored to suit your needs. Follow Adder allows you to follow particular hashtags and engage with the audience that has used them.

Automated following and unfollowing is also a useful tool, it keeps your following numbers in check and makes sure that you are engaging with others.

With Follow Adder you have the ability to track your audience and it also provides you with one of the strongest search engines available.



Jarvee can run on Windows but needs to run continuously to make sure your account is constantly growing.

In comparison to other IG bots, the user interface is very raw and can be more difficult to navigate and configure in comparison to other alternatives due to the raw interface.

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Jarvee is a good platform as you don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up, you can easily specify how many accounts you wish to follow per day as well as likes.

It doesn’t have the same level of audience tailoring as other products, but it provides a reliable service for increased activity and organic growth on your platform.



Combin is a relatively new bot on the market in comparison to others. When measuring it against other Instagram bots on the market, it is basic but you can be assured of its security and reliability.

Currently, Combin doesn’t have a statistics option, which is something that some organizations and businesses rely on.

Whilst this is apparently in the works, this is a key feature that differentiates other products on the market. The pros of Combin however, is that due to its simplicity it is very resilient, reliable and safe.

Social Sensei


One of the main drawbacks of this particular bot is that there doesn’t seem to be a frequently asked questions page which is something that should be available.

There also isn’t any mention of any type of support. This might be an oversight on the website however it is something that some businesses require.

The pros of Social Sensei is that it will organically grow your audience and enable you to reach your target market and chosen audience.

What Are Instagram Bots?

Instagram bots are pieces of software that can be purchased and will automate your Instagram account on your behalf.

You select the target audience that you want to engage with, and the bots will interact with the types of accounts you have specified.

You can be exceptionally particular about who you want the bot to interact with, starting at gender, lifestyle, age and going all the way down to location-specific details.

Instagram bots will interact in many ways, it can be done through liking posts, commenting on others’ posts, replying to comments on your own content and other features depending on the software you have purchased.

What Do Instagram Bots Do?

This type of audience engagement can increase the reach and popularity of your own feed. Interaction and engagement are the cornerstone to growth on the platform, but it can be time-consuming and resource-heavy.

By deploying a bot to do it for you, you save time and effort.

Building a social media presence is now just as important if not more as the original 4p’s of marketing, there is no point in having a solid product without having the ability to maximize its reach on Instagram.

Why Use An Instagram Bot On Your Account?


Instagram is all about presence. If you have a good online presence, you drastically increase your abilitly to market and sell your product or service.

Instagram is one of the biggest apps in the world, so you have endless opportunities and markets you can explore through it. However, the key to creating an online presence is audience and target market engagement.

Instagram Bots Save Time

Engagement is a long drawn-out process, if you don’t have the time or the resources to continually engage with other people and other content, then a bot could be the answer for you.

With bots, you can set your target market, demographic, and location that you want to attract to your content and feed, then the Instagram bot will get to work liking similar content, commenting on people’s photos, and even sending messages depending on which one you purchase.

Some will even schedule your posts for you, so you don’t miss prime engagement time.

Instagram Bots Can Save You Money

Large corporations and organizations have social media marketing experts on hand, they also have account managers and engagement officers.

These are full-time positions that require large amounts of resources, training, and time. Smaller companies may not have access to these resources or the ability to train staff to the level needed to effectively manage an online presence.

Using a bot can save you all of the above, as the account is managed through the provider, especially if you select one such as FanBump and Growthsilo you have on-hand experts included in your monthly subscription price.

Applying a bot to your account will also mean that it is engaging people 24/7, this is far more cost-effective than having a dedicated team.

Finally, automation saves time, you configure the bot as and when you need to and let it do the timely work of consistent and genuine engagement.

Instagram Bots Help With Deploying an Organic Growth Strategy


The strategy that bots help businesses to deploy is called organic growth. The bot interacts on your behalf to draw people to your Instagram feed and increase your follower number.

Organic growth is a longer strategy than others, but it is more transparent and honest than some others that are available.

Engagement is the key to a good online presence; however, you need to ensure that you are engaging in your desired target market or niche.

It is very easy to become a spam account or be viewed as such if you set your search perimeters to something that reflects a mass-market strategy and engage every feed you come across.

There is no point in marketing pet food to someone who doesn’t own a pet. Remember to be selective when choosing your criteria. The more selective you are, the better the results will be for you.

The Risks Of Using Instagram Bots

If you manage your bot correctly the risks are very low indeed. If you keep to your market segment or niche and limit the number of followers per day, along with comments and likes, your account won’t be flagged as a spam account.

Whilst using bots doesn’t flout Instagram’s terms of service, this is something that they are clamping down, especially when it comes to spam accounts.

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This is worth remembering when you configure your bot, maybe look to interact on other people’s feeds 6 out of 7 days a week, limit daily follows to between 300 to 400 hundred and the same with likes.

Also bear in mind your end users, make sure that you have selected your target market appropriately, and do not spam people. Users don’t take kindly to accounts that overload their feed with items that have no relevance to their lifestyle.

Organic Growth vs Purchasing Followers

For small organizations, start-ups, and want to be influencers it is widely agreed that these are the two main strategies you can choose from to start growing your online presence.

It seems that a lot of articles suggest that these approaches are diametrically opposed and cannot be used together. In reality you can actually apply both to your account to compliment one and other, but you need to do this in the correct way.

Organic Growth


The ‘organic growth’ strategy is ideal for gaining genuine and interested followers to your account, these are real people, with real money and this may translate to a purchase.

The average wage of an Instagram user is approximately $44,000 a year, so a large number of users have the disposable income to spend, this is why you want to load your account with genuine people.

However, as aforementioned, organic growth takes time, this isn’t a strategy for people that want instant results. Whilst you do get results quickly you won’t go from 100 followers to 15,000 genuine followers in the space of 24 hours.

The Perception Of Popularity: Purchasing Followers And How To Make It Work

One thing we need to consider when we are looking to use Instagram to market ourselves is people and how people perceive brands.

People like brands that they perceive as already being popular and liked by others, especially if the brand fits with their lifestyle and reflects their moral code.

So, considering these facts why not just buy 25,000 followers and finish there? The simple answer is that the following then doesn’t look genuine for a multitude of reasons.

You can buy high quality followers and real looking accounts, but if there is no interaction on your content in terms of likes and comments, people will become vary of your brand and feed and it may discredit you entirely.

When looking to give your profile an instant boost, don’t just purchase follows, purchase comments and likes to work with it and complete the aesthetic.

This way it makes the feed look more genuine and by increasing the following and interaction on your account, more genuine users may interact and follow too.

You also need to ensure that the followers you do purchase are high quality and real looking accounts, that way if people look through your list, the accounts look as though they represent genuine people.

Symbiotic, Not Separate

We can see that both strategies; organic and purchased – achieve different things on Instagram.

Purchasing followers (along with comments and likes) increases the veneer of popularity, whilst organic growth bots work to slowly and steadily to increase your following. Now, what about if you did both at the same time?

If you are just starting to use Instagram as a marketing tool or have been using it for a while but haven’t increased your numbers, deploy both strategies.

Start by using a bot, set your search parameters, select your criteria, follow your competition and select your demographics and niche, you can expect your following to slowly start creeping up.

Whilst that is happening, you can purchase followers, but make sure you drip feed and don’t go over the above limit that may flag Instagram’s algorithm.

Ensure that you don’t just purchase the followers though, to make the account look genuine you need comments and likes.

If you are trying to engage with larger businesses and organisations, the engagement on your feed is key. Larger corporations will analyse engagement rates on your account, as just a high number of followers doesn’t mean that you have a popular feed.

This is why engagement is such a vital part of Instagram and how to market yourself to other businesses and consumers.

Final Thoughts

A few key things to remember when deploying this strategy is that you need to set your target market tightly, only engage people who reflect the value of your brand and image.

You don’t want to be viewed as spam due to the fact that you began engaging with people that have no interest in you or your product.

Be patient, this strategy takes time, you will not see huge jumps in results in the first three hours.

When purchasing a bot, purchase one with an interface you get on with, one that provides online support and can provide you with a report as and when you ask for one.

Transparency is key and you want to be able to review the progress of your account.

To give your account an extra boost, you can purchase high quality followers online, these are real looking feeds and profiles. If you add 15,000 in a 30 minute sitting, you may find that your account is flagged and Instagram may block actions.

Be smart and do everything slowly. If you purchase followers, make sure that you also purchase engagement, such as comments and likes.

This makes the feedback appear genuine and customers will have more trust in you as the engagement looks genuine and gives your feed the veneer of popularity.

If you can deploy both strategies in the correct manner and you can be patient, there are no bounds to what you can achieve with your Instagram feed.

Instagram is the second most used social network globally and there are suggestions that it may well become the most popular by the end of 2019, this is a resource base that companies and businesses cannot choose to ignore.

It gives people the ability to interact directly with brands that they love and want as well as seeing how the organizations operate.

Utilize this platform to grow yourself and your business by investing in a bot that will interact on your behalf, which will save you time, money, and resources.

All that is left for you to do will be putting out great content, replying to comments and direct messages, it is that easy.

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