8 Best Parks in Washington for Relaxing

Best Parks in Washington

It is no surprise that the Evergreen State’s unique terrain is among its most notable features and primary tourist draws.

Washington is among the most adventure-rich states across the US, with topography ranging from tropical forested areas to high-desert plains.

Scenic landscapes such as snow-covered peaks, active volcanoes, reachable hot springs, mountain lakes, as well as a variety of animals may be found in the state’s various states as well as national parks. 

However, the national or state parks of Washington are not the only places with beautiful green landscapes and breathtaking views.

A variety of magnificent parks may be found in the center of several of Washington’s cities. These designated natural spaces are where we go to find refuge, calm, and admiration for the wilderness.

Without a question, there is so much stunning beauty to witness in the beautiful Northwest state! In this article, we will discuss the best parks in Washington State, national, state, and otherwise.

1. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier, which stands 14,410 ft above the sea surface, is Washington’s most recognizable summit. The national park that surrounds this peak is also among the most beautiful in the country.

Mount Rainier National Park attracts tourists throughout the year, with mountainous grasslands, mountain lakes, and a craggy peak to explore.

The park is about 350 sq miles in size, with 260 miles of extensive hiking paths. There are 25 glaciers on the peak itself. Trekking is the most effective approach to discovering the park’s scenic features.

Mount Rainier has six separate hiking districts, including the appropriately called Paradise Area, so the variety of day treks possible is practically limitless.

The variety of hiking paths appeals to hikers of all skill levels, making it one of the best parks in Washington.

2. Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park has twelve acres of finely landscaped green space, including trees, grass, statues, and a gorgeous cascading fountain at the park’s heart.

The stunning park was legally founded in 1912, although its origins may be traced back to 1819, it is believed, when a palace was erected on the site.

It has Joan of Arc as well as Dante monuments, and a monument to President James Buchanan. Each Sunday, the park holds a drum circle, which has been a long-standing ritual.

The park is fashioned after Italy’s Renaissance-style landscapes found throughout Europe, and also its fountain is among North America’s largest tiered fountains. 

It is also about 1.5 miles from the famous White House as well.

3. Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is a large expanse of calm, woodland pathways where you may get away from the media, drama, crowded streets, and simply unwind in a covered peaceful place.

The park, which opened in 1890, offers a variety of activities such as a nature park and observatory, a golf field, live entertainment acts, horseback riding instruction, as well as more.

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This 1,700-acre park additionally houses the National Zoo, in which you might see hundreds of different animal species.

This park has so much more to offer that you might easily spend the entire vacation here. It is just 11 minutes by vehicle north of the center of the city.

4. Georgetown Waterfront Town 

This park provides the greatest views for tourists of any park in Washington, DC. The park, which is located along the famous Potomac River, is an excellent location for viewing the body of water and its surroundings.

The park is actually a repurposed old industrial strip with a large spray fountain wherein youngsters can chill out on warm days, stairs along the riverside where you could sit down and watch people go by.

In order to be ecologically responsible, the park has a retaining wall, constructed wetlands, and pollination gardens.

Bring your music and books and sit beside the creek on any old wooden seat. This national park seems to be a secret jewel or, more accurately, a fully accessible treasure for anyone to explore and love.

Indulge in a few of your moments of clarity and quirky ideas while you walk down the stream in isolation and tranquility.

5. The Yards Park 

The Yards Park 

The Yards Park is a riverfront park featuring a boardwalk, pier, water attractions, and apparently infinite open areas for you all to explore during your stay in Washington, DC.

This park features concerts and live performances on a regular basis, and also offers yoga sessions and a variety of other pastimes.

The cascading fountains just at the park’s entryway are a feature and a nice place to cool down.

The Anacostia River may be seen from this park, which is about 10 – 15 minutes south from the city’s heart. It is a terrific retreat from the metro’s bustle.

The boardwalk which surrounds and stretches parallel along the Anacostia River is still its greatest attraction. It is home to not just one, but two distinctive features: the ‘outdoor rooms’ as well as the dancing fountains.

One can relax and admire the colorful jets of water as well as water scrims near the park’s entryway, which is still adorned with the dancing fountain.

6. Theodore Roosevelt Island Park

This park is a tribute to the 26th President of the USA and an advocate of nature, including hiking paths, sculptures, and river vistas. The park is essentially a park that provides insight into his views and convictions.

This memorial to Roosevelt consists of a whole island of natural preserve featuring hiking paths leading to a 17-foot metal monument of Roosevelt made by artist Paul Manship.

The artist who constructed the sculpture made certain that a few of Roosevelt’s comments were carved into the granites that surrounded the figure.

The monument is surrounded by four granite monoliths etched with Roosevelt’s words.

The area is a peaceful location to relax and reflect on the link between humans and nature, or simply to escape from the metropolitan area for a bit.

As a result, the park near Washington not just serves as a respite from the city’s bustle and the town’s political turbulence, but this area also pushes you to consider Roosevelt’s views. 

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It is located within the Potomac River, approximately west of downtown Washington, DC. 

7. Constitution Gardens 

Constitution Gardens is a 50-acre green park dedicated to paying honor to and memorializing the architects of the Constitution Of The United States.

This park is situated on the National Mall in the middle of the city, between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

In case you need a respite from the rush and bustle of viewing historic places, this is a great place to go.

Relax on a seat and stretch your feet in the shade of trees, or walk along the paved pathways and spend some meditation time here. You may even take a walk around a clean pond and then just enjoy nature.

This gorgeous landscape’s 55 acres are a natural preserve that houses local animals as well as plants within its protected and lush border.

8. The United States Botanic Garden

The United States Botanic Garden

It is known as a living plant museum, with hundreds of different species of flora and wildlife to shoot and enjoy throughout the year.

This park is available 365 days each year for free admission. The greenhouse, which was established in 1933, has 20,000 sq ft of indigenous and foreign plants.

The parks, which house a diverse range of multicolored plants and animals, are kept in the shape of chambers within glass conservatories.

The plants are displayed in a stunning manner with a slew of flora from Hawaii, dunes, and other exotic locales.

The space allows all flower enthusiasts to see several of the most beautiful varieties of orchids, tulips, as well as peonies.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have listed several of the best parks in Washington so that you and your family can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy yourselves. 

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