8 Best Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools (2021)

Best Pinterest Bots and Automation Tools (2020)

While you may find yourself spending most of your online time on Instagram these days, Pinterest is also a great place to put your brand and get some traffic to your website.

If your brand is a passion or hobby that you have created into a lucrative business, then Pinterest is the perfect place for it.

In fact, we consider this social media platform to be a huge business opportunity that, for the most part, is overlooked by people.

However, you’re still going to have to compete with the big guns if you do try to get big on Pinterest.

This is why it’s recommended that you recruit the help of a third party that can streamline your Pinterest marketing strategy and takes some of the stress out of your hands.

Best Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools

Let’s take a look at the best Pinterest bots and automation tools for you to try this year.

1. UseViral


How nice would it be if you could find a company that was just as invested in your Pinterest as they were in other social media channels? While it’s nice to be able to cover them all, sometimes, it’s ideal if you can find a bit of a middle ground, where the company just covers a few, and therefore specialises.

This is just one of the reasons why we love UseViral so much. This company can help you with your YouTube and Twitter, but of course with your Pinterest as well.

If you scroll down a little bit on the UseViral homepage, you’ll see that they have a lot of real, positive reviews from clients who have used them in the past. This means that they’re completely legit, and can help you with your Pinterest growth without getting you in trouble. They also have some great ways to pay, too, from PayPal to Bitcoin.

With their Pinterest followers, you can expect great pricing, around the clock technical help, and high quality. You can also expect them to get to you within just a couple of days, which is something that’s always nice to be reassured of.

All in all, we think that UseViral put their clients before anything else, which is the kind of company you want to work with if you really care about your Pinterest reputation.

2. SidesMedia


SidesMedia has a unique way of helping its clients grow their Pinterest profiles, through features that are not only high-quality, but have a quick turnaround time.

If you’re hoping to grow your Pinterest profile more this year, and you are wanting to take it more seriously, then you need to recruit the help of these guys. One of the things that they talk about on their website is how they want to help their clients with their brand.

They know that the majority of people use Pinterest these days to expand their brand’s presence, and as a result they can help you build your audience and buy real social media services that are going to make a difference.

They say that they have one of the best turnaround times in the industry, sitting at just 72 hours.

3. Jarvee


Jarvee is a longstanding automated software that relies on Windows to operate, so if you don’t mind downloading your third party and you have Windows to run it, this could be your best option when it comes to automation your Pinterest activity.

Jarvee can help you with things like reaching your target audience and achieving your Pinterest growth goals. They claim to have great timing with their posts, which is the best way to make sure that your Pinterest boards are seen by the masses.

With Jarvee, you can do neat things like schedule upcoming pins, as well as re-pin popular pins to your board to share with your audience. Jarvee also lets you monitor the progress that your account is making with them, in order to make adjustments to your strategy where appropriate.

You can even watermark your pins, which means if someone comes across your account and uses one of your pins on their board, your name will be on it so people can trace your content. Jarvee comes with a free five-day trial, so you can check out how their services work before you commit to anything. This is going to really help you decide if they’re the right fit or not – you don’t want to waste precious time and money signing up for something that’s not going to be suitable for your marketing plan after all.

Jarvee starts at just $20 a month, which we think is incredibly affordable, especially if you compare this price to other companies in the same industry.

If you’re a smallish brand that’s still working its way up and you don’t have too much in the budget for marketing, we recommend starting with this bot for Pinterest. They’re reliable, have a longstanding reputation, and they provide quality automation that’s going to help your Pinterest growth.

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4. Following Like


Following Like is another automation tool that could be compared to Jarvee. Their automated bot system works for you to manage and schedule your Pinterest account. If you have more than one Pinterest account, Following Like can help you grow this as well. We love that they try to closely mimic human activity, which reduces the risk of being shut down by Pinterest. While Following Like can be used for a number of different social media platforms, it has special features for Pinterest.

You can expect all the typical features of an automated system when looking at its Pinterest features. These include things like sharing, following, unfollowing, liking and unliking pins, as well as direct messaging other users, as well as searching for different pins and their pinners.

This is the type of brand you want to be associated with if you’re thinking of scaling up your brand in the near future and need help to get it across multiple different accounts – whether these accounts are exclusively within Pinterest or not. They also have free updates, which is a great bonus if you’re looking for a company that doesn’t come with extra or hidden costs further down the track.

We think that like Jarvee, their price points are affordable and fair. What’s different when you sign up for Following Like is that you only have to pay one time, compared to a subscription with Jarvee. It’s going to cost you $51 to buy their one account package, but if you’re looking for them to help you manage more than one account, it’s going to be $73. As these are one-off payments, we still think that this is incredibly affordable.

5. Ninja Pinner


If one of your pet peeves is trying to track down the right pinners to see your content on Pinterest, then you may want to check out Ninja Pinner. Ninja Pinner is an easy to use downloadable Pinterest growth service that can quickly accumulate a long list of Pinterest users that you may be interested in following or checking out for their content.

One feature we love about Ninja Pinner is that it comes with an unfollow feature as well, which means that if you follow someone and they don’t follow you back in return, you can recant the follow. You can even leave comments on people’s pins and boards automatically through these guys.

It’s safe to say that they come with all the basic features you can expect in an automated system for Pinterest. To get started with Ninja Pinner, you need to sign up and install their software to your desktop – they even have a free demo section where you can learn how to make the entire process a bit easier.

What we would consider being a little bit of a downside with these guys is that they claim their free demo is only available for two hours. While this isn’t the longest free trial in the world, it’s still more than enough time for you to have a go with their features and get a feeling for how they interact with your account and whether they’re suitable or not.

Ninja Pinner is a great downloadable program if you’re an online based business, and you’re trying to sell your product or service to the people that use Pinterest regularly. We love that like Following Like, these guys only charge their customers once, so with this in mind we think they’re pretty affordable. If you’ve got more than one Pinterest account, this is also going to be a service that could be worth your while.

6. Pin Pinterest


These guys are proud to describe their service as one of the best Pin Pinterest automation tools out there, and they claim to have over 7000 customers who have put their faith in this business to help grow their Pinterest presence.

Pin Pinterest can help you gain more comments, followers, and likes, which is ultimately going to make your account look appealing to the masses and increase your traffic. They offer up a free seven-day trial so that you can try before you buy.

Pin Pinterest uses a bot to schedule your upcoming pins, which is, of course, a great feature to have if you’re a forgetful person or you’re just too busy to sit around and upload each new pin. Pin Pinterest can also help you with other features, including automatic following and unfollowing, as well as automatic pinning of content from your website. This is one of their best qualities, especially if you’re trying to get people to visit your website through your social media platforms.

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Something that we like about Pin Pinterest that you may like too if you don’t wish to download any software is that they run on the cloud. You sign up online, and once you’ve connected your Pinterest account to their server, you can choose the settings that suit you best. You can even turn off your computer and your smartphone because Pin Pinterest are going to keep working for you even if your devices aren’t up and running.

We also think that Pin Pinterest is pretty safe because they make sure that their bot only runs at a moderate speed, so as to not get in trouble with Pinterest for looking spammy.

Their most basic plan is going to cost you $27, and this lasts for 30 days. Their most expensive plan can be run for 180 days and is going to cost you $97.

7. Tailwind


Tailwind is the type of Pinterest growth app that can help you with many different things, from analyzing engagement results to discovering new content that you can pin to your board and monitoring ongoing conversations. This is one of those Pinterest bots that you can rely on to take your Pinterest presence to a whole new level.

In fact, Tailwind says that they now have over 200,000 satisfied customers who range from bloggers to entrepreneurs. They even come with a free trial, so you can learn all about them before you commit to anything.

Tailwind can help you manage multiple different accounts, whether this is within Pinterest itself or across the board. This is important if you work for an agency or your brand has been doing well lately, and you’ve branched out to place it across multiple different profiles.

When you subscribe to Tailwind, you will receive weekly analytic reports that can help you work out how these guys have helped to grow your brand on Pinterest, and what’s working and what isn’t. They measure the performance of your brand primarily by working out how many users turn into paying customers once they discover your Pinterest.

Tailwind can also help you schedule upcoming pins so that you don’t have to try and remember to upload your pins at those perfect times. They can even assign new proxies to your accounts, which is going to help their engagement look as human as possible, keeping you away from the prying eyes of Pinterest itself.

Their most basic plan has a monthly fee of $10, which we think is pretty affordable. If you’re looking to scale up your business and get serious about it, you can always opt for the ‘professional plan’ which will set you back $799 a month, which is quite a jump in price.

8. Pin Dominator


Pin Dominator knows that it’s important to target the right niche for your brand; otherwise, you’re not going to gain any traction on Pinterest. They claim to specialize in this type of automation, and they also say that they can help you join popular boards within your niche, the hopes that someone takes notice of your content.

Pin Dominator can help you automatically pin and schedule your pins, as well as re-pin any content that you’ve come across and would like to share with your audience. They also help you automatically comment, like, and follow other Pinterest users, so that they may return the favor and check out your page as well.

Pin Dominator can help you manage more than one Pinterest account at once, which is great if you’re a part of a team at an agency or just think that your brand is big enough now to need more than one account. Pin Dominator’s bot is even going to be able to help you create a campaign and then run it to see if it’s the right fit for your content.

If it’s not, then the bot will go back to the drawing board and develop something else that’s going to be more effective. Their basic package is going to cost you $10 a month, just like Tailwind, and comes with unlimited access to all of your different Pinterest accounts, as well as unlimited access to creating and developing Pinterest campaigns as well. These guys are a great option if you don’t have much in the marketing budget, but still, want your Pinterest account to do well with a quality automated service.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been around for a bit and tried to do everything manually for yourself online, you’ll know first hand just how difficult this can be. No longer do you have the opportunity to do a little bit of marketing for your Pinterest every day – the competition is just too hot.

This is why you need to recruit a third party to help you with the small, menial everyday tasks that make for a great Pinterest page. Check out our list of the best Pinterest bots and automation tools, and you’ll be reaping the rewards of a popular Pinterest account in no time.

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