Best Proxies for Instagram Bots (Jarvee & Follow Adder etc.)

Best Instagram Bot Proxies (For Jarvee and Follow Adder)

Best Instagram Proxies: When looking for a proxy, you want to make sure that it’s going to cover what you need. If you’re using an Instagram bot (such as Follow Adder or Jarvee) or a similar automation tool, then you’re going to want to combine this with a proxy.

This is going to keep your account(s) safe from Instagram and ensure that you can keep growing it without being banned or suspended.

If you live in LA, for example, but your account is operating from NY, this is going to look suspicious to Instagram. This is why you need to use a proxy, so you can cover your tracks and make it look like all of your activity is being done where you’re located. The last thing you want to deal with is being suspended or banned by Instagram, so make sure that you protect your account with a private proxy. Let’s take a look at some excellent options that are currently available.

What is a Proxy?

Proxies have many different levels of anonymity, which are either private, public, or shared. Public proxies are known for being unsafe and not caring too much about security, so generally speaking, it’s best if you avoid them.

Shared proxies, however, are helpful if you’ve got more than one user on the same Proxy. In saying this though this doesn’t guarantee safety – there is a higher chance that your account will end up being blocked because of the activity someone else is doing on it. A private proxy is a proxy that can only be used by one person, which clearly makes it the best of these three options.

Whether you’re an agency that grows many different Instagram accounts or you’re an Instagram influencer that just has one account, you should always opt for a dedicated proxy. Additionally, it’s worth noting that only the best private proxy companies that have good reputations are going to come with a free trial so you can check our their servers before you stick to anything. It’s inherent that you get to try something for free before you commit to it – otherwise, you could end up wasting your money and time.

All of the best private proxies out there will use a data center. This type of Proxy is the most common because they’re easy to get a hold of. They’re going to make it look like you’re logging into your Instagram profile at work, but with another website like Pinterest, they do have a reputation for being shut down. One advantage, however, is that they’re easy on the budget, which is why they’re some of the most common.

Reviews of The Best Proxies for Instagram Bots (2020)

1. SmartProxy


SmartProxy is one of the only residential proxies that we think is effective and high quality. There aren’t many existing customers that have run into any issues, and the setup process is nice and painless.

They offer all of their sticky and rotating proxies within their service, which gives you a variety if you’re someone who likes to have a few options to choose from.

When it comes to this list, there isn’t anyone that we can compare them to, which is saying a lot.

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2. Proxy Seller


There’s no reason why you should compromise on quality when looking for an affordable proxy option for your Instagram bot. One thing is for sure – that you do need to pair a proxy with your bot. Otherwise, you’re going to compromise the reputation of your Instagram account.

Proxy Seller is one of those companies that hasn’t been around for that long – but they seem pretty confident in what they do. They offer support with servers like SOCKS5 and HTTPS, and they also offer their customers continuous customer support.

If you need something that’s high quality but affordable, Proxy Seller is your best bet. They have many different pricing options to choose from, and they go above and beyond for the customer by also offering discounts if you sign up for longer. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t check out this effective, high-quality proxy company that is making waves in the proxy industry already.

3. Luminati


Luminati should be considered one of the best private proxies on this list. They offer a number of different feature options, which include things like mobile phone and data center, as well as residential proxies. However, in saying this, you have to be prepared to pay through the nose for all of this, because Luminati charges a minimum of $500 per month.

Currently, they have millions of proxies in their database, which means in terms of sheer size and scale they’re definitely one of the largest providers, if not the largest.

4. SSL Private Proxy


SSL Private Proxy is great if you’re in the market for anonymous proxies. They can give you some of the best private and shared proxies out there, and they offer a virtual private network like High Proxies. While High Proxies offer this as well, it’s not something that you’re going to see much with other companies, even the other ones on this list.

Their fast proxy servers are protected from things like spam, hacking, and phishing, making them a great way to protect your activity on Instagram. They have over 100,000 IP addresses on the books with customizable packages. It’s worth noting, however, that most of their servers are located within America.

5. High Proxies


High Proxies is considered one of the best options if you run a personal account on Instagram and need protection. They also offer a premium service, which can’t be said for other proxies on our list. They have two different authentication methods for their mass amount of shared and dedicated proxies. They also have 1Gbps speeds for their HTTPS/HTTP protocols.

High Proxies is good if you want to buy them in bulk because they offer discounts at this level. They also offer virtual private network feature as well, and they’re good at delivering on what they promise. They’re also known for having really good customer support, and they currently boast some of the best private proxies that money can buy.

High Proxies is a top outlet for Instagram bot proxies for Jarvee, FollowLiker & Follow Adder.

6. Blazing SEO Proxy


While Blazing SEO Proxy may be seen as a more expensive option to other companies that we’ve featured on this list, they’re still a great option that delivers excellent results. They’re worth what you pay for them, which means that the more you invest in their services, the better they’re going to work for you. They’re always updating their servers and have just added locations in Japan and Canada. This is the type of Proxy you want to use if you like to keep up with the play and switch things up every now and then to stay even safer online.

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7. Buy Personal Proxy


When thinking about a company like Buy Personal Proxy, the first thing that comes to mind is how diverse they are. This is because they could be considered appropriate for both personal use and agencies, giving them an advantage over other companies. They have residential proxies that are great for marketing agencies who are trying to build their company up online.

What we love about these guys is that they have a low monthly fee if you’re using their residential proxies for personal use. It will cost you just $7 a month. This is a solid option if you’re looking for some of the best private proxies currently available.

Another feature that we love about these guys is that you can test out their proxies before you commit to anything. We strongly recommend that you do this with any provider you’re considering going with, so you know whether they’re a good fit for you or not.

8. Geosurf


We think that Geosurf is one of the best private proxy companies currently available. They only work with residential proxies, but their plans come with up to 20GB of free data every month. They spread their proxies out in many different countries, and their plans come with access to these proxies, all over the world. This means that when you sign up for a service, you’re getting access to upwards of 2 million proxies.

So, what’s so great about residential proxies then? Residential proxies are recommended because they’re almost impossible to prevent and block, especially when you compare them to data center proxies. This is because they don’t look like spam, which means they’re definitely the right choice if you want to find the best private proxies out there. What’s more, a residential proxy is compatible with every website, which of course is something that is essential when you’re online.

4G/LTE Instagram Proxies

Some of the best proxies in the world fall into this category – and for a good reason, too. This is because 4G proxies are associated with cell phones, and they’re considered the best proxies because they’re extremely difficult to track.

Additionally, they’re always changing, which means that your connection is always going to look genuine. It’s just going to look like you’re logging into your Instagram through your smartphone – it’s that simple and easy. This is definitely the way to go if you’re particularly worried about safety and protecting your profile when you use a third party growth service.

Final Thoughts

Our comprehensive list contains some of the best private proxies you’re going to find out there. However, in saying this, it doesn’t list some of the smaller players on the market that could be considered just as good, which is why we suggest trying out some others that we haven’t mentioned so that you know the one you pick in the end is the right one.

When it comes to proxies and Instagram, it’s a trial and error kind of thing. This means that some proxies are going to work well with some accounts, and not work with others. This is why it’s important to do your homework and test a few out first so you can find your perfect match.

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