Top 5 Best Real Estate Investment Markets In New Jersey


The Garden State has become very attractive to investors across the country. Use Princeton real estate agents to learn about the best investment opportunities and strategies to find undervalued real estate in New Jersey!

An Overview Of The Concepts Currently Emerging In The New Jersey Real Estate Market

New Jersey is a substantial market for real estate investors. As with the rest of the country, housing prices have increased dramatically since the pandemic. Now that the health restrictions have been lifted, the state is experiencing significant economic growth, and more people are looking for work.

Investors may face a lower rate of return in New Jersey compared to other states, but some markets still offer significant opportunities. This article discusses the top 5 real estate markets for different types of investors.

Though the best investment market for you depends on your personal goals. If you’re considering buying a condo, you probably need to look for a different standard than a country house investor.

Some investors focus on appreciation to avoid annual capital appreciation payments, while others prefer a steady stream of long-term rental income. 

We’ve identified some of the best investment markets for various strategies, but you can also use our rental property calculator to evaluate your preferences. State-by-state statistics have been compiled to help you find the best New Jersey real estate investment market using indicators like property valuation, affordability by median income, and profitability. Learn more about this methodology.

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A Few Tips Should Be Taken Into Account

Initially, decide who’s involved in the search. The future owner may choose a trusted team to work on the hunt for investment. For property purchases of all sizes, partner with a real estate agent who has the skill to find the best deal. Working with an agent will take effort and stress off of your plate.

Before you even start your search, your agent will come prepared with a database of offers to share with you. Experienced agents will prevent a lot of problems before they even surface. However, qualified assistance is never provided for free; the broker may accept a fixed amount or a certain percentage of the completed transaction.

When creating your investment budget, take these additional costs into consideration—they won’t be insignificant. The different price is usually a commission of 3 to 5% of the offer’s value. This information determines that savings are significant when choosing an apartment or a house separately. As for separate tariffs for services, they are fixed. 

The next step when looking for real estate investments is to determine your requirements for a property. Depending on your preferences, you might rank these requirements differently for each property. For example, some pay more attention to location and proximity to schools or shopping centers.

Others care more about the quality of the finishing and the layout. In general, creating a list of requirements is critical as it will help you narrow down your options.

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Whether you’re looking to get into residential real estate or use the house as an investment vehicle, consider all the factors that will make each unique property profitable.


With below-average home prices, annual solid home price growth, and short and long-term rental opportunities, Camden offers plenty of excellent investment opportunities. To find the true gems in Camden, partner with a New Jersey real estate agent.

Partly due to the students at Rutgers University’s Camden campus, about 40% of Camden residents are renters. Providing student housing close to campus and a standard rental price is another good option for long-term investors.

Camden also offers many opportunities for renovating homes. Many old buildings have yet to be modernized since the Second World War. The modernization of these facilities or the construction of new buildings will help Camden keep up with the growth of the city’s population.

Another key benefit of investing in Camden is easy access to Philadelphia via the Delaware River. Camden is a haven for those priced out of Philadelphia but who want an easy commute.

Ocean City

Beachfront and family-friendly, Ocean City is begging for vacation rental investors. The town not only has a beautiful coastline but consistent events and festivals attract tourists throughout the year.

The city is home to numerous water parks, concerts, car shows, beach parties, parades, art shows, holiday-themed festivals, and other exciting annual events. A constant flow of visitors means that a rental property can offer a steady income all year round, not just during the peak summer months.

Additionally, real estate prices in Ocean City are up approximately 20% year-over-year. If you decide to sell your rental property in the future, you can quickly profit without making expensive repairs.


If you’re looking for a long-term investment, New Jersey’s largest city is the place to start. About half of Newark’s residential real estate is owned by corporations, so the city government is taking steps to weaken the power of these big investors.

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This means private investors have a huge advantage over large companies looking to purchase real estate in Newark. You can make a profit if the price of your units is adjusted according to the average income of each region.

Despite the limits being placed on institutional investors, real estate investment professionals describe Newark’s real estate market as “pretty competitive.” On average, potential investors pay no more than the property’s current appraised value, so there is plenty of potential for a substantial profit.

Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is one of the best places to live in New Jersey because of the affordable cost of living, current housing trends, and local amenities. Cherry Hill is a thriving, family-friendly residential area with a strong job market, a growing economy, and highly rated public schools.

The cost of real estate in the city increased by approximately 8% compared to last year. Along with the suburban conveniences, the area offers easy access to nearby major cities.

Atlantic City-Hammonton

With forecasted population growth and a relatively affordable housing market, this area is well-suited to buying homes for high financial returns. Favorable market conditions make it easy for real estate investors to find, buy, and resell properties that don’t need significant renovations, for a solid financial return. In Atlantic City-Hammonton, 70% of homes are owned. This shows that more people are more interested in buying a home than renting it, making it ideal for investors looking to flip a house quickly.

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Finding Undervalued, Financially Viable Real Estate In New Jersey

To find the best deals in New Jersey look for homes that only need cosmetic repairs or that have sellers willing to take a discount. The types of homes that are suitable investments often include abandoned or neglected properties. Here’s how to find them.

Step Use Real Estate Investment Software

Quality real estate software can help you find great housing deals when looking for homes in New Jersey. Using digital tools, investors get clued in on distressed homes, foreclosures, and short sales. As soon as they find the listing, they can quickly connect with owners through prospecting and outreach campaigns.

The contact portal of real estate software makes it easy to connect with the current property owner. If you come across a house while walking around town, you can save a lot of time by emailing the owner directly from the software.

Point 2. Find An FSBO Home

Investing in FSBO (for sale by owner) real estate can result in a better deal because you circumvent the agent. Many FSBO sellers are more interested in making a quick sale than making the most profit to close the deal on selling their property faster.

Point 3. Working With Investor-friendly Agents

While an FSBO home can be a fast sale, working with an experienced real estate agent is the best way to buy a home at a reasonable price. A good agent understands New Jersey’s diverse investment markets, knows real estate laws, and can provide access to lesser-known areas. Intelligent real estate agents will guide you through the New Jersey real estate market to make your search easier.

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